Spotify Duo Mix

Spotify Duo Mix is an amazing feature that Spotify recently released. It allows you to create a joint playlist with someone else and listen to it together. This can be a great way to bond with friends or family or just to have some fun! So, if you’re curious about Spotify Duo Mix, read for … Read more

Will Slideshow Videos Get Monetization On YouTube?

Slideshow Videos Get Monetization On YouTube

YouTube is a popular video-sharing social media application. It is an amazing platform for creative video content creators as it supports original creative content by monetizing it based on YouTube monetization policies. So, what kind of videos can you monetize? For example, will slideshow videos get monetization on YouTube? Let’s find out! The YouTube monetization … Read more

How To Fix WhatsApp Notifications Not Working?

How To Fix WhatsApp Notifications Not Working

WhatsApp is among the popular messaging apps developed by Meta. It’s a free and fast way to communicate with your friends, family, and colleagues through any device: Android, iOS, or Windows. The 2 Billion active users love WhatsApp due to its end-to-end encryption features, ensuring your chat doesn’t leave traces anywhere else. However, it isn’t … Read more