MeetMe Error: Not Being Able To Login At This Time

MeetMe Error

Online chatting is so much fun and enjoyable for everyone. In fact, people love the experience they have when it comes to this. Among the many online chatting platforms, MeetMe, especially when it comes to meeting new people, is one of the best in the market.

MeetMe is a simple yet fascinating app when it comes to social interaction. However, people often face issues while attempting to login into their MeetMe account. Most people do not have any idea about the reasons behind this issue. If you’re having similar problems on MeetMe, then you’re about to find out some possible solutions in this article.

About MeetMe

MeetMe application is basically an online platform where you can meet new people and make connections. The keyword “MeetMe” itself defines the app, which is you could meet your match. It is an online dating and entertainment app mostly popular among teenagers.

MeetMe allows users to connect and chat with new people, just like on Facebook. People can search for the partner and get to know each other through this app. It connects strangers and helps them find their potential dates.

In this application, once you’re logged in, you can freely interact with anyone you are interested in. You need to be above 13 years of age to have a MeetMe account. Besides talking to people, you can also play online games on this app.

MeetMe uses geolocation for its users to meet and talk to each other. It displays the chat options by dividing the people in an area with their specified age. This is how you get to learn about other people and pick them by choice.

Login Errors That Occur On MeetMe

Login errors often appear on MeetMe in not just one but many ways. Some of these common errors that happen in this app are as follows:

  • Unable to login from your Facebook account.
  • Invalid login error, even when you enter the correct information.
  • You get the information that your account has been deleted.
  • Unable to login, even after you changed your password.
  • The app still doesn’t work after you have verified your account.
  • Unable to log in to your new account after removing the previous one.

Reasons For Not Being Able To Login On MeetMe

The above login errors on MeetMe usually occur to you as “Based on the information you have provided, you may not be able to log in at this time.” There are multiple reasons behind this circumstance on MeetMe. In the following, I have listed some of the possible causes of this error:

  • Your account has been removed or blocked by MeetMe. This can happen because of certain activities that MeetMe may find suspicious on your account.
  • Your IP address has been blocked by MeetMe. This also happens because of the same reason as above.
  • When you create and login to a new second account, you may face the same invalid login issues again. This happens because you used the same information from your old account, which may include the same profile data and IP addresses. If your old account was removed or its IP address was blocked by MeetMe, then this could be the reason why your new account isn’t working.
  • If you use a web browser to login to MeetMe, then there might be a problem with your device’s web browser.
  • In some cases, the MeetMe application in your device also malfunctions, which leads to similar login errors.

Possible Solutions To Solve Login Issues On MeetMe

Since you have learned about the reasons behind login issues on MeetMe, now it’s time to look at their possible solutions:

Reinstall The App

Simply reinstalling the MeetMe app is the easiest solution to this issue. First, you have to “Force Stop” the app and then clear all cache and data related to it from your device. Now you can uninstall the app properly.

Before you install MeetMe again, restart your device at once. Then download and install the app from PlayStore. Finally, try logging into your MeetMe account to make sure it works.

Reset IP Address

In cases when MeetMe has blocked your IP address, you should try resetting it into a new one. For this, simply turn off your router and disconnect it for a while. Also, close the MeetMe app while doing this.

Now turn on your router and then the app as well. Doing this will give you a new IP address and solve the login issue. Note that this solution only works if you are not using the internet connection with a static IP address.

Open New Account

Another way to get rid of such login errors is by creating a new MeetMe account. This is the most obvious solution you will think of if your account was deleted or blocked. However, there are certain things you need to be aware of while doing this.

You need to have a new email address to register for a new MeetMe account. Also, consider resetting the IP address while making the new account. This is because MeetMe doesn’t allow you to have a second account with the same information as your previous account, in case your profile or IP was blocked by them.

Meanwhile, if you’re using the MeetMe app, you can reinstall it before creating a new account. In case you deleted your old account, try giving some time to MeetMe, so that their user database gets updated and you can register into MeetMe once again.

Remove Recent Updates

Sometimes, the login error on MeetMe occurs after the app is recently updated. In this case, try removing the current updates from the app and use its earlier version. You may not get to enjoy the new features, but your login error can be fixed in this way.

Get Original App

If you download the MeetMe app from an unknown source, I’d suggest you uninstall the app and delete all related files along with it. Then, install the original app from official sites such as Google PlayStore or iOS AppStore. Downloading from these original sites can keep your account and device safe.

Check Your Login Information

In some instances, people make silly mistakes while logging into their accounts. They accidentally enter the wrong email or password to login into their account, which is why they’re unable to complete the login. Therefore, make sure that you entered the correct information before getting easily confused as a login issue.

Manage Your Browser

There might be a problem with your web browser if you use your PC to log in to your account. For this, you can change your browser to login to the website through Facebook. Likewise, if you don’t want to change your browser, then try resetting the settings of your current browser. However, you will lose all the browser’s data if you reset it.

Contact MeetMe Support

If none of the above solutions work for you, then I’d recommend you to contact the MeetMe developers. You can contact them through email using their support address MeetMe has already given their word to help their users with verification and password issues.

You must disclose your name and registered email of your app. Then you must clearly state your problem with your account’s verification, or login, or password, or other errors. The MeetMe team will reply to you with a reliable and appropriate solution.

Possible Risks Of Using MeetMe

Being an online platform, there are definitely some risks that come with using MeetMe. This app was openly developed for users to create new friends, find people with similar interests, and develop relations. Such features especially attract teenagers among other people.

Thus, every user needs to know about the probable danger of MeetMe. I find this information necessary because being aware of the risks can help you to prevent them from ever happening to yourself. Here are some possible risks of using the MeetMe app:

  • MeetMe lacks a privacy setting feature. This means whatever information you update on your profile is easily visible to anyone, including people who are not added to your account. The app also encourages you to share your personal information to build a better connection with others. But, this can turn things up a whole other way.
  • MeetMe requires its users to be at least 13 years of age. But there is no definite way of verifying the user’s age. Hence, you may think that you’re interacting with a person of your similar age, but actually, they may turn out to be about twice their specified age.
  • Hackers and online predators easily make their way on online platforms like this. Thus, teenagers who have less or no idea about such conditions become prone to these kinds of dangers.
  • Talking to strangers sounds a bit uncomfortable. It’s interesting when you find new friends and real ones to talk to. On the contrary, the other person you’re talking to might be deceiving you to take advantage of you, such as in terms of money, your information, or other harmful acts.


With a huge number of people using it around the world, MeetMe has already become quite a popular app. If you are also a user of this app and you’re facing similar login problems, I hope you found a promising solution for it. I have mentioned multiple solutions that I can reassure you will fix the login error issues. If none of those options worked out for you, them contacting MeetMe support will surely help you in this.

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