How To Cancel CVS CarePass Membership?

How To Cancel CVS CarePass Membership?

CVS CarePass is a paid membership program offering delivery of specific prescriptions to different locations nationwide from the CVS pharmacy at no cost. In addition, they offer you free shipping of your purchase from CVS pharmacy with no minimum order and within one or two days.

Further, you can access variations of health-related products with CVS CarePass membership which costs you $5 per month and $48 for an annual membership. This widens your reach of CVS pharmacy and quick delivery when purchased from a nearby CVS pharmacy location. 

You can cancel CVS CarePass Membership by the following step-by-step guidelines over the phone:

  1. First, know your membership type; monthly membership or annual membership.
    Call three days before the expiry date of your membership. 
  2. Then, dial 1-833-320-2273
  3. Finally, talk to the representative about the cancellation of CVS CarePass. 

Note: CVS can change call center hours without notifications, so you need to be updated with this. You cannot cancel or ask for a refund at CVS stores. 

Features of CVS CarePass 

A digital platform for health products is a necessity in our busy days. For this, CVS is the ultimate solution, whereas CVS CarePass is an assurance that drops the ordered products at your doorstep. Some of the unique features are as follows:

  • Quick and free shipping for your purchase nationwide
  • Accessible services 24/7 
  • Facilitation through United States postal service 
  • Guidance of Pharmacist if necessary
  • Offer of 20% discount on CVS Health Brand and Live Better 
  • Provisions of promotional rewards 

CarePass Terms and Conditions for Membership 

CarePass offers membership only to the people living within specific locations and states. You need to provide guardian permission if you are a minor. You cannot transfer the membership, and it is personal.  ExtraCare Membership is a must to be a CarePass member. Firstly, this is a digital platform where you need to link your CarePass account with your payment card, which is used to auto-renew your subscriptions on a monthly or annual basis. 

Secondly, you need to cancel at least 3 days before the monthly or annual renewal date. You need to cancel your membership, or else CarePass renews your membership, and you can see recurring payments on our bank statement. They hold a provision of auto-renewals, and you are not liable to claim a refund for late notices. 

However, no refund policy makes you enjoy the benefits till the expiry date of your membership if you don’t cancel the membership on time. This is why timely CarePass suggests we make cancellations through the company website or phone call to avoid auto-renewals on your account. 

Note: You cannot cancel the membership at their stores. For more details, please visit

How To Cancel CVS CarePass Membership Online Through Company’s Website?

If you can cancel the CVS CarePass Membership through the company website, follow the steps given below:

  1. First, open the CVS CarePass website and log in to your account.
  2. Then, select the “Cancel Plan” page.
  3. Finally, Terminate your subscription. 

Note: You can ask for a confirmation mail for your furtheraccessibleUniteddrugstores reference through the website. 

How To Cancel CVS CarePass Membership Offline Over the Phone?

All you need to remember is the working time of CVS Carepass to make a phone call. You can place the request on business days, i.e., Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM ET. The phone service is available from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM Et on Saturdays and Sundays (except major holidays). You can cancel CVS CarePass Membership over the phone with the following guideline:

  1. First, make sure you call three days before the auto-renewal date for a monthly and annual membership. 
  2. Then, dial  1-833-320-2273 [1-833-320- CARE].
    Use appropriate regional code: if necessary. 
  3. Next, place a request to cancel your CVS CarePass Membership. 
  4. Finally, give them your account details.

Note: You can ask for a confirmation mail or a proof of request through the phone call for the cancellation of CVS CarePass at the time of the phone call. 

Will I get a refund after canceling my CVS CarePass Membership?

Ironically, CVS CarePass offers no refunds. You need to be committed to your annual or monthly membership, and three days prior notice is necessary before the billing date to avoid auto-renewals made on our account. However, the service period you’ve paid for will not end when you are canceling the membership. 

Does CVS CarePass have to prorate policies?

Unlike other companies, CVS CarePass does have a prorate policy. You need to cancel your membership ahead of the renewal date ( at least 3 days prior), or else the auto-renewal will add up your renewal cost on the statement. 

Alternatives to CVS CarePass Membership 


PillPack offers you a unique service where you don’t need to worry about your order for medications. They deliver you the medicines based on the date and time when you don’t have to do it every month2-day. Thus, they facilitate your convenience and your better health.

To more know about PillPack, find them at 


Walgreens is an accessible site offering the service in 50 states of the United Kingdom. It is a chained drugstore with 9000 stores nationwide. It is free to join through stores and websites. 

To more know about Walgreens, find them at

Rite Aid

Rite Aid is accessible in 18 states, with 2500 stores available in the United States. The company prioritizes Whole Heath focus, and you can join it in-store and online.  It offers gold, bronze, and silver as tiers of membership to the customers. 

To more know about Rite Aid, find them at 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to renew CarePass Membership?

CarePass send you an email as a reminder before the renewal date. Then, they’ll automatically renew your monthly or annual membership and add the charges on your debit or credit card. 

What is the difference between CarePass and ExtraCare?

CarePass is a paid program offering you membership with the services provided by ExtraCare to its members. Being a member of CarePass allows you to enjoy the services of ExtraCare plus and benefits from CarePass as well. 

Is the annual membership of CarePass economical?

Indeed. You need to pay $5 in a month with a monthly membership, but you have to pay $48 for an annual membership which means you’ll save $12 in a year.  

How to activate FREE Rx delivery benefits?

You need to create a account and link the prescriptions to turn on the FREE Rx delivery service. If you have the account, log in, select the “Access your prescriptions” option, and follow the displayed instructions. 

Does CarePass offer free delivery to the members?

Yes, you can enjoy free delivery to purchase the items on as a CarePass member. 

Does CarePass have a minimum order policy?

They offer you free delivery with no criteria as a minimum order. CarePass FREE shipping badge displays this facility. There are some conditions applied based on your order placed. 


Hence, you can find different categories of services within CVS pharmacy and other competitors. Make sure you go for the one which is reliable and worth the investment. 

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