17 Tips to Get More(Legit) Followers In Clubhouse In 2024

How to Get More Follower In Clubhouse

If you want to become famous on the Internet and have not gained much popularity on other social media, Clubhouse may become the best platform for you. It has not been long since the launching of Clubhouse, and it’s gonna be easier for you if you want to gain popularity here.

Additionally, you don’t have to pile up filters on your photos and should not fear those spy aunties in your neighborhood. The clubhouse can be your place.

Observing the growth of Clubhouse, we can assume that being famous at Clubhouse is going to be a big privilege as you are going to be recognized by public figures, invited to big functions, etc. There is a fewer competition in comparison to other social media applications as well. So, why not give a try on Clubhouse?

Rather than rushing for ways to get more followers illegally, it’s best if you healthily gain followers organically.  

To get more followers on Clubhouse, try performing these:

  1. Write a wondrous bio. Introduce yourself the best way you can.
  2. Host your rooms. Promote your rooms as much as possible.
  3. Be consistent. 
  4. Collaboration over Competition.
  5. Attend different rooms and be interactive.
  6. Create your own Club if possible.
  7. Invite your friends to Clubhouse if you haven’t already.

I have summarized the ways to gain more followers legitimately on Clubhouse below:

How To Get More Followers On Clubhouse? 

Clubhouse has been the center of attraction of almost everyone recently. The unique features of Clubhouse have set different levels of the audio app on the Internet.

While some people are using this app for fun, others are finding a platform to start sharing content. The social media influencers or people willing to become one are trying to build a network to develop their careers in social media. 

You cant get established in an app properly without having many followers, especially in today’s time of competition. I guess you are looking for ways to increase your follower numbers substantially. People are still trying to figure out how to increase followers on Clubhouse.

So, I have explained the best tricks you could use to get more followers on Clubhouse below:

Set Your Clubhouse Account Already

It’s just been a year since Clubhouse launched its beta version. It has not even been half a year since the launch of the app on Android phones. So, it’s probably the best time to set your Clubhouse account. Becoming an early bird can really help.

With time, the number of users will increase,  raising up the competition. It would be hard for you to increase the following numbers. And since Clubhouse is an invite-only app, you dont have to worry about spam and bots in this app.

So, hurry up and set your clubhouse account if you haven’t already.

Introduce Who You Are

No, dont go to metaphors.

The first impression really matters. You would always want to look put together and stand out among the millions of people, be it on the Internet or in real life. 

How do you introduce yourself to Clubhouse Profile? By writing a kick-ass bio, of course. Craft a beautiful bio that introduces who you are.

People only get to see the first two lines of your Clubhouse bio before browsing your profile. So, make sure the first two lines of your bio are eye-catching and attention-grabbing.

Mention your achievements, skills, stories, and anything that will look appealing to the audience. Your main motive is to attract the viewers, after all.

If you want to increase your followers, you should probably begin working on your proper introduction part.

And even in the Clubhouse rooms, before you start to speak about a topic, don’t forget to introduce yourself. Elevate your pitch and let them know who you are. Being monotonous is not so appealing after all.

Consistency Is The Key

Be consistent. Your followers will keep following you until you are active on the app.

Nobody is going to ask your whereabouts if you keep on showing up on the app after a fortnight all of a sudden. Be active on Clubhouse, speak, share your thoughts. 

You should really be consistent if you want to be engaged with other Clubhouse users and build up a proper account with huge followers.

Host room at the same time every day so that your genuine followers will also know what to stay prepared for.

Show Your Value

Showing someone your value and respect is the key point you have to focus on. 

Present your idea in such a way that you will remain in the memories of people for a long time. Not every speaker on Clubhouse influences you. As soon as you tap on your mic to speak, present your views in such a way that optimism will rush on people’s veins. Share your experiences, make-up stories if you dont have any, let them know the mistakes you made, and most importantly, make them feel like you were like them at some point in your life too.

Speak something that they probably want to hear.

This way, people will feel a connection with you and follow you for sure.

Make Your Own Club

If it were not for the Clubs, the app’s name would not have been Clubhouse. Clubhouse is all about joining Clubs and interacting in rooms. Creating your own Club is going to turn out very effective if you want to gain followers. People are going to see you as a moderator and follow you seeing your dedication to the Club, engagement, and feel influenced by you.

Different clubs carry different interests on Clubhouse. Clubhouse notifies people if the Club creator has scheduled any rooms. That will help to grow your followers as some people are going to follow because of this very reason as well.

You cannot create Club just because you want to do it. I have heard that you will have to moderate or speak in a room for 21 days straight to be eligible to apply for creating a Club. I am not sure if this is true, but interacting in rooms is of no harm.

To apply for creating a Club on Clubhouse, tap on Request a Clubhouse … Club

Attend Different Rooms

Attending rooms that have huge active members can be a good idea if you want to grow followers on Clubhouse. Attending the rooms is not everything, though. You need to be interactive and attract people in ways that they would follow you.

By introducing yourself before you jump into any topics, you may impress the listeners and other members of the room. If you present good ideas with great value and become interactive, there are chances people will find you influential, and they may follow you because they want to know more about you and the content you got to offer.

The more you participate, the more you become visible and noticeable. So, spend some time in the app, interact much, and find opportunities whenever you can.

Interact As Much As Possible

Like I said previously, interaction is necessary if you are looking for ways to grow your followers, especially on Clubhouse. Being sedentary is not going to help. Nobody is going to reach out to you in a  room with huge participants unless they know you personally. So, speak out for yourself and try to interact as much as possible.

Interacting may not be possible in each and every room. But, wait for the right time until you can communicate. If you feel like you won’t get a chance to speak, join another room. Whatever you do, focus on being interactive.

You can even approach rooms with a small number of people. That way, you will have a chance to speak and get to know new people. If you become able to be friends with them or just interact with them properly, they would want to know more of you and follow you, which is obviously going to help you to increase followers. 

Don’t be afraid to put forward your views. But keep in mind that being interactive is not as same as over talking. People will like you as long as you are concise and interesting. You are certain to not gain followers if you go on joining rooms and boring people everywhere. Forget about additional followers; you will most probably get kicked out of a room if you act that way.

Fill Your Clubhouse Profile Completely

There is so little to see in the Clubhouse profile. It’s difficult to get to know someone looking at their Clubhouse profile only. And if you even haven’t filled all the fields of your Clubhouse profile, you’re making a huge blunder. 

People rarely follow someone who gives them that incognito vibe. They would want to know people who they follow. So, present yourself in the best way you can by filling all the fields on your Clubhouse profile.

You can also add relevant emojis if you want to make your profile look appealing.

Make sure your profile fulfills the following requirements:

  1. A real profile picture:
    People tend to follow someone real to get to know them. Putting a customized artistic profile picture can be a turn-off for the people who were looking forward to following you. 
  2. A well descriptive profile with a concise and proper bio:
    Carve your bio in such a way that you will instantly attract other Clubhouse users and they will follow you.
  3. Links to your other social accounts:
    Clubhouse reveals so little about someone. So, it’s better if your followers can get to see you on other social apps too.

The “Follow-back” strategy works wonders if you never want to lose your existing followers.

Generally, some people follow you just because they want a follow back so that they would increase their followers’ number. So, if you just follow them back, they will probably never unfollow you. 

Use Hashtags

Using hashtags makes searching for stuff easier. You can easily see the relevant topics if you search for that thing using hashtags. So, if you want your content to be noticeable, try using all the relevant hashtags you can.

Invite Influencers

If you happen to know any social media influencers, what are you waiting for? Just host a room with them already.

Your room will get a lot of coverage if you host a room with influencers. 

The influencer is going to promote your room for sure if they are going to join you. The followers of the influencer are going to follow you, and you are going to gain a huge number of followers. 

Host Your Own Room

Do you want to become famous on Clubhouse by not just collecting followers but by creating impressions as well? If yes, I recommend you to host your own room.

You can host a room and talk about something you are passionate about. That way, you will not have to think and get anxious about what to talk about among people. You are bound to sound best if you talk about something you love. People will find that fascinating and follow you. 

You can also invite other people to speak in your room and be interactive, including, and friendly. You will not only gain followers but probably gain some hearts as well. 

Trust me, this works. I just hosted a room because I was bored a week ago. I pinged some of my friends and started talking about fictional books. Slowly, the audience number grew to 300, and so many people wanted to recommend books. I even gained 40 followers during the session unintentionally. Now imagine how many followers I would have gained if my main motive was to gain followers.

Schedule your room before some time so that people can finish up their chores before your session starts. Talk about something interesting or just have fun discussing random stuff. All you need to seek is interaction, and you are done.

Note: Please don’t host a room to talk about something that you have no idea of just for the sake of impressing others. Your best will come out only when you are interested in it.

Share Event Links

Why not promote your rooms? Always share links to the rooms you are hosting over other social media so that your friends can catch you up there.

Share your sessions’ link to other social media you use like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. You will grab more audience resulting in more followers this way.

Be Warming

Be kind to everyone—respect other members. Overcome chaos and maintain peace. You will neither gain respect nor gain followers if you disrespect someone.

Most importantly, if you want to be likable, don’t show off. 

Add Your Links To Other Social Media Accounts

Adding links to other social media accounts on your Clubhouse profile is not everything, but it surely helps.

Linking other social media will eliminate the chances of people thinking that your Clubhouse account is not real. You will gain people’s trust, and they can check you up on other social media if they want to. People on Clubhouse will get to know you better if you add your links to other social media accounts. The more people know you, the more they will be comfortable with you, resulting in more followers.

So, don’t hesitate to link up your other accounts on Clubhouse.

Build Your Connections, Collaborate With Other Users

You don’t have to compete in the Clubhouse rooms:- it’s the proper collaboration that matters. A group of people certainly have much to offer rather than an individual. So, it’s better if you collaborate with other people to well manage a Clubhouse room.

What kind of rooms are the managed ones in Clubhouse?

A room with proper coordination is set up in such a way that it does not become chaotic.

The person who starts the room is the host. The host is a moderator himself. He can also add some other moderators as per his choice. Moderators are the people who manage the room.

Moderators can bring the listeners to the stage and let them speak. They can also remove someone from the room, as well as mute them. In addition, the moderators can drag the speakers back to listener level as well.

Listeners won’t be able to speak unless they are invited to the speaker’s stage. However, they can raise their hand and speak if they get approved.

Get to know more about hand raise on Raise Hand On Clubhouse

If you value each member, they may follow you. They will likely join another room of yours in the near future and would like to hear more from you. So, consider everyone, be respectful, and try to create fun in your room.

Promote Your Clubs/Rooms

Your Clubs or Rooms are your private possession. It’s up to you how you want your club or room to be. You can promote your clubs and rooms on your owned channels like your websites, private Facebook accounts, Instagram, etc. You can put up stories on social media to invite people to your room and so on. 

Promote your rooms to add more audience and followers.

Invite People On Clubhouse

Clubhouse is an invite-only app. Invitation to Clubhouse is crucial. So many people out there have not joined Clubhouse just because they have not received an invitation.

So, when you have the privilege of sending the invitation, make it worthy. Make sure each of your invitation links counts by sending them to the ones who are willing to join Clubhouse. Invite someone who will be active on Clubhouse frequently and interact with you quite often. Both you and the user will be benefitted this way.

Companies That Will Help You To Grow Followers On Clubhouse

You may have heard about the idea to purchase followers on social media. Different companies work to increase engagement and followers on Clubhouse too. If you want to increase your followers on Clubhouse without having to put in much effort, you can try purchasing them.

You should be clear that these companies are not legitimate. I have researched some trustworthy companies with real deals by looking at their client’s reviews. But  I am not sure if they are legal. So, if you are willing to buy followers, the risk is on yourself.

Use Viral

Use Viral is a top company that expanded its services to Clubhouse at the beginning phase. It has different packages to offer to increase the number of followers on social media. The packages of Use Viral are reasonable, affordable, and very qualitative. 

The company has been working in this field for long and not even once have they failed to increase followers. You can get 24/7 services while you buy the Clubhouse package. In addition to Clubhouse, you can buy followers and app engagement for the apps like Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, etc.

The services of UseViral are really quick. Use Viral can be your go-to company if you are looking forward to buying genuine followers.


SidesMedia is one of the biggest competitors of Use Viral. Just like the UseViral, SidesMedia allows you to buy followers as well as engagement. Recently, Sides Media has expanded its services on selling followers for Clubhouse too.

Finding a genuine company can be tough, but you can totally rely on Sides Media. The services of Sides Media are genuine, real, and of high quality. You can purchase any package that fits you the best to increase followers on Clubhouse. The delivery time frame of SidesMedia is short, so you don’t have to worry about the duration. 

In addition to Clubhouse, you can buy followers and engagements for other social platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.


Increase followers with ViewsExpert

It has not been much since the launch of ViewsExpert, but in its short tenure, ViewsExpert has successfully become one of the top companies that sell followers. 

You can buy followers for Clubhouse as well as other social media like YouTube, Instagram, Spotify, etc. In addition to increasing follower count, ViewsExpert also guarantees high engagement of the followers in your account. 

You can use ViewsExpert’s service 24/7. The packages of this company are affordable as well as reasonable. They also provide proper deadlines. So, if you are looking for quality services at any time you want, you know who to chose.



GetViral is another company that has successfully been increasing the followers of its clients on social media. The company gained quite a popularity since it started providing its services to increase Instagram followers. After their huge success, GetViral company is bringing packages to build your profile on Clubhouse too.

GetViral uses real, high-quality accounts to increase the follower counts ensuring safety and privacy. You can also use their refill policy if you lose any followers that you gained using GetViral.

If you want some quick results on small packages, go for GetViral.



Famoid is a software development company that has been successfully running its business on social media since 2017. Famoid ensures to provide quality offerings to its clients. Famoid has been helping its clients to grow their social media. 

Famoid ensures safety. You don’t need to compromise on your privacy issues using Famoid. If you are looking for a company that increases your followers count effectively and has secured payment gateways, go for Famoid. 

Is Follower Count Important On Clubhouse?

It’s not that follower counts are the key source that matters. But it surely adds essence to your Clubhouse profile. Your follower number does not affect the engagement on your profile much, but it still gives a little contribution. 

But, if you are on social media to become famous, followers matter, like a lot.

Having a big follower count is the greatest advantage if you want to be famous.

Followers are the ones who can see your profile engagement regularly. Your followers will know when you start a room, leading to their engagement. The networks of people built in the follower’s list of yours are important.

However, not all followers carry positive energy. Some of the people may follow you just to be able to spread hatred whenever they can. As long as you have healthy followers, you will have the best companion on your internet journey.

Why Buy Followers On Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a new app on social media platforms. If you are looking for ways to get famous on Internet, Clubhouse can be your top pick right now. The number of users is yet to be increased. It’s going to be a lot easier to gain popularity on Clubhouse more than ever. 

Clubhouse can be a great platform for someone who is willing to become a content creator. There is a high probability that you would become successful if you start to put in efforts now. But, gaining popularity in a new platform is not going to be that easy either. Most importantly, it’s going to be difficult to increase the follower count. In such a situation, who to run for? Companies that sell followers, of course. 

Buying followers is the quickest and easiest way to get that bulk of followers in your social media accounts. You will easily be able to increase followers and engagement on your Clubhouse profile by purchasing some packages. If you want to gain followers without making much effort in a short time, try buying followers.

How To Be Visible On Clubhouse?

If you want to be noticeable on the Clubhouse app, focus on:

  1. Making your session more interesting.
  2. Adding more moderators to your room to manage it efficiently
  3. Participating in someone else’s room
  4. Generating ideas and views on different rooms
  5. Becoming interactive
  6. Building up connections and hosting rooms efficiently

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Why not look at some other relevant questions about Clubhouse? Shall we?

Can I Buy Followers On Clubhouse?

Yes, you can obviously buy followers for your Clubhouse Profile. You can either pay to get more members in a Clubhouse room or simply buy followers. By sending your Clubhouse username and purchasing packages, you can increase followers and engagement in your Clubhouse profile. 

I have listed 5 companies that will let you buy followers on Clubhouse above.

How Can Clubhouse Help Your Business?

If you are looking for a platform to spread your business, Clubhouse can be the right place for you. You can create a room to discuss your business, gain some business ideas, and also can attract some clients. You can also increase your network and mentorship potential on Clubhouse. 

Who Has More Followers On Clubhouse?

According to the statistics of March 2021, Rohan Seth has the greatest amount of followers being 6.5 million, which is followed by Paul Davison with 8 million followers.

Wrapping Up

You can gain a tremendous amount of legitimate followers if you put these techniques into your practice. Gaining your own followers is way better than buying them, isn’t it? 

I suggest you not go for the illegal ways and rather gain your followers. Your dedicated followers are gonna love you for your content, and they are obviously going to be there for the long term, and most probably forever. 

So, if you are looking for a way to get huge followers on Clubhouse and become famous, go for the organic ways rather than the illegal ones.

Happy Clubousing!

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