Club Member: What Does Joining A Club On Clubhouse Means?

What Does Joining A Club On Clubhouse Means?

You may have wondered who gets to become a member of a club and what they are able to do at Clubhouse. I bet you have at least noticed the number of members while following a club. Why not talk about being a member of a club in Clubhouse today?

Not everyone who follows a Club in Clubhouse gets to be its member. As per Clubhouse, the members of a club are chosen among the most active community members. So, if you are looking for a way to become a member of a club in Clubhouse, you should rather focus on being active and spend some more time on Clubhouse.

Being a member of a club in Clubhouse comes with great advantages as well as responsibilities. If you are a member of a club, you can host the rooms of the club, join the ongoing sessions, look at the followers and members of your club, nominate new members for the club, and so on. 

Let’s discuss more being a member of a Club in Clubhouse below:

What Is A Club On Clubhouse?

In simple terms, Clubs are the groups in Clubhouse. Each club on Clubhouse has a unique name that reflects its field of interest. Clubs on Clubhouse are not restricted to any sort of field. Clubs can be about anything; tech-related, literature, art, science, cryptocurrency, stocks, personality development, agriculture, space, coding, and many more. You can create a club about anything that fits in the Clubhouse Community Guidelines.

What Does Joining A Club On Clubhouse Means?(Member Of Club)?

Basically, there are 4 tiers of people in a club of the Clubhouse. The Club founder: who can edit the group descriptions, add users, eliminate them, etc. An admin: who can manage the Club members and can host rooms. A member: who can create and host a room and join other rooms going on in the Club as well. And lastly, the followers, who can join and speak in the active room of the Club. 

Being a Club member is very beneficial, especially if you don’t want to bear much responsibility and still hold power. When you become a member of a Club in the Clubhouse, you can host as well as join rooms in the Club, manage the speakers in the room, look for the current members and followers of the group, and so on. Additionally, being a member gives you the power to nominate other club members as well. How cool is that?

How Can I Become A Member Of A Club In Clubhouse?

There is not an official systematic procedure you can follow to become a member of a club. To become a member of a club, either the Club founder must choose you, or an existing member should nominate you. The one who created the club gets to select Club members. 

However, I have heard from some of my friends that Clubhouse sometimes chooses a few of the active followers and promotes them to a Club member as well. I am not sure about this, but being active in your favorite club won’t do you any harm. So, why not give it a try?

What Can A Club Member Do?

It’s time I explain the powers that a club member holds. You must be sick of me telling about this repeatedly, but it is what it is. So, bear with me.

A club member can create and host rooms on the club, join the ongoing closed and public rooms of the club, nominate someone to become a new member and search for the current members of the Club. You can obviously enjoy the other facilities that a non-member gets.

I have briefly discussed the activities that a club member can do below.

Create Rooms On Club

After reading this subtopic, you probably are thinking, “Every single user in Clubhouse can start a room; what’s so special in that?” Well, sweetie, I am talking about hosting a room on the club here. A club member has the authorization to host a room in the club any time he/she wants. The club members can either host a room directly or schedule the session as well. Either way, every single follower of the Club gets a notification about the room. 

Now you know why everyone so desperately wants to become a club member, right?

Join The Ongoing Rooms Of The Club

I am not trying to mess here with you. Trust me; this is not how it looks like.

By joining the ongoing rooms, I meant both the closed and the public ones. If you are a member of any club, you can join any ongoing rooms, be it a closed one or the public one. 

Note: Only the Club Teams: the founder, admins, and the members can join the closed room of the club.

Search The Current Members In The Club

Unlike the other Clubhouse users, you can directly search for the current club members using the search option in the club if you are its member. You don’t have to scroll one by one to see if someone is a member of your club or not.

Nominate New Members For The Club

This is pretty cool. Being a member gives you the power to nominate someone to become a member of that club as well. Though it’s up to the Club founder to approve the member or not, nominating someone to stand on your level is pretty amazing, isn’t it?

What’s The Difference Between Being A Member Of A Club And Following A Club?

If you are a newbie to Clubhouse, you probably think both the Clubhouse members and followers in Clubhouse are the same. But, let me tell you that you have mistaken. Members and Followers of Clubs are completely two different tires of a club. 

The followers of a club can be any Clubhouse user. When a user follows a club in Clubhouse, he becomes its follower. The followers of a Club receive a notification whenever a room of the Club is on-air or whenever someone schedules a room. You may probably see the ongoing session of a Club in your Hallway if you are following it.  And you definitely can join the Clubhouse room. 

On the other hand, the members of a club are among the few chosen ones who are allowed to join a closed as well as open room of the Club. The Club members can host their own room to launch the session, pick up the moderators, manage the speakers in the room, etc.

I guess you got a clearer vision of the difference between a Club follower and a Club member now.

How To View The Members Of A Club In Clubhouse?

Viewing Club members in Clubhouse is easy. You can easily see the club members by searching for the club and doing a little scrolling.

If you have just come across a Club in the Hallway, you don’t need to search for the club.

What you need to do is open the Clubhouse Profile of the club by any means. Once you navigate to the Club’s Profile, you will be able to view its members below the description. 

Let’s put this method on the step-wise process below;

  1. Open the Clubhouse app on your device and login if necessary.
  2. Then, tap the magnifying glass-like icon on the top of your screen and search for the club.
    Search Icon
  3. Tap the Club whose members you want to view.
    Clubhouse Club
  4. Now, Clubhouse will direct you to the Club’s Profile. Scroll a little, and there you will see the Club Members below the description.
    Clubhouse-Club Members

You can also see it in someone’s Clubhouse Profile if they are a member of any club.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

I have selected some of your most asked questions and answered them in this section. Please drop down your questions about Clubhouse if you have any.

Your feedback and queries are always appreciated. 🙂

How Do You Talk On Clubhouse?

Do you want to put forward your views in a Clubhouse room but don’t know how? 

If yes, I am here to the rescue. You can talk in a Clubhouse room once you are on the speakers’ stage. The moderators will have to take you up to let you speak in a room. So, what you need to do is raise your hand in the room you want to speak and wait until the moderators approve you to speak.

Here are the simple steps to follow if you want to talk in a Clubhouse room:

  1. Launch the “Clubhouseapp on your device. 
  2. On the Hallway, join a room you want to.
  3. You must see a “Hand” icon on the lower part of your screen. Tap the icon to send a request to moderators so that you could speak.
  4. If the moderator approves of your request, you will see a question pop up on the top of your screen. Select “Join” to go to the speakers’ stage.

Note: Once you become a speaker, your mic will automatically turn on. So, consider muting your microphone if you are not speaking right away.

Learn more about the “Raise Hand” icon on What Does Raise Hand Icon Mean On Clubhouse?

Is Following A Club And Being Its Member The Same?


Following a club and being its member are completely two different things. 

Anyone can follow a club in the Clubhouse, but only a few of the users get to be its members. Read more about the difference between a follower and a member of a club here.

Wrapping Up

To sum up, a club member holds a lot of power over the club. A club member can host rooms in the club, add moderators, eliminate someone, nominate new members, and many more. It turns out being a member of a club is quite amazing, isn’t it? 

I hope I have answered all of your queries regarding being a member of a club on Clubhouse. Please let me know in the comment section if I have missed any.

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