How To Write A Perfect Clubhouse Podcast Description?

As we always aspire to live for excitement, the digital world came up with a mysterious yet most potent platform in April 2020 named the clubhouse. The clubhouse is about drop-in audio chat, where you can not type but speak or listen. However, you can raise your hand if you want to talk and quietly leave anytime.

The speakers can post a podcast description to gather users’ attention in the clubhouse hallway. Nothing can be termed perfect as a generalization. It differs from the fields you have chosen to speak. It could be technical or philosophical but make sure your description allocates what you are incorporating in the speech. 

One must know the targeted people beforehand to emphasize a concise description that is easy to understand. Therefore, it is necessary to see the community guidelines before writing a clubhouse podcast description.  Here are directive points to write a perfect clubhouse podcast description:

  1. Firstly, be specific with what to accommodate in the session so that the summary can be precise.
  2. Then, select the template of the description for the topic of your conversation.
  3. Next, start the description with a proverb or saying to attract the audience.
  4. After that, set the expectation level, illustrating the session’s main essence. 
  5. Then, reveal the speakers who could be expertise in the field.
  6. Next, a short briefing on the session could help the listeners determine the flow.
  7. Finally, end it positively with a realistic line welcoming the listeners to the destined room. 

Significant Features Of A Clubhouse

It is important to understand the significant features available within the clubhouse application. This helps you in determining the podcast and making appropriate arrangements for topics, descriptions, and speakers. The important components developed within the clubhouse are briefly explained below:


Clubs are the core content of the clubhouse as it is based on the title/ topic, brand, or commerce as a theme for your room. There are sessions and series like those explored as weekly events or meetings in the established institution, organization, or society. The major categories of clubs available in the clubhouse are listed below:

  • Life
  • Sports
  • Faith
  • Wellness
  • Hanging Out
  • Hustle
  • Identity and much more


Unlike the detailed profile on other social networking sites, the clubhouse profile is precise and modest. You just need to set a profile picture, and add a bio, and Instagram, and Twitter links. It shows the clubs you follow, and your followers can see the nominations you received while joining the clubhouse. In addition, users can know when you joined the clubhouse, your followers’ list, and the ones you follow. 


Rooms are designated spaces with moderators, speakers, and listeners. The clubhouse offers a lot of rooms to new users. First, you need to set your preference and themes like what you find interesting. This could be arts, literature, music, share market, and so on. Then, you get to see rooms that talk about your interest in the recommendation. 

The room can organize different topics as determined by the moderators, the speakers talk, and the listeners hear and can raise a hand to add to the conversation. The setup is just like a regular event with no physical presence and video mode. There are different rooms in the clubhouse with an upper limit of 5000 users in a room. 

Open Room

The open room is open to any users on the clubhouse application. In addition, in addition, this room usually hosts public discussions. 

Social Room

The social room is available only to the one who follows you. Adding other people as the moderator will help you to increase listeners in a social room. 

Closed Room

The closed room is open to those who you invited to join. You can change this room to an open or social anytime you want. 

Welcome Room

This is an immediate room you can get in after you sign up. This sends a notification to your friends, and you can have a private conversion with limited to people like a private room. If you want o increase the number of people, you can open it to the public anytime you want. 

However, you can create secondary rooms and stream them with the main audio from the room. Elon Musk adds this feature in the clubhouse, available only in certain regions. 

What Is A Clubhouse Podcast Description?

The clubhouse podcast description is a summary of what is going on inside the room. As the podcast can be instant or scheduled, description helps listeners to ascertain whether they meet their interests or not. In addition, the clubhouse description helps the moderators to attract the targeted audience and invite them to a productive discussion. The description can be circulated through other social networking sites as well.  Hence, the engaging description leads to a massive crowd of listeners, and the untimely or humdrum explanation can also demotivate the speakers. 

Why Write A Perfect Clubhouse Podcast Description?

A Perfect Clubhouse Podcast Description is the first thing your viewers see on the clubhouse to know about the event. This can be an attraction through various other networking platforms as well. Therefore, the description helps them determine whether to join or school. Some of the significant importance of a perfect clubhouse podcast description is as follows:

Displays The Podcast Summary

It is not possible to summarise everything before the event. But, you can help the listeners picture the event based on the main attractions through the podcast description. So, a realistic portrayal would make genuine expectations, and the audience leaves the session on an optimistic note. 

Attracts the listeners to the room 

A description includes the significant categories of interest available in the clubhouse; it is searchable and easy to navigate through. This appears n the relevant hallway and reaches the people you have invited so far. Therefore, meaningful circulation is possible only with a perfect clubhouse podcast description. 

Allows listeners to weigh the importance

When we include the major categories and speakers or the guests in the description, they can determine how worthy the session is. For example, a gynecologist cannot counsel mentally disturbed people better than psychiatrists. Thus, clarifying the session with quick highlights in the description guides the listeners. 

Raises expectations of the listeners 

Revealing everything initially might sound impracticable, but you need to avoid suspense when it comes to podcasts. Then, of course, the schedule or the resource person can add expectations, but the description should be clear enough to invite them to the podcast in the first place. 

Provision to edit as per the direction of the conversation

We can’t predict all about the podcast before it happens. So, we need to have an itinerary but a safe side as well. For this, the description is in an editable mode, which means one can quickly replace the foreseen changes. This avoids the flow of unwanted information or misinterpretation. 

7 Step process To Write A Perfect Clubhouse Podcast Description

Step 1: Summarize/ Outline The Highlights of The Podcast

Just like the saying goes,” Hit the Nail, on the Head, never miss out on the exciting pieces of stuff in the highlight or think about keeping it suspense. Every Podcast has something interesting to share with people. The highlights attract people to the podcast as it helps them determine whether this meets their interests or not. 

Step 2: Select Appropriate Template

The users indeed like a minimalistic and apparent template instead of a fascinating one. Make sure you focus on the podcast instead of trying to lure the audience, as this helps you extend your podcats family instead of adding disappointment. So, choose a wise, simple, and complete template and reveal the fascinating facts as the highlights of the podcast. 

Step 3: Start Description With A Saying Or A Proverb

We cannot deny that monotonous texts are boring to study, but proverbs add to what the moderators are trying to explain. So, choose an appropriate saying while describing your podcast. As our minds remember pictures more than words, a proverb grabs attention more than a detailed explanation. You could relate it to the topic of your podcast.

For example, “Music is the wine that fills up the cup of silence” for a musical night. 

Step 4: Give A Short Introduction To The Podcast

Here, you need to explain what is happening in the podcast. For instance, you can define the genre for a musical podcast, the ongoing debates between media persons, and much more. Be sure you’re able to connect with the people, situation, and speakers through your podcast. 

Step 5: Reveal The Speakers, Date, And Time 

Speakers, dates, and times are the main details readers look for in the podcast description. Therefore, add a different name of the speaker and their forte precisely. This guides the users to know the speakers well, date and time based on different time zones if you target the listeners from multiple places. 

Step 6: Give The Registration Details

In the case of a private room or a paid session, you look for the details of the people who are trying to connect in the podcast. This is the best step to add up the information, including payment, if you have this criterion. You can add a link, or form to the registration details or directly mention them here. Even a “free entry” as a  shoutout could make the users engage in the podcast. 

Step 7: End With A Positive Note and Welcoming Message  

A positive note at the end would add reflect the welcoming gestures of the moderators. This is a sweet welcome to the one who is planning to be in the podcast. This also acts as an assurance to have a session as a worth it one because no one wants a dull conclusion or ending, be it a session, program, or podcast. 

What Are The Things To Consider While Writing The Clubhouse Podcast Description?

Here is a quick guideline that helps you to add a detailed description for podcasts on the clubhouse.

Know your audience

You need to decide the age groups or faculty-based people you’ve targeted for the session. This helps you with the vocabulary level and the session timing to have multiple listeners available. 

Know the word limit

A long, detailed description does not create big pictures in the mind of readers. But, on the other hand, a precise, quick-to-go-through will guide them to decide whether it falls within their interest or not. So, make your description a quick peek at what’s happening in the podcast.

Add a short and accessible title.

A title is the first thing an individual sees. The precise one can be easy to understand, and the interested ones move further with no delay to know about the podcast surface. 

Bite-sized information, as a summary

To raise the readers ‘ curiosity, this needs to be about the podcast, like who the speaker is and the core discussions. 

Add directions, not opinions.

You can then add registration details or quick booking information. However, the organizer explaining more about the event might not be practical as it depends on the observer to determine its influence. 

Sum up the series of activities

If the podcast is a plan or a futuristic project, you can narrate the series of activities related to the podcast or the upcoming episodes. 

A sweet ending note

An ending with a positive message always inspires the readers to know about it. So, you can welcome them or end the description on an optimistic note. 

Note: Make sure you include major categories like life, sports, music, and so on to make it searchable. 

How To Enhance The Podcast Through Clubhouse?

The clubhouse can help you leverage your podcast that goes on through different sites or the clubhouse itself. Here are some simple directions to amplify your podcats through the clubhouse:

Explore the platform

Be innovative, search for unexplored topics and invite new guests to the podcast. This raises curiosity to learn within the people. Try bringing great speakers for untouched issues so that you can fill in the blank space within the world of podcasts. This helps users to explore new faces, understand new ones, and interact with genuine people around the globe. 

Know The Trend

As we know, the digital market comes up with accessible and easy innovations every day. However, the top-notch of the day might not be an exciting topic for tomorrow. Thus, you need to know what is trending and conduct the sessions accordingly. This holds your listeners in the long run.

Follow up episodes

A daily interaction encourages people to speak. The individuals who preferred to be on mute on the first day felt comfortable sharing their verdict on the second day. Similarly, this is a mass motivation in the long run for a clear understanding of the topic and discussions and engaging interactions.  

Allow Live Interaction

Speakers can be audible and evident only when the audience pays due attention to what has been said. There are queries, confusion, and clarification in between that must be settled is called the session a successful one. This is why you can conduct a session to ask them anything to encourage interaction in the sessions conducted in the clubhouse as a podcast. 

Moderators can gear up the live interaction through frequent access to mike for the listeners to engage, instead of monotonous lectures. Provide the listeners an opportunity to be a part of it to extend your family, which helps you to foster in multiple sectors.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Podcast Different From The Clubhouse Podcast?

A podcast can be scripted, but the clubhouse podcast is live streaming which means it gets directly to the listeners within the room. 

Can We Have Records Of Clubhouse Podcasts?

No, you cannot record the conversation directly from the clubhouse. Further, it does not show any subtitles. 


Therefore, a perfect clubhouse podcast description helps you reach the targeted audience and extend your podcast family. Moreover, you can further take it to online meetings or projects in the long run. The family can be opened with the presence of like-minded people bonded through the clubhouse podcasts. 

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