How To Cancel Crunch Gym Membership | 2022 Guide

How To Cancel Crunch Gym Membership

As we know that the individual focuses on their well-being, health, and fitness, Crunch Gym accommodates positivity, inclusivity, and fun for their customers. With a chain of fitness clubs expanding its reach within American regions, Crunch Gym welcomes every individual with experts supervising you and the training session for your fitness. It offers three tiers of services as a base, peak, and peak results with affordable price ranges. 

In addition to this, Crunch fitness has more than 300 locations, whereas you can enroll in crunch signatures reachable in 30 locations nationwide. Your target is categorized to provoke you to work hard and making the availability of required equipment. You can go for a trial before joining the gym and end anytime you feel like it. Nevertheless, here is a guideline to cancel your Crunch Gym Membership using their website:

  1.  First, Navigate to the Crunch Gym Contact Page through any web browser.
  2. Then, Select “Contact a Crunch Gym.”
  3.  Next, proceed to your home gym location.
  4. After that, Request them to cancel your membership in the “Message” section and tick mark on “Others” if the specified information does not fall within your objective of contacting them.
  5. Finally, provide the necessary credentials to end your membership and click on “Submit.” 

Note: You can ask for confirmation through desired mediums like mail, letter, or a phone call from Crunch gym. 

Features of Crunch Gym To Consider Before Cancelling Membership

Crunch Gym is one of the top gyms which is gaining priority for its distinct aim of welcoming you with no reference to your appearance or expectations. It works for what you are willing to reach some point in your fitness journey. Some of the unique features of Crunch Gym are as follows:

  • Multiple and accessible locations
  • Categorized service centers like Crunch Gym and Crunch Signature
  • Availability of essential equipment for a full-body workout
  • Appreciable cleanliness
  • Presence of experts and instructors 
  • Accessible mobile applications
  • Child Care or Kids’ Crunch 
  • Approachable Services like personal training
  • Variations of classes based on Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, Kickboxing, HIIT
  • Accessible Bodyweight Circuits
  • Saunas/ Pools 

Crunch Gym Cancellation Policies

The terms and conditions of Crunch Gym mention the agreement made, age restrictions, starting date, membership card, and membership type. It displays the fixed term of an agreement made as 12 months or a year. “Cooling Off period” shows you the conditions for canceling your membership. The policies vary from your membership type, and it affects your provisions of refund. You can find more about cancellation policies at

How To Cancel Crunch Gym Membership Temporarily (Freeze)?

You will end the membership when you cancel, but when you freeze your membership, you can use them once the situation becomes convenient for you to visit the gym. Moreover, freezing your account allows you to postpone the services without actually ending them. You can freeze your membership through the following mediums:


You can draft a letter including your full name, email address, contact details, and membership details. Send it to the address of your home Crunch Gym. You can find the details through the website itself. 


You can send an email to the concerned authority to cancel your Crunch Gym temporarily. Place “Request to Freeze your membership” as the subject of the mail. You need to mention your personal information and membership details clearly in the email and mail it to the gym address. You can find the details through the website

Also, you can ask for a confirmation from Crunch Gym to ensure that your account is frozen with clear dates. 

How To Cancel Crunch Gym Membership Online?

Meanwhile, here is a list of online procedures you can use to cancel your Crunch Gym Membership. All you need is a stable internet connection and reference to the contract, agreement, or paperwork with Crunch Gym at the time of joining the gym.

How To Cancel Crunch Gym Membership Through Contact Form?

Contact form is quick and easy access which you can use for canceling Crunch Gym Membership. It asks for limited information and ensures a follow up which is perfect for your busy schedule. You can work according to the following step-by-step guidelines to cancel Crunch Gym membership:

  1. First, Open their website through any browser and go to their contact page.
  2. You can find a contact section on the bottom right side of the screen within their site. 
  3. Then, select “Contact Form.” 
  4. Next, fill in the required details as a message, your location, and ask for your Crunch Gym membership cancellation.  
  5. Finally, click on “Submit” after giving the details and feedback ( in case you feel like it).

Note: The authority will get back to you. If not, you may make a follow-up and ensure that they are carrying out the procedure for the cancellation of your Crunch Gym membership.

How To Cancel Crunch Gym Membership Through Email?

You can send an email to home Crunch Gym and cancel your membership as guided below:

  1. First of all, go to the Crunch website and extract information about the Crunch Gym location you’ve been visiting. 
  2. Then, note down the email address.
  3. Next, go to any mailing platform like Gmail, Yahoo and click on “Compose.”
  4. After that, place the extracted mailing address or ”” as the receiver.
  5. Then, place “Request for canceling membership” as the subject of your mail.
  6. After that, mention your membership details like member number, full name, billing address, address of home Crunch Gym, signature.
    Add the pieces of identifying information like the last four digits of your driver’s license, the last four digits of the account number, and the date of birth.
    You can review the contract or agreement paperwork made prior to Crunch gym and send the verified information. 
  7. Finally, click on “Send.” 

Besides, you can ask for a confirmation mail for your further reference. 

How To Cancel Crunch Gym Membership Offline?

Notwithstanding that the online procedures are not practical in the absence of the internet, you can try the following mediums to cancel your Crunch Gym Membership. These are accessible, and you can quickly start the process using the appropriate guidelines. 

How To Cancel Crunch Gym Membership Over Phone?

You can make a phone call from any palace within their working hours. You can follow the procedures mentioned here if you feel like canceling your membership over the phone:

  1. First, dial 1-866-428-664 (use the country/regional code if necessary) 
  2. Then, enter the same number you are calling from if they ask you for the number.
  3. Next, request customer care to cancel your Crunch Gym Membership.
  4. After that, give them a confirmation of your identity and the account number.
    You can give them your personal information if you don’t have or know the account number at the moment. 
  5. Finally, they’ll cancel your membership at the end of the verification. They will let you know about the cancellation fees, which is a must as stated in the policy of the Crunch gym membership. 

Note: You can ask for a confirmation to ensure that they’ve canceled your membership through a preferred medium like email or phone call. The representative will guide regarding the liable fees and dues to clear before ending the membership officially. 

How To Cancel Crunch Gym Membership By Visiting Crunch Gym Location?

As we tend to work out regularly, you can pay a visit to the Gym and talk about the cancellation procedure; here is a guideline if you want to cancel Crunch Gym Membership in person:

  1. First, Visit a nearby Crunch Gym.
    You can know the closest club using the location option available on their website.
  2. Then, request a representative available there for the cancelation of your account/ membership.
  3. Finally, give them the necessary information as asked by the representative.
    You can review your Crunch Gym Membership related contracts and paperwork to verify the information. 

Note: You can ask for proof of cancellation for your further reference during the cancellation procedures itself.  

Possible Hurdles While Cancelling Crunch Gym Membership

Ironically, one of the main hurdles is the policy of canceling the membership only after a year. In case you want to cancel this in between, you are liable to pay the early termination fee, which is about $200. We suggest you complete the billing year to save the amount because they will not waive the administrative fees for early termination at any cost. 

Will Crunch Gym Prorate The Cancellation?

Indeed. Crunch Gym has a provision of prorating for cancellation made. You need to pay an early termination fee of $200 if you do it before the end of every billing cycle. You can wait for the end of membership if the refund is worth it instead of paying the administrative fee. 

Drawbacks Of Crunch Gym Membership

Here is a list of few common grounds for canceling Crunch Gym Membership:

  • Massive equipment 
  • Presence of a massive number of people
  • The congested area due to the crowd
  • Untimely services and late response 

Alternatives of Crunch Gym

Even so, you have canceled Crunch Gym Membership; you can join any of the following fitness centers after canceling the Membership:

Pure Barre

With 500 fitness clubs and gyms in North America, Pure Barre has been one of the leading fitness centers in this fitness era. They are flexible with their offered schedules and provide you unique services like ballet-style workouts. In addition, you can shape your fitness goal within “Pure Barre” or “Pure reform.” 

Know more about Pure Barre at 

XSport Fitness 

XSport is one of the top fitness club chains available in the American regions like New York, Washington D.C., and Chicago. It provides you flexible membership offers like group classes, cardio training, personal training sessions, and grooming sessions relating to Yoga, Ride, Zumba, and so on. 

Know more about  XSport Fitness at

Fitness Trainer

Fitness Trainer is a reachable platform to find a local personal trainer. They organize a customized session where you can switch to a healthy lifestyle and fit body in the presence of a close supervisor. All you need to do is search and sign up with applied conditions. 

Know more about Fitness Trainer at

24 hours fitness

24 hours fitness is available in 400 different locations and 13 different states. They are considered well equipped and hygienic gym with accessible saunas/pools, steam rooms, turf zones, and grooming classes like Yoga, Zumba, Ride, and much more.   

Know more about 24 hours Fitness at

Life Time Fitness

Life Time Fitness is a perfect hub for spacious gym classes, experts instructions, and flexible exercise schedules. They offer you a digital club as well and several other recreational factors to motivate you to improvise and excel in your fitness journey. 

Know more about Life Time Fitness at

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I freeze my membership?

You can contact your Crunch Gym location online to freeze your membership. 

How to register for a free trial at Crunch Gym?

You can apply for a complimentary guest pass using the link or going through the website. 

Do we have extra charges besides the yearly membership cost at Crunch Gym?

Yes, they charge you an annual fee as an investment for equipment, maintenance, and upgrades at the location you visit. 

Is there a separate membership for Signature locations?

Yes, the membership cost for Signature locations is higher because of the well-equipped facilities there. 

Is There A Provision For Auto-renewals?

You need to validate the payment method before accessing their free trial service, as shown in Crunch live. You need to be quick and cancel the Crunch live if you don’t want a membership. This will save you from paying the monthly fee. 

How can I detect Crunch Gym charges on my credit card statement?

The billing or the added charges look like the one shown below on your credit card statement or bank statement:
CRUNCH303 200-475-8546 CA


Thus, there are multiple ways to cancel your Crunch Gym Membership. You can choose any one option and make sure you are making a timely notification (at least 30 days before the date you are leaving the gym). 

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