How To Cancel EOS Fitness Gym Membership?

Cancel EOS FItness Gym Membership

EOS Fitness is a networked fitness center with chain gyms offering services in more than 75 locations like Florida, Utah, California, Arizona, and so on. Their services range from daily fitness to cardiovascular and spin courses.  In addition to their packages, they offer perfect guidance for fitness enthusiasts and other grooming classes like dance, Zumba, RPM, cycle, and so on. 

Despite being a paid service center, it offers a free trial for new members, and the guests pass as well. The age limit set by the authority is at least 13 years, whereas several supervision criteria are imposed for customer safety. However, if you wish to cancel your EOS Membership, here is a step-by-step guideline to cancel EOS Fitness Gym membership through email :

  1. Compose a mail with a subject as a “request for membership cancellation.”
  2. Place “” as the receiver. 
  3. Illustrate your membership details, reasons for cancellation, and contact information.
  4. Click on “Send’.

You need to ask for a confirmation mail from the authority to ensure that your subscription is canceled successfully. 

EOS Gym Features To Examine Before Canceling The Membership

Here is a list of unique features of EOS fitness clubs the users can re-examine before canceling the membership:

  • Presence of experienced instructors
  • Packages designed with the fusion of exercise and entertainments 
  • Full flexed environment for strengthening fitness goals  
  • Equipment for Olympic lifting 
  • Availability of cardiovascular and spin courses 
  • Theatre like setting for work-cut 
  • Responsible administration and Accountable staff 
  • Economical packages
  • Accessible indoor pool, saunas, and hot tub
  • The facility of Kid’s Club
  • Availability of recovery rooms with massage chairs 
  • Use of latest features like mobile check-ins, connectivity to fitness devices, workout tracking, and so on.

How To Cancel EOS Fitness Gym Membership Online?

A lot of users find online ways as an effective way to get their work done. You can cancel EOS Gym membership online using any of the following platforms: 

How To Cancel EOS Gym Membership Through Email?

We have been using emails daily for work, educational purposes, and so on. You can access email through mobile applications as well as browsers or desktops. You can also use it to cancel your EOS Gym membership. 

EOS Cancel Member Email
  1. Open the email on your device and select “Compose”.
  2. Place as the receiver of your email.
  3. Insert “Request for Membership Cancelation” as the subject of your mail. 
  4. Mention your name, address, mobile number, email address, and membership ID in the mail. Add your reason for the cancellation of a gym membership.
  5. Select “Send.” 

Note: Kindly ask for a confirmation mail after the successful cancellation of your EOS Gym Membership. 

How To Cancel EOS Gym Membership Through The Website?

EOS Gym does not allow you to cancel the membership directly and quickly from the website. Follow the steps given below to cancel EOS Gym Membership through the website:

  1. Open the EOS Fitness website from any browser on your device.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the website and select “Gym Near Me.” 
  3.  Enter the city name or the zip code of the EOS fitness location from which you took the gym membership. 
  4. Select your gym and extract the contact information.
  5. The contact site offers you services categorized as personal training, cancellation, or the club. Apply for cancellation of your gym membership.

How To Cancel EOS Gym Membership Through ABC Financial Services?

ABC Financial is a gym billing service that looks after the subscriptions made in various gyms within the United States.  To use ABC Financial services, you need to confirm whether ABC Financial services handle the accounts of the gym you’ve registered through. If yes, you may use the guidelines below:

EOS Cancel Financial Service Email-min
  1. Go to the email section on your device and select “Compose.”
  2. Place as the receiver.
  3. Keep the subject of the mail as  “request for EOS membership cancellation.
  4. Illustrate the membership entails, the reason for canceling the membership, and immediate contact details.
  5. Click on “Send.” 

Note: You can also ABC Financial services directly through (888) 827-9262 and request for cancellation of EOS gym membership. To provide the necessary information at the time of the call for the convenience of both parties.

How To Cancel EOS Fitness Gym Membership Offline?

We cannot assure the presence of a stable internet connection everywhere. In case you don’t have access to a good network, you can use offline platforms to cancel your EOS Gym membership. 

How To Cancel EOS Gym Membership Through Phone?

You need to have contact information to use the phone for canceling the EOS Gym membership. In case you don’t have the contact details, you can use the following steps to get the contact details. 

  1. Find the contact information on your membership card.
    In case you don’t have the membership card with you, you can find the information on their official website under the Gym near Me” option. The contact information will be displayed.
  2.  Make a “call” to the customer care of the manager and communicate to place your request. 
  3. Further procedures will be arranged by the supporting staff for the cancellation of your request for an EOS gym membership.  

Note: You can also directly talk to the Customer Relations Specialist on working days from 8 am to 5 pm. The phone number is 888 827 9262 with respective regional codes

How To Cancel EOS Gym Membership Through A Certified Letter?

You may send the notice to EOS Gym knowing their address in case you cannot make a visit or place an inquiry. Then, you.” can follow the steps mentioned to cancel the membership through a certified letter.

  1. Firstly, you need to contact your EOS Fitness gym. Browse the EOS Gym Membership website and get the contact details, in case you don’t have them.
  2. Scroll down to see the suggested way of ending the membership.
  3.  If the site suggests you end it in person, notify the customer service for cancellation of gym membership and get the agreement number.
  4. See the terms and conditions of your agreement and compare your eligibility to cancel the membership. 
  5. If you find yourself eligible, draft a certified letter or the notice to EOS Fitness at the given address. 

Note: Request for a confirmation letter to ensure cancellation of membership in the letter itself. 

How To Cancel EOS Gym Membership In-person?

A fitness center is a place where we regularly go for services and health goals. This is why in-person is said to be a convenient means to cancel the gym membership. All you need to do is visit the EOS Fitness you have registered and contact the branch manager. You may talk to support staff and know the arrangements they’ll make for canceling your membership. You need to submit your full name, contact details, email address, membership number,  notice for cancellation, signature, and date of submission. 

How To Write Notice Of EOS Gym Membership Cancelation?

A cancelation notice is regarded as a written submission for the authority. You can present them while dealing with the support staff or visiting the gym. This is also possible to send when you live apart from the place where you have registered for a gym membership. 

A notice of EOS Gym membership cancellation can be fragmented into three basic paragraphs to specify the information you have to submit for canceling the membership as shown below:

Opening Statement

The opening statement is composed of the basic introduction the support staff seeks to proceed towards arranging for cancellation. All you need to mention is your full name, membership ID and contact details, and the intention of writing the letter. You can mention the letter as a notice for canceling EOS Fitness Membership. 

Centre paragraph or the body

You need to mention the terms of the agreement made with the center in this paragraph. You need to provide the notice before a month of leaving the gym. Specify the date of the submission and notify them that as 30 days prior notice presented as per mentioned in terms of the agreement or a contract. Add a reason for canceling the membership. 

Closing Statement

Add a respectful closing to your notice and state the reasoning directly. Add a feasible contact number so that the authority can contact you for further procedures. 

Will EOS Auto-Renew My Gym Membership?

Yes, the gym has a provision of monthly renewals, and this directly charges the amount on your card. The rule is the same if you have monthly or annual subscriptions made. 

Does EOS Gym Refund After Canceling The Membership?

An EOS Gym provides a full refund only if you cancel your membership within three business days from signing up or registering. You can claim a prorated refund if you want to cancel your subscription in between. You need to mention your reasons for cancellation of gym membership as in military service, health issues, or migration (the distance could be more than 25 miles from any of the EOS fitness clubs or gym centers).

Grounds For Canceling EOS Gym Membership

Some of the common reasons for canceling EOS Gym Membership are listed below:

  • Slow processing of information
  • Fewer chances of refunds when canceled in the middle of the subscriptions
  • Confusing packages for the beginners  
  • Less efficient clerical staffs  

Alternatives Of EOS Gym Membership

You can switch on to any of the following mentioned fitness centers after Canceling EOS Gym membership successfully:

Anytime Fitness 

Anytime Fitness is a chained fitness club with a fitness center located in 4000 locations in over 50 countries. It offers you a flexible schedule and perfect supervision to add a healthy lifestyle.

Find more about Anytime Fitness at

Gold Gym

Gold Gym offers unique facilities, cardio equipment, personal training, and group coachings, and strength workout to help you meet your fitness goals. 

Find more about Gold Gym at 

Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness offers a variation in cardio and strength equipment for the customers. You can take a virtual tour and explore their services before joining or taking the membership. It holds about 2039 clubs at different locations. 

 Find more about Planet Fitness at

Fitness Connection

It has various clubs located in regions like Nevada, Carolina, and Texas. The setup is perfect for family fitness with variations like functional training, group classes,  fit flex theatres, saunas, spas, basketball, and much more. 

Find more about Fitness Connection at 

XSport Fitness 

XSport is one of the top fitness club chains available in the American regions like New York, Washington D.C., and Chicago. It provides you flexible membership offers like group classes, cardio training, personal training sessions, and grooming sessions relating to Yoga, Ride, Zumba, and so on. 

Find more about XSport Fitness at

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Identify EOS Fitness Charges On My Credit Card?

You can monitor the charges of EOS Gym membership in your credit card statements. It shows the additional charges as well as shown in the following format.

EOS FITNESS 889-6606551 CA 09/18
EOS FITNESS 889-6606551 CA 10/18
EOS FITNESS 889-6606551 CA 11/18

Will EOS Gym Auto-renew My Membership After A Free Trial?

No, you need to apply for membership after a free trial because you don’t need to submit credit card details for signing up for a free trial.

Is EOS Gym safe during the pandemic?

EOS Fitness is concerned about one’s safety and hygiene. You can find the gym etiquettes and policies and safety guidelines at and respectively. 

Does EOS Gym have any age limitations?

Yes, all the members joining the gym must be at least 13 years old.

Can we take guests with us to EOS Gym?

Yes, the members can enjoy the guest passes offered by EOS GYm, but they must be at least 18 years old or 16 years old accompanied by a legal guardian.


An ESO Gym membership is one of the highly appreciated fitness platforms with reachable fitness centers in multiple locations. However, multiple fitness centers offer similar services. Canceling EOS Gym membership should not end your step towards a healthy and fit lifestyle.  Centers 

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