How Long Is A Temporary Suspension On TikTok?

How Long Is A Temporary Suspension On TikTok?

TikTok is a video-sharing app where you can create videos on any topic and share it on the platform. It is a fun app that allows you to share your creativity and talents through short 15-second videos. Millions of users use the app, and TikTok has been able to earn massive popularity within the last few years.

Although TikTok provides you the freedom to post videos on any issue or topic, the freedom isn’t absolute. Some restrictions can lead to your account getting permanent or temporary suspension on TikTok.

TikTok has a set of community guidelines that restricts asocial apps on the app. Based on your activity, your account might get a temporary or permanent or temporary suspension on TikTok. A temporary suspension can last up to 24 hours. During that period, you are restricted from going live.

Based on your activity, other types of suspension can last from 72 hours to a week to a lifetime. this article will discuss how the suspension of an account works on TikTok, along with possible solutions to get it unsuspended.

Why Is My TikTok Account Banned?

TikTok is a wonderful digital platform for its users to show their talents on camera. However, the growing popularity has provided a platform for opportunities and various offenses.

When TikTok feels like you or your posts have offended its community, it bans your account. There are specifically two reasons why your account might have been suspended:

Faulty Content

The type of content you post might temporarily suspend your TikTok account. All users agree to the terms and conditions before creating the account. Any act that is not in favor of those conditions might lead to the suspension of your account.  

If you have violated any community guidelines, TikTok has full authority to suspend your TikTok account; either temporarily or permanently.

Your account might get suspended when your videos and posts are against the TikTok community guidelines.

The guidelines set by TikTok are discussed further in the article.

Faulty App

Sometimes, TikTok can suspend your account without any valid reason. For example, we might post graphic scenes unintentionally during video-making. In such a case, TikTok might suspend your account even if you feel like you have not broken the guidelines.

Misinterpretation is the major reason TikTok suspends your account. The TikTok bots may detect your act as harmful to viewers by misinterpreting it, leading to the temporary suspension of TikTok. 

How Does The Ban Work?

Like all other social media platforms, TikTok also has its own set of guidelines that all users must adhere to for the prevalence of a safe and secure TikTok community.

If you have intentionally or unintentionally posted something on TikTok that is against these guidelines, TikTok can ban your post, status or suspend your account.

  • Here are some content categories that can lead to the suspension on TikTok:
  • Videos promoting terrorism
  • Promoting domestic or criminal violence
  • Drug-related content
  • Graphic animal content such as abuse
  • Promoting hate speeches against ethnic and religious groups, political parties, or any other community
  • Promoting and posting videos of sexual nature
  • Underage while applying for a TikTok account

These are some of the actions that are against the TikTok community guidelines. You can visit the Community Guidelines page in TikTok for more clear and detailed explanations.
Community Guidelines

Types Of Ban; Is Your Account Ban Temporary Or Permanent?

TikTok can ban or suspend your account or content in different ways. Thus, to know whether your account suspension on TikTok is temporary or permanent, you need to know the following categories of ban:


Shadow-banning is one of the most common ways TikTok bans an account. Shadow-banning is restricting your content exposure. It occurs when a user spams the platform with too many posts.

To check if TikTok has shadow-banned your account, go to the Analytics section of your account. Then, check the ‘For You’ section. If the section has restricted views, your account might have suffered from a shadowban. A shadowban on TikTok lasts for about 14 days.
shadow banning

Banning From Live Streaming Or Commenting

TikTok could restrict your account from going live or commenting on others’ posts if you said something offensive in a previous stream or the comments.

This suspension on TikTok lasts not more than 24-48 hours.

Temporary Ban

As mentioned above, temporary suspension on TikTok occurs when you have misbehaved or acted against the app’s community guidelines. TikTok has made its policies safe for each group and community. Any act beyond the safe environment may lead to the temporary suspension of your TikTok account.

To know if TikTok has temporarily banned your account, visit your profile, and you will see your followers, following, and likes replaced by a “-“sign with a notice: “This account is currently suspended.”
temporary suspension on tiktok

Permanent Ban

Foe TikTok to permanently ban your account, you must have done some grievous violations of the app’s guidelines. TikTok has a zero-tolerance policy, and multiple violations of its guidelines will lead to your permanent suspension of TikTok.

When your account is permanently banned, you will get a prompt stating: “Your account was permanently banned due to multiple violations of our Community Guidelines.”
permanent ban on tiktok

What Does Temporarily Suspended Mean?

A temporary suspension on TikTok means that you cannot post live videos. Your live videos may include some things that are not suitable for users and audiences.

Temporary suspension on TikTok means you are restricted from posting on your account for a certain time (24 hours to 7 days).

Your account may be suspended if someone reports your account or when TikTok finds a copyright violation.

The good thing about a temporary suspension is that you can get your account back in a few hours or days, depending upon your violation of TikTok guidelines.

How Long Is Temporary Suspension On TikTok?

Temporary suspension on TikTok is the most common and occurs even when you have committed a minor offense. It can last up to 24 hours, during which you cannot go live.

Another type of suspension is where you see a “Your Account is currently suspended” message while logging in. TikTok restricts you from seeing your username, followed, following, and likes in this type of suspension. A “-“sign replaces all this information.

This suspension lasts for seven days as TikTok thinks you have committed a major offense. However, you are not restricted from posting live videos and increasing your followers in this suspension type. Moreover, if the offense wasn’t too serious, you may get your account back in 24 hours.

How To Undo Temporary Suspension On TikTok?

There are a few ways you can get your banned TikTok account back. Here are some suggestions that would help you lift the temporary suspension on TikTok.

Count For The Ban To Lift

It is best to wait for the ban to lift on its own if your account was shadow-banned. Such suspensions are mild and would be lifted in a day or two. If your account has commenting restrictions, waiting for the restrictions to vanish is the best way to get your account back to normal functioning.

Third-Party Sources

If you can’t use TikTok because your country has banned the app from Play and App Store, one way to get access is through third-party sources.

First, go to your phone’s settings, tap on security settings, and enable “Unknown Sources.” Now, you can download TikTok from any reliable sources like APKpure, Aptoide, etc., without ban APK on your phone.

Get TikTok To Help You

You can easily ask the TikTok app to undo the temporary suspension on TikTok. Here’s how:

Step 1: Launch the TikTok app on your phone and log in with your username and password.

Step 2: After you have accessed your account, tap on the “My” icon located at the bottom right of your phone. This will take you to your Profile section.

Step 3: Then, tap on the three dots icon in the top right corner. Further, tap on the Privacy and Settings option.

Step 4: On the Privacy and Settings page, tap on “About” and select “Report a problem.” You will find a list of questions that TikTok support gets from its users on that page.

Step 5: Search for a question that best suits your query and tap on it. You can also give feedback.

These are a few ways you can get your ban lifted. Alternatively, if the above methods fail, you can contact the emails below:

Furthermore, you can tweet TikTok on @tiktokcreators on Twitter with your problem and wait for their response.

How To Undo Permanent Suspension On TikTok?

If your account was permanently banned, and you feel like it was a mistake, you can submit an appeal to lift it.

total on the notification you received about your account and clicked on “Appeal.” Then, follow the instructions to file an appeal and wait to see if your account is reinstalled.


Can I Use TikTok After Ban?

If your country has banned the TikTok app, you can still use it through VPN or third-party sources. You may change your phone location, side loads the APK file on your android, etc.

In Which Country Is TikTok Banned?

India, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Bangladesh banned TikTok due to an alleged breach of national security and the deterioration of religion and culture.


TikTok is a popular social media app; hence a zero-tolerance policy with specific community guidelines is certain. Violation of the guidelines will result in permanent or temporary suspension on TikTok.

I hope this article helped you with how and how TikTok can ban your account and how you can get it back.

TikTok gives users a massive opportunity to learn and teach. We must understand the limits and restrictions of TikTok and have a good time using it.

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