How To Cancel Fitness Connection Subscription?

How To Cancel Fitness Connection Subscription?

Fitness Connection is one of the top health clubs operating in Texas, Nevada, and North Carolina. The offering services include saunas, pools, spas, and complete stress-relieving packages as per the need of the client. On the other hand, the settings allow the entire family to rejoice and proceed a major step towards good health and fitness. 

Despite being health conscious, we cannot visit the club or rejoice in the services because of personal reasons. Moreover, it is wise not to pay for the service and cancel the subscription. The wise option is to email the authority as they’ll send you the confirmation email, which acts as evidence. A quick step guideline to cancel the fitness connection subscription using the email address is:

  1. Compose Email to as the receiver.
  2. Place “Request for subscription cancellation” as the subject of the mail.
  3. Give your membership details like full name, ID number, date of birth, and the valid reason for canceling the subscription. 
  4. Click on “Send.”

You’ll be notified about the cancellation once you receive the mail from the Fitness Connection. 

Features to consider before canceling the fitness connection subscription

The features of the Fitness Connection Subscription are always in your favor to uplift your health priorities to their destinies. Some of the unique features of the fitness connection subscription are:

  • Capacious workout area
  • Availability of specialized female workout area
  • Access to Basketball courts, racquetballs, and multiple hoops
  • Approachable varieties of cardio equipment like ellipticals, stair masters, treadmills, bikes, and much more
  • Facility of Saunas
  • Ingress to the movie-theater screens surrounds sound and lighting
  • Group classes and functional training sessions 
  • Locker rooms to facilitate your safety 
  • Kids club including mini-movie theatre, huge group play area table stations, craft area, and trained attendants

Terms And Conditions To Cancel the Fitness Connection Subscription

Fitness Connections holds some terms and conditions to know before canceling the subscription. Here are some major things to keep in consideration before canceling fitness connections subscriptions:

  • The individuals must give a 30-day notice and cancel the subscription by the end of the month billing cycle; if not, it gets postponed to another month’s billing cycle. Till then, the administration facilitates the application procedures for cancellation.
  • Annual contracts make you liable to pay the amount till the end of the year, even if you cancel the subscription in between.
  • Individuals must submit documents supporting their Medication and relocation with the application to cancel their fitness connection subscription.

How To Cancel the Fitness Connection Subscription Temporarily (Freeze)?

Freezing is a facility given to you by the concerned authority to keep your subscription safe even when you cannot use the service because of possible and personal reasons. The authority provides you the three options as shown below:

  1. Contact the member service department.
    You can contact the member service department through the number 800-922-7898. The time and schedule of the Fitness Connection are shown here. This guides you to freeze your account with the help of the customer care service offered by them.  
  1. Contact your local Fitness Connection office.
    You need to trace the nearby location and get the contact details which helps you to deal with the customer care agents directly with no delay. You can also visit them if it falls on your way because direct handling would be more clarified and quick too. 

Note: The member services line is open on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday from 8 am to 6 pm CST, and on Thursday, you need to contact them between 10 am to 6 pm CST. 

How To Cancel the Fitness Connection Subscription permanently, Online?

You can cancel your fitness connection subscription permanently using the alternatives shown below based on what you find workable according to your schedule. Remember, the clubs at Dallas do not entertain the online cancellation of subscriptions. 

How To Cancel Fitness Connection Subscription Through Email?

Email is one of the most convenient mediums for communication. You can follow the steps mentioned to cancel the fitness connection subscription:

Step 1: Locate the “Compose a mail” option on your device. 

Open your “Gmail.” You can use other Email Clients like Yahoo, Outlook, and so on. 

Step 2: Set the receiver address.

Type as the receiver. 

Step 3: Place the subject on your mail.

Place “Request for subscription cancelation” as the subject of your mail. 

Step 4: Give your information details.

Provide your account details like full name, address, and date of birth on the mail and send it to the authority.

You’ll receive an email in response to the request for subscription cancelation you’ve sent. 

How To Cancel Fitness Connection Subscription Through Website Consultation?

There are times when we cannot make a call, and the internet has been an ultimate solution. In this case, you can communicate through their website. You can follow these steps to cancel the Fitness Connection Subscription through website consultation:

Step 1: Get a barcode number.

You can find the barcode in the printed membership identity card. You can also call the Fitness Connection in case you have lost your membership card, to know your barcode number. Get the barcode number that goes with the club account. 

Step 2: Log in to your account.

You can find this option within the website where you need to log in or verify your account in different places.

Step 3: Find the cancelation form.

You can find the cancelation form by logging in to your account.  

Step 3: Submit the form.

Fill in the form, and don’t skip providing your email address to the authority. 

You’ll get a case number after submitting the form and the email address. You need to submit the case number to Fitness Connection which ensures the cancellation of the Fitness Connection Subscription, and you will get 30 days’ notice as stated in the terms and conditions of the Fitness Connection Subscription.

How To Cancel the Fitness Connection Subscription Through DoNotPay?

DoNotPay is a third party that helps users to cancel their membership with less time with minimized efforts. DoNotPay is a very appropriate option you can switch on when you cannot visit the gym and cancel the subscription. You can follow the steps shown below to cancel your Fitness Connection Subscription online.

Step 1: Open “DoNotPay.” 

Open the “DoNotPay” website through any web browser on your device.  

Step 2: Login or sign up (if necessary).

You need to have an account on this website. If you have an account, you can insert the username and password as instructed (username could be the email address or mobile number). If not, you need to sign up to use their service. 

Step 3: Trace the “Find Hidden money” option. 

You can find various options to claim your money on this site. Locate the “Find Hidden money” option and tap/click on the button. 

Step 4: Give the details.

You need the enter the service name into the blank field as “Fitness Connection,” the one you wish to cancel. 

Service type: Health fitness
Provider Name: Fitness Connection, (location) 
Area: (location)
Description: Cancel Fitness Connection Subscription  

Note: It takes at least 48 hours to complete the cancellation process. The notification comes to ensure the completion of the process successfully. You can download the DoNotPay application in the iOS version from the Apple Store at no cost. It is also available for Android phones (for free). 

How To Cancel The Fitness Connection Subscription Permanently,  Offline?

In the absence of a stable internet connection, it is feasible to use offline mediums to cancel the Fitness Connection Subscription.

How To Cancel Fitness Connection Subscription Cancel Fitness Connection Subscription By Calling  Fitness Connection Services Department?

You can contact the local gym and cancel the fitness connection subscription using the steps shown below:

Step 1: Trace the number.

You can find the number of your gym in the membership details (ID card). You need to find the barcode or the tag number as well. 

Step 2: Dial the number with the appropriate barcode.

Call (281) 931-6606. Remember, the barcode varies from the place you are making a call. You can dial  (800) 922-7898 for Dallas or Austin.

Step 3: Talk to the agent.

Customer care receives your call, and the agent is available then and there. Provide your account details and mentions the reasons for canceling the subscription.

The email confirmation notifies you about placing the request for canceling the fitness connection subscriptions, and the procedure is as decided in the terms and conditions of the Fitness Connection.  

How To Cancel The Fitness Connection Subscription By Visiting The Local Fitness Connection?

As we usually visit a fitness center to work out and relish the services provided, visiting the Fitness Connection Office is itself is a better idea. You can also check the nearby location if you are willing to cancel the subscription because of relocation. 

How To Cancel The Fitness Connection Subscription By Calling Local Fitness Connection? 

You can contact Fitness Connection and request them to cancel the Fitness Connection Subscription. Finding the contact details is easy when you trace the nearby location as we live in new spots and prefer to filter the unused services. 

How To Cancel The Fitness Connection Subscription Through Member Services Department?

Member services departments handle the requests made for reservations or cancellations. They carry on the process as said by the one who inquires about Fitness Connection and their services. You can also contact the member services department at 800-922-7898 and carry forward the procedure of canceling the Fitness Connection Subscription. 

Possible Hurdles While Canceling Thw Fitness Connection Subscription

The Fitness Connection gives you the terms and conditions with the subscription made. The commitment period matters while canceling the subscription. It is easier to cancel your subscription when your commitment period is about to end or has ended. Otherwise, you need to state a valid reason to cancel the subscription, which is decided by Fitness Connection. They give validity to reasons like military services and health conditions. You need to give a 30-day notice to the authority so that the subscription is canceled at the end of the monthly billing cycle. Or else, pay until the end of another billing cycle. We recommend you give the notice on the day of billing and save the cost. 

Does Fitness Connection Prorate Their Cancellations?

There are no provisions to prorate the Fitness Connection Subscriptions. They’ll charge you the fee if the 30 days’ notice meets the billing cycle of another month. You can use the gym facility during or after the time you notified the authority about the request for the cancelation of your subscription, but you don’t get a refund.   

Alternatives to Fitness Connection Subscription

You can contact any of the following gym centers to cope up on your fitness journey after canceling Fitness Connection subscriptions if necessary. 

Life Time Fitness

You can get multiple options or packages in Life Time Fitness. They have inspiring spaces, experience leading classes, and incredible community. Find more about Life Time Fitness on  

Anytime Fitness 

As the name suggests, Anytime Fitness helps you achieve your fitness goals with flexible services and expert supervision. The details are available at

XSport Fitness 

XSport is one of the leading fitness club chains prevailing in the American regions. The club holds gyms in various cities like Washington, D. C., Chicago, and New York. 

You can find more about them on

Planet Fitness

Plant fitness takes fitness as essential for a healthy life. It helps you to uplift the overall physical and mental well-being of an individual. You can also explore their services with a virtual club tour before joining. 

The details are available on

Fitness Trainer

Fitness Trainer is a workable platform to locate a local personal trainer. The one-to-one training session focuses on your betterment which helps you to meet your fitness goal. Find the details on

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fitness Connection safe after COVID-19?

Yes, the fitness centers have addressed and incorporated all the COVID safety protocols. 

How to update my billing information?

You can update your billing information through access to the member portal. Keytag ID number is the username password. 

Can I Take A Break From My Gym Subscription?

Yes, you can take a break or pause a gym subscription/ membership in Fitness Connection by freezing them temporarily. 

How are Fitness Connection charges shown on my statement?

The new users find it difficult to trace the charges of Fitness Connection linked to their bank statements. This becomes burdensome if there are multiple transactions displayed. You can see the credit card statement as shown below if Fitness Connection is charging you.

Does Fitness Connection have a functioning application?

Yes, you can access their service through the Fitness Connection app, available to iOS, Android, and Windows devices. 

Does Fitness Connection free trial self-activates into a paid subscription?

No, it doesn’t. Fitness Connection provides you a 5-day free pass as a trial for their services and you don’t have to submit your card number. This shows that your subscription will not be starting automatically unless you take a step. 


Therefore, this is a gudeline to cancel the Fitness Connection Subscription. You may feel free to switch to any other fitness centres when this is not serving you well but remember health should be given a priority in life.

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