How Do I Become Clubhouse Moderator In Clubhouse Room in 2024 | 2 Methods

How Do I Become Clubhouse Moderator In Clubhouse Room

Clubhouse is all about creating clubs and hosting rooms to launch a live session. Moderators in Clubhouse Rooms are the people who manage the members, sessions, and the room as a whole. If you are searching for ways to become Clubhouse Moderator, read this article to the very end. 

 Moderator is the person who is supposed to manage the overall activities of a Clubhouse room. From disabling the hand raise icon to dragging up the audience to Clubhouse Stage, it’s Moderator who is supposed to regulate the activity. If you didn’t know already, a Moderator of a room is provided with a green badge adjacent to their profile picture. 

There are two ways to become a Moderator in Clubhouse:

  1. By creating your own room
    Open Clubhouse> Tap “+Start Room”> Select the type of room> Let’s Go.
  2. By asking an existing moderator to make you one. 
    Tap Profile Picture> Invite to speak> Make a Moderator.

You get the same power no matter which way you choose to become a moderator.

What Is Moderator On Clubhouse?

Clubhouse rooms do not operate themselves. They need moderators to moderate them. Every Clubhouse rooms have a moderator who is appointed by the host. The number of moderators can range from one to many. 

A moderator is someone who moderates and operates the overall function of a Clubhouse room. The moderator holds power to manage speakers, drag them to the audience stage, drag the audience to the speaker’s stage, mute the speakers, remove someone from the room, etc. 

The moderators of a room have a green icon adjacent to their display picture. This icon helps you to identify the moderators of a room.

How To Become Clubhouse Moderator?

Impressed by the power that a moderator holds and want to become one? I got your back. I am going to teach you how to become a Clubhouse Moderator.

You can become a moderator in the Clubhouse room either by creating a room yourself or asking an existing moderator of a room to promote you to a moderator. No matter what way you follow, the responsibilities and powers you hold are the same.

Let’s discuss the methods to become a moderator one by one below:

Create Your Own Room

If you want to know what being a moderator feels like, you can create your own room and moderate it automatically. Being the host of a group automatically grants you the power of moderator. 

It doesn’t matter what kind of room you create, you automatically become a moderator of your room.

Let’s guide you on how you can become a moderator by hosting your own room on Clubhouse.

Step 1: Open Clubhouse App 

Firstly, launch the Clubhouse app on your device. Login to your account if necessary.


Step 2: Tap The “+Start Rom” Icon.

Now, tap the green “+Start Room” icon that you see at the bottom of your screen.

Clubhouse Start Room icon

Step 3: Select The Type Of Room You Want To Host

You will see the list of types of rooms you can create on Clubhouse. You can create an open, social, closed, or club room that you are part of. Select the one you are looking forward to hosting. Here, I have chosen to host a closed room.

Clubhouse Room type- become Clubhouse Moderator

Step 4: Tap On “Let’s Go”

Follow the guidance of the Clubhouse, choose the topic, add people, etc. Once you are done, tap the “Let’s Go” icon to get started. 

Clubhouse Let's Go button

Congratulations! You have successfully hosted a room and become its moderator.

Good luck moderating your Clubhouse room!

Ask The Current Moderator To Make You One

It’s not necessary that you can become a moderator only when you host your own room. You can become a moderator of any other room in Clubhouse. Yes, even the moderator of the room that you admire. 

To become a moderator this way, you might have to communicate with the existing moderators of the room. Sometimes, your friends can drag you by themselves if they are the moderators. But, for the rest of the time, you will have to talk to the moderator.

You can turn on your microphone to ask the existing moderator to promote you as moderator by keeping your views forward.

In case you are not in the speaker’s stage already, tap on the “Raise Hand” icon to send a request to speak and do once you get approved.

Here is a step-by-step procedure to make someone a moderator in the Clubhouse room:

  1. Tap the Profile Picture of the person in the audience. If the person is already on the stage, skip stepping number 4.
  2. Tap on the “Invite to speak” option to invite the person to the speaker’s stage.
  3. Tap on their Profile picture one more time.
  4. Tap on the “Make a Moderator.” And you are done.

What Can A Moderator Do?

Being a moderator in a Clubhouse room comes with many responsibilities and advantages at the same time. A moderator in Clubhouse rooms holds much power. Here is the list of actions that a moderator can perform:

  1. Promotion of the audiences to speakers by dragging them to the speaker’s stage.
  2. Enable the “Hand Raise” icon.
    To know more about the “Hand Raise” icon, read this article: What Does Raise Hand Icon Mean On Clubhouse?
  3. Mute someone in the room.
  4. Accept or Decline someone’s request to speak in the room.
  5. Drag the speakers to the audience’s stage.
  6. Promote the speakers to the Moderators in the room.
  7. Drag the moderator back to the speaker’s stage.
  8. Set rules and guidelines to be followed in the room.
  9. End the Clubhouse room.
  10. Remove people from the room.

Remember, these authorities are available only in the rooms where a Clubhouse user is a moderator. The moderator of a Clubhouse room can’t just enter any other room and start moderating it.

How To Manage The Speaker’s Stage On Clubhouse?

Being a moderator may seem fun, but it’s not easy to carry out the responsibilities you hold. Of course, you can mess up and moderate your room whatever way you can, but you must keep in mind that your room depends upon you. You are supposed to work for creating the room that you are wanting to host. So, be careful with the decisions you make as moderating a room can turn out to be a huge mess sometimes.

There are lots of things you need to focus on and consider. You require a good leading capacity to be able to moderate a room. 

I have listed some tips that you can follow to manage a Clubhouse room below:

  1. Be consistent with your moderating style.
  2. Don’t jump off from one topic to another. Stick on the topic and avoid the conversation that goes off-topic.
  3. Don’t move everyone to the speaker’s stage at once. Observe the number of audiences and drag the numbers only on a manageable scale.
  4. Kindly ask people to go back to the audience’s stage once they are done speaking. You would not want to crowd the speaker’s stage.
  5. Warn people to not interrupt someone when they are speaking.
  6. Let your members know that it’s okay to accept the invite only when they are ready to speak.
  7. Enable and disable the raise hand icon as per necessity.
  8. Report, remove, and block people if you witness bully, harassment, or any kind of ill behavior. 

You will be a great moderator if you consider these tips. Don’t worry at all.

How To Increase Your Chances Of Becoming A Moderator?

I know you want exposure in a Clubhouse room with a large audience. I understand that. If you want to be Clubhouse famous, opting out to become a moderator in a room with a larger audience is way better than hosting your own room to gather fewer audiences. 

Here are few tips for you to increase your chances of becoming a moderator in the Clubhouse room:

  1. First thing first. Follow the Clubhouse etiquette so that you would mark a good impression.
  2. Use the “Raise Hand” icon whenever you want to speak.
  3. Once the moderator drags you to the Speaker’s stage, speak your heart out and make sure your conversation is engaging. 
  4.  Please don’t overdo it. And try not sounding cringy.
  5. Make sure you don’t go out of the topic. The irrelevant conversation is a major turn-off for the audience.
  6. Try being helpful to the moderators by leaving your suggestions about room control.
  7. Value other speakers as well. 
  8. Follow the hosts of the room who you find interesting and try to interact with them often.
  9. Then, try to keep in touch with the hosts in other social media account as well.
  10. Last but not the least, ask the existing moderators to make you one. 

Tips To Master The Art Of Moderating Clubhouse Rooms

Your journey to being a room moderator does not end here. With great power, comes great responsibilities they say. Likewise, there are some responsibilities that you have to fulfill being a moderator.

Apart from the responsibilities, there are other actions you can perform to become a good moderator. Who knows, your moderating skills can make you famous someday?

Below are some tips you could keep in mind to master the art of moderating Clubhouse rooms:

  1. Give equal priority to all the speakers in the group. Say no to favoritism and partiality.
  2. Choose the right number of speakers each time. Having many active speakers at the same time creates nothing more than chaos.
  3. Maintain balance and decorum in the room. Exercise your rights when necessary.
  4. Communicate with the listeners too.
  5. Report abuse or any violation of Clubhouse guidelines if you encounter any.

Clubhouse Etiquettes You Should Keep In Mind 

Wherever you go, it’s important to present yourself in such a way that you don’t lose your charm. There are definite sets of etiquette you must follow, whether you go to someone’s house or the Clubhouse. 

Below is the list of Clubhouse etiquette you should follow: 

  1. Being kind does not hurt. Always be kind and considerate to everyone. Speak with a pleasant tone.
  2. Engage in healthy conversation. 
  3. Don’t make everything about yourself. Be considerate while other people speak and hear them.
  4. Wait and listen to other speakers for a while in the audience stage before you raise your hand to speak.
  5. Do not interrupt anybody. If things are really important, just wait until the person pauses to speak for a while.
  6. Always move yourself to the audience stage once you are done speaking.
  7. Make sure you mute yourself if you are not speaking.
  8. Don’t waste anyone’s time. Always prepare about what you are going to speak in your turn.
  9. Don’t go off topic and pitch about any stuff while you speak.
  10. Giving a short introduction of yourself is not a bad idea.
  11. Always leave the room quietly if you have to. You don’t need to announce that you are leaving unless you are one of the main moderators or speakers of the room. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) 

I have included some of your most asked questions and answered them in this section. If you have any further queries regarding Clubhouse, please drop them in the comment section below.

Do Clubhouse Moderators Get Paid?

Not necessarily.

Generally, people host rooms and moderate them for fun and as their own hobby. But there are some rooms in Clubhouse that pay you for moderating the room. 

There are lots of Clubhouse rooms with high engagement and that run for a long duration. I have come across some rooms that are hosted 24/7. Such rooms with high engagement tend to pay their moderators.

Clubhouse app does not have any payment portal. The moderators get paid via Cash App.

Thus, Clubhouse moderators get paid. But that does not mean all of them do. 

What Happens When You Ping Someone On Clubhouse?

When you ping someone, the Clubhouse user gets a notification that you invited them to join a room. 

If the user accepts your invitation and joins the room, you will get a notification on your screen. 

To ping someone in a room, tap the “+” icon in the lower right corner of your screen and tap the name of the user you would like to ping.

Wrapping Up

That sums up about the moderators in Clubhouse rooms and how to become one. Being a moderator can be fun, but it also comes with great responsibility. The tough job of maintaining Clubhouse rooms falls under the duty of a Clubhouse Moderator. 

I guess I have covered up almost everything about the topic, but if I have missed out anything, please let me know in the comment section below.

That’s it, guys. Good luck moderating your Clubhouse room.

Happy Clubhousing!

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