Do Clubhouse Moderators Get Paid?

Have you ever wondered if you could earn based on what you say? As we all have valuable words and emotions within us, this often does not get a place due to the worldly and exhibiting environment. Unlike other social media where you post, face, and interact, the Clubhouse was an audio social app launched in March 2020. 

The Clubhouse is the platform with provisions for setting up a room where the moderators, speakers, and listeners interact. All you can see is the username and a short bio, and hear the people saying it with no silly pictures, quotes, or lifestyle. Besides the interaction, you can earn from the Clubhouse as they pay the moderators. Here are the sources of earning for the clubhouse moderators:

  • Sponsorship or a paid advocate for the product
  • Setting Premium rooms
  • Clubhouse features “tipping,” “tickets,” and “subscriptions.”
  • Taking expert sessions  

Who Are The Moderators?

Moderators are the organizers of the conversation. They make arrangements for the discussion just like the tasks in offline debates. They set up a room in the Clubhouse, invited the speakers and the listeners, and arranged the conversation. Every individual within the room cannot speak at once, where the moderator plays a vital role.  The moderators allocate the audience and speakers to say, and the conversation is carried on.

Speakers are the one who comes up with the content to engage the people who chime in their room and make their stay. But the directive guidelines are laid down by the moderators. They take the conversation in the right direction, and the moderators conduct an interactive session by raising their points of view to question the speakers. Thus, the room and discussion topic might not be a preconceived notion but an instant discussion with the community guidelines. 

How Do Moderators  Get Money Through Clubhouses? 

Usually, the moderators in the Clubhouse earn money, whereas the other users listen or participate in the discussion. Therefore, they get a chance to speak and conversate with the other people within the group. A clubhouse moderator is a person who holds a green star under their name and is visible at the top of the clubhouse room. They have access to invite the people and moderator other speakers. 

So, not everyone who uses it can generate income, but only the moderators earn money through the Clubhouse. There are various ways to make considerable money through the club by the moderators, such as selling the tickets as an entrance fee. In addition, the people within the group can conduct some business deals or invest with a mutual understanding that can contribute to one’s income in the long run. 

Who Pays The Moderators In The Clubhouse?

A lot of people are involved in clubhouses through direct or indirect invitations. There are various backgrounds of people who appear to be speakers or listeners in the Clubhouse. Come join this platform for earning through advertising their business, whereas some join the forum to learn. Amid the pandemic, this has been the safest place to know bout something you could not do because of the ban on physical classes or gatherings. Some wish to donate the money they used to pay for tickets, for learning and educating themself.

Here is a list of parties or people who usually pay the moderators:

  • Brands and companies
  • New ventures who advertise their newly launched products 
  • Corporates and firms 
  • Contributors 
  • Listeners who like the content

Why Do The Moderators Get Paid For?

As the moderators organize and arrange the rooms, the whole task of a decent conversation relies on them. Despite speakers bringing on the content in the Clubhouse to make people listen to what they share, moderators are the ones to hand over the platform. Here are the few tasks the moderators do which make them liable to receive some payments:

  • Advertising about the discussion
  • Publishing or advertising the products or services
  • Inviting the content creators or speakers
  • Subscriptions to the speakers
  • Making speakers available to the listeners
  • Arrangement of a room/ paid room
  • Presence of professional speakers or experts 

What Are The Significant Sources Of Income For Moderators In Clubhouses?

The moderators indeed get paid for what they do in the Clubhouse, but we wonder who pays them. After all, the listeners have the freedom to shift the rooms and listen to what they find interesting for no cost. However, here are the three significant sources of income for moderators:


As we live in the era of digital marketing, advertisements or new launches flourish through social media. The clubhouse moderators can adopt a business model and get sponsorship based on their content to the listeners. The firms and corporations who are willing to sell their product seek influencers and celebrities on social media. Nevertheless, branding and advertisement happen through the Clubhouse as well. 

Similarly, they can make this possible through clubhouse moderators. In return, they get the payment, and the corporations sell their product as this will be within reach of general people who appear as the clubhouse users and listeners in a specific room. It resembles the source of income for Youtubers, where the company pays the creators. They include affiliate links as well, which can benefit all within the room. 

B2B Partnership

B2B partnership refers to the collaboration between companies to develop a scheduled mutually beneficial relationship in marketing, product development, or overall business opportunities. Usually, Instagram influencers or Youtubers promoting the brands hold this partnership to enter the Clubhouse as a moderator. 

Paid Rooms

The moderators who successfully gained a growing number of listeners can create Closed Clubhouse chat rooms and use them for monetization. To enter this room, the listeners should make payment beforehand and secure a place. The moderators organize the closed chat room live and earn from the listeners based on an event. Inviting CEOs and entrepreneurs is one of the strategies to get more interested listeners, and making their speeches can add a valuable difference in the life of general people.

Direct Selling

Usually, the influencers or the companies can promote their brands and get customers by introducing their products through rooms in the Clubhouse. An activity like offering discounts and bulk sales is possible through the Clubhouse as well. After all, all you need to do is gain attention and earn customers at the end of the day. But, you have to abide by the terms and conditions of the Clubhouse. 

Contributions from the listeners

You can receive funds directly from the listeners in the Clubhouse. The links, such as CashApp attached in the user bio, can be used as a medium to gain contribution. The feature; “Payments” in the clubhouse site is used to send money directly to the favorite content creators. The third-party collects, like crowdfunding sites, collects and the moderators earn based on their quality content and speakers’ influences. 

Are There Professional Moderators In The Clubhouse?

The users usually enter the platform with an invitation who can further start a room or conversation independently. However, anyone can join this platform, even if they haven’t been invited since July 21, 2021. The group discussion can invite professional speakers or users to participate in the debate. You can join any room you find interesting. 

The liberty to enter any room within your interest can distract the sessions. Moreover, it is tough to make the listeners follow the community guidelines like avoiding bullying or hate speech as the application is based on real-time audio. The users cannot get the tag as a speaker unless assigned by the moderators; there are options to block, mute, or report the users as the conversations are recorded.

Moreover, the conversation gets deleted with fluent talk, and no reported bad behavior or ill-treatment once it’s over. However, in case of misbehavior within the conversation, the professional moderator plays a vital role and is responsible for reviewing them. Therefore, experienced moderators in the Clubhouse avoid offensive content and distractive discussions to execute the community guidelines. 

How Can You Monetize Your Clubhouse?

You can use the Clubhouse as an audio platform to earn. There are various ideas you can implement and monetize your Clubhouse, which are as follows:

Setting up a sponsored room 

You can promote the company and its products, mention the product or brand in their room or add it in the description to gain the users’ focus and justify the sponsorship. You can promote the new and practical products which aren’t flourishing on social media to gain popularity and allow the product to thrive with people. 

Digital offering through clubhouse rooms

You need to allow the premium customers in the room and organize the events based on their preferences. For example, you coach the people, schedule an interactive session with experts party collects brainstorming sessions. 

Represent a company as an advocate

Representing a company means promoting the product wherever you go. You can do this as a speaker, as a moderator, or as a listener as well. You need to stick with the advocacy based on your take on the product. The platform forbids promoting harmful products, but why not allow the item to flow and make people know how necessary it is in our daily life? 

Sell the entry tickets.

You can do this only in the case of premium rooms. But, there must be an attraction for the people to buy the products and get the entrance. For this, make sure you have the experts or engaging conversation inside not to disappoint them and satisfy them with all they have paid. 

Use the Clubhouse’s features.

Yes, the Clubhouse does have monetization features. The major ones are “tipping,” “tickets,” and “subscription.” Tipping allows the users to utilize this as a virtual tip jar where you can drop some amount, compensating the host for what they’ve offered. You can use “tickets” as a paid entrance. “Subscriptions” allows you to follow the room every month and pay for what you get in an entire month from the moderator or the host. 

Can A Speaker Earn Money From The Clubhouse?

There is always room for promotion. A user can promote themselves as a speaker or moderator, knowing the interest of the listeners. So, yes, a speaker earns money from the Clubhouse serving them with all their understanding and knowledge about a topic or their forte. Here are a few ways how a speaker makes money from the Clubhouse:

  • Advocate a product or service of a company
  • Take an expert session
  • Promote a brand
  • Use clubhouse features such as tipping, ticket, earns, and subscription with a mutual agreement with the moderators.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Clubhouse A Free Site?

Yes, the Clubhouse is a free site, but you can begin the sign-up procedures anytime you like through their mobile application. 

Is It Challenging To Be A Moderator In The Clubhouse?

You need to implement some strategies and work to be a moderator. They don’t get the payment unless the room of discussion they moderate gains a large instant discussion audience, speakers, or coverage in the Clubhouse.

Is Clubhouse Available For Android Users?

Yes, it is available for Android and iPhone users. 


Hence, Clubhouse is one of the monetization models that encourage content creators to express their creativity in real-time audio and social applications. 

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