How To Change Date Settings In WhatsApp 2022?

How To Change Date Settings In WhatsApp 2022?

WhatsApp is among the most popular messaging apps, with around 2 billion active users worldwide. It has several features that make it unique. One of them is the timestamp feature that shows the date and time of your sent and received text messages. But sometimes, WhatsApp shows the incorrect date and time stamp. So, how to change date settings in WhatsApp?

Sometimes, WhatsApp shows an incorrect timestamp (date and time) beside your messages. Or it fails to show the current online status of your contacts. This occurs when your phone is set to an incorrect time zone. For example, you will see the incorrect time when your device is set to an incorrect time while sending and receiving messages. To sort out this problem, you need to change the date settings in WhatsApp.

You can change the date setting in WhatsApp by changing your device’s date and time. For that: Go to Device Settings> Date and Time> Toggle on the Automatic Date and Time or Use Network-Provided Time.

This way, you can adjust your date and time on WhatsApp and get the correct timestamp of sent and received messages on WhatsApp. Moreover, there is no complex process you have to go through within WhatsApp to change the date settings in WhatsApp.

Tune into this article to see the step-by-step process to change date settings in WhatsApp on Android, iPhone, PC, and Windows phones.

How To Change Date Settings In WhatsApp?

To change date settings in WhatsApp is a simple process. Once you adjust your phone’s data and time format to automatic, you will start receiving the correct timestamp on your WhatsApp messages.

Ensure your WhatsApp is updated to avoid any problems while adjusting the date and time settings.

Different operating systems like Google, Android, Apple, and Microsoft Windows have different software and settings. So, let’s see how we can change the date settings in WhatsApp on each OS.

How To Change Date Settings In WhatsApp On Android?
change date settings in WhatsApp Android

If you’re using an Android device, you can change WhatsApp’s date and time settings by following the steps below:

  1. First, go to the device’s Settings. You can use the Settings Gear Icon on the device or swipe down from the top of the device panel and tap the Settings Icon.
  2. After accessing your device, search for the date and time in the top search bar. You can also choose the Date and Time option from the General Management option.
  3. When you follow the search method, you must select the Date and Time option in the search results. The device’s date and time settings can then be accessed and modified.
  4. Then, in the Date and Time section, enable the Use network-provided time or Automatic date and time options. As a result, the device date and time are used and applied to all apps installed on the device, including WhatsApp.
  5. After setting the date and time, select Use network-provided time zone or Automatic time zone, which will provide you accurate time stamp on WhatsApp.

How To Change Date Settings In WhatsApp On iOS?
how to change date settings in whatsapp ios

If using an iPhone, follow the steps below to change the WhatsApp date and time settings.

  1. The first step is to tap the Setting gear icon to open the iPhone settings. 
  2. Then scroll down and tap the General option. Almost all of your iPhone’s settings can be adjusted and managed from here. 
  3. Then find the Date and Time option and tap it to customize it for  WhatsApp messages.
  4. Then, select the Time Zone option to ensure that you are in the correct time zone for your current location.
  5. Finally, select the same time zone and region of your location to adjust the date and time on WhatsApp automatically.

How To Change Date Settings In WhatsApp On Web Or Desktop?
Change Date Settings In WhatsApp PC

You can also access WhatsApp on your PC from the WhatsApp desktop app and the official WhatsApp website.

Regardless of the option, you select to use WhatsApp on your laptop, follow these steps to change WhatsApp date settings:

  1. First, open your laptop and right-click the Date and Time option in the screen’s lower right corner
  2. Then, click the Adjust Date/ Time option from the drop-down menu. 
  3. Select the Automatically set time option in the Current Date and Time section.
  4. After completing the above steps, enable the Automatically set time zone option. This will change the timezone and date based on the location, WhatsApp desktop app, and website.

How To Change Date Settings In WhatsApp On Windows Device?

If you are using a Windows device, follow the steps below to change the WhatsApp date and time settings:

  1. First, open the settings for your Windows device
  2. Then tap the Settings option to access the entire Windows Phone settings panel. 
  3. Then tap the System option to change the WhatsApp date setting. 
  4. Then tap the Date and Time option to select your current time zone. 
  5. Finally, choose the appropriate region based on your location and time zone.

This way, you can change the date settings in WhatsApp on your android, ios, windows devices, and PC.

So Why Is Date Settings Not Changing In WhatsApp?

It applies to all your installed apps when you turn on the automatic date and time format on your phone by following the steps above. However, sometimes the date settings won’t change in WhatsApp due to other issues within the app.

If WhatsApp still shows an incorrect timestamp, you may want to check one of the following troubleshooting options:

Check Your Internet

Your internet connection is frequently the cause of this issue rather than your app or device. For instance, WhatsApp uses the internet to modify any app settings. Therefore, even after you alter the date settings in WhatsApp, a sluggish or inconsistent internet connection may be the main reason why your WhatsApp is showing erroneous timestamps.

Clear Cache

The app data saved on your device is known as the app cache. Every time you use an app, your device accumulates its cache. App crashes, buffering, and setting failure issues can be brought on by the accumulated cache. Clearing the WhatsApp cache is one method for solving the issue.

Restart Device

Restarting the device as you would with any other technical issue is another option to change the date settings in WhatsApp. Finally, try rebooting your device to give it a quick reboot if you experience this problem while using the app.

Update Your App

Apps can occasionally malfunction if not updated to the most recent versions. Make sure your app is updated to prevent problems. Check if updates are available by visiting the iOS or Android App Store. Update your app if you discover one, which should resolve the issue.

Thus, if WhatsApp still shows a timestamp error when you have changed the date settings, you can apply one of the above solutions to try and fix the issue.

If it still doesn’t work, try updating the security patch of your device, or scan your device for viruses.

Can We Hide Active/ Last Seen Status On WhatsApp?

The incorrect timestamp also causes the malfunction of the last seen active status on WhatsApp. However, if you do not want people to know your last seen active status intentionally, WhatsApp provides you with that feature too.

If you turn off the last seen active status on WhatsApp, your contacts won’t know when you are active on the app.

Here’s how you can hide the last seen active status on WhatsApp:

  1. Open WhatsApp on your device.
  2. Tap on the three dots option located at the upper right corner of your chat screen.
  3. Then, tap on Settings from the drop-down menu that appears.
  4. Now, tap on Account, and select Privacy.
  5. From the page that opens, click the Last Seen option.
  6. Finally, choose Nobody to hide your last active status on WhatsApp.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Know If I Am Blocked On WhatsApp?

If one of your contacts has blocked you on WhatsApp, WhatsApp will deprive you of viewing their profile and status as a whole.

Does Changing Date Settings Of Phone Automatically Change Date Settings Of WhatsApp?

When you adjust the date and time settings on your device, it applies all the apps you have on your device. So, yes, the change in date settings will automatically apply to WhatsApp.


WhatsApp is an amazing app you can use to send and receive text messages, other media, and accurate dates and times. However, sometimes WhatsApp shows inaccurate timestamps, due to which you won’t be able to know when a text was sent and received.

If you find an erroneous timestamp, you can change the date settings in WhatsApp from your device settings.

Moreover, updating your app and clearing the app cache regularly is best so other similar issues don’t trouble you.

For additional information, you can check the official WhatsApp Help Center or comment on your query in the comments below.

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