5 Ways To Download Or Record Audio In Clubhouse

Clubhouse app is an invite-only audio app that lets you hear different speaking sessions while you join different rooms. The clubhouse is like a podcast app that you don’t have to pay for. You can have fun conversations, share your depressing stories, cherish your happy moments, discuss your life plans, talk about sports, politics, give and take startup advice, and many more. 

The Clubhouse rooms are really interesting, but the major turn-off is that you can’t really download the audio on Clubhouse and save it for later. You can hear a session in real-time only. 

Additionally, Clubhouse has a very strict policy regarding the recording of audio of the rooms. Clubhouse gives you a timely warning as a reminder to not record any audio without the speaker’s consent.

However, I have discovered some loopholes that you could use to record Clubhouse audio and save it for the future. 

You can record Clubhouse audio for later by using the built-in Screen Recorder of your phone, by using the sound path, using another device, and using a third-party application. These methods are described in detail below. 

Note: This article does not encourage anyone to violate Clubhouse rules as it may lead to a serious criminal offense if done abruptly.

Can I Download A Clubhouse Audio For Later?

There is no feature that lets you download audio in Clubhouse whatsoever.

Forget about the downloading feature; Clubhouse strictly mentions that recording the Clubhouse audio goes against their community guidelines.

So, I don’t think Clubhouse will launch the audio downloading feature in the future.

What is the alternative for downloading audio from Clubhouse? Recording it, of course.

But, the thing is, recording audio of a CH room is illegal only when you do it without permission.

As long as you ask for permission to record the audio in the room, you are good.

How To Record Audio For Later In Clubhouse?

You cannot download audio from Clubhouse, but that does not mean you won’t be able to hear the audio by any means. You can record any audio of Clubhouse and listen to it later. There are multiple methods you can use to record audio for later in Clubhouse.

Let’s discuss these methods in detail below:

Voice Memos Or Voice Recorder

If you want to record Clubhouse audio without letting anyone know and you are an iOS user, using Voice Memo can be the best option for you. You don’t need to worry if you are an Android user though. You can also use your device’s Voice Recorder. Even the Clubhouse app would not figure out that you have been recording the audio if you use Voice Memos or a Voice Recorder.

No, you don’t need to ask for permission to record the audio from moderators or the speakers. Why ask when they won’t have the slightest idea of you recording audio in the CH room?

While using Voice Memos or a Voice Recorder to record Clubhouse audio, you need to consider that the voice quality might not meet your expectations. Anyway, something is better than having nothing, isn’t it?

To record audio from the Clubhouse app using Voice Memos or Voice Recorder, follow these steps:

  1. Open the “Clubhouse” app on your phone and log in if you haven’t already.
  2. From the Home Page of the Clubhouse, join the room you wish to record.
    Clubhouse Room
  3. Open “Voice Memos” or “Voice Recorder” depending upon the spare device you are using.
    Clubhouse Audio Record Using Voice Recorder
  4. You will see a record button at the lower part of your screen. Tap the button to start recording the audio.
    Clubhouse Audio Record 1
  5. Once you are done recording, tap the “Stop Catch” to finish your recording. You can also pause the recording by tapping the same big fat button on the center of your screen if you don’t see the “Stop Catch” option on your device.
    Clubhouse Audio Record 2

You will be able to hear the recorded sound any time you want now. Also, you can share this audio with someone or email without letting Clubhouse know. 

Recording Clubhouse Audio On iOS

You can use the default screen recorder of the iOS device to record audio of the Clubhouse room too. Let’s look at how you can record audio on Clubhouse using a screen recorder on iOS devices below:

  1. First of all, go to the “Settings” and add “Screen Recording” to the Control Center from your Settings Menu.
  2. Then, launch the Clubhouse app on your iOS device.
  3. Open the Control Center on your device by swiping up from the bottom of your screen.
  4. Start recording the Clubhouse audio by tapping on the “Screen Record” button.
  5. Once you are enough of the recording, stop the recording from the control panel. Your recordings will be saved in your photo library.

Can’t See The Screen Recording Icon?

Sometimes, you may not find the screen recording icon on iOS. If you find yourself in this situation, firstly, check out if you are using the latest version of iOS. Try refreshing your OS too. If that still doesn’t work for you, follow these steps given below:

  1. Open Settings on your iOS and tap “Control Center.”
  2. Swipe down to find “Screen Recording” and once you do, tap the “+” button beside the icon.

Hopefully, you will see the “Screen Recording” option and be able to record the screen now.

Using Screen Recorder On Android 

Both the Android and iOS device comes with an inbuilt screen recording feature these days. In this section, I am going to talk about how you can record the Clubhouse audio using a Screen recorder on Android devices. 

Follow these processes given below:

Note: The process for recording screen on Android and iOS devices are similar. So, I have used Android’s pictures for reference:

  1. Launch the Clubhouse app on your device and log in to your Clubhouse account if necessary.
  2. Join a room at Clubhouse.
    Clubhouse Room
  3. Pull down the settings panel of your device and tap the “Screen Record” option to start recording audio in the Clubhouse room.
    Clubhouse Audio Record
  4. Stop the recording once you are done. You will find the recording in the Gallery of your device.

Making A Sound Path

If you don’t like things easy and wanna go the hard way, I have an option for you too. Let’s try it shall we?

As weird as it may sound, this is an approach to make a sound path using an earphone jack.

No, I am not being crazy, and this actually works. Trust me, I was shocked when I heard about this too. I tried this crazy technique and became successful. Let me share the technique and help you guys as well.

I guess you have an earphone jack (Sorry for those who use the latest iPhones that don’t support the head jacks.) What you need to do is, use the earphone’s jack to course the telephone’s yield to another outside recorder so that it will be able to record the sound playing on your phone. 

Try this if you are willing to accept some challenges. Who knows this could be the story that you will share with your grandkids someday?

Using Another Device

The simplest, safest, and easiest way to record sound from the Clubhouse room is using another device. Just get a spare phone you have or lend someone’s phone to record the sound you are willing to. For better sound quality, record it in the silent room. 

The quality you get may be slightly low, but this is your go-to technique if you want to play it safe. A little adjustment is better than getting sued anyway.

Using A Third Party Sound Recorder

If your device does not come with an inbuilt screen recorder or the screen recorder on your device doesn’t work anymore, you can use the third-party screen recording applications to record audio in a Clubhouse room.

I have mentioned the top picks for you.

  1. AZ Screen Recorder
  2. ADV Screen Recorder
  3. Super Screen Recorder

Is It Legal To Record The Audio In Clubhouse?

Why do you think Clubhouse sends you a warning notification while you try to record audio in a CH room? If you are still not being able to figure it out, it’s because Clubhouse considers recording audio illegal. You can record the audio only when the speaker permits you to do so. Recording someone’s audio without their consent goes completely against the Clubhouse Guidelines.

Let me put forward the Clubhouse guide to you.

We prohibit the transcribing, recording, or otherwise reproducing, manipulating, and/or sharing of information (e.g., audio or screen recording) obtained in Clubhouse, without the express authorization/permission of Clubhouse and all users that originated this content.

–Clubhouse Community Guidelines

I hope you got a clearer vision now.

Will They Know If I Record Audio In A Room?

Clubhouse is way smarter than you think. Though the app is still in its beta phase and has a lot of features to fix, Clubhouse is very sensitive when it comes to the recordings. Clubhouse instantly detects when someone is recording audio in a Clubhouse room. You will get a red warning notification from Clubhouse as soon as you start recording audio in a Clubhouse room. 

You will see something like “Heads Up – Sharing Recording without the speaker’s permission violates the Community Guidelines and will result in suspension. Thx!”

It’s clear that Clubhouse knows when you record audio in a room. 

But the good news is, Clubhouse barely detects you if you are recording the audio using an Android device. Clubhouse may fix the glitch in the future, but till then, have fun Android users!

Can I Download Audio Of Private Rooms

The rules for all the rooms in Clubhouse are the same. There is no feature that lets you download audio of a private or a closed room in the Clubhouse. You are not safe from the Clubhouse ethics if you record audio in Clubhouse closed room either.

You will still have to ask the speaker/moderator for permission before recording their audio. Clubhouse still sends you a warning notification if you try to record audio in a private room, and the chances of your account getting permanently deleted are still the same in private rooms.

I guess you are familiar with the moderators in a Clubhouse room if you have joined a private room. Asking permission is going to be easy and not so awkward if you know the person in real life. So, what I recommend you is not to take the risk. Ask for permission before you begin recording or just simply use another device.

What Happens If I Screen Record On Clubhouse?

Clubhouse does not let you record audio from any room, be it a public or a private one. If Clubhouse detects that you have been recording the audio, it sends you a warning on your screen that lasts for few seconds. Clubhouse may block your account if somebody reports you for recording the audio.

So, if you want to play it safe, don’t forget to ask for the permissions of the speakers/ moderators in the room before you begin recording audio on Clubhouse.

Can Recording A Clubhouse Session Be Advantageous?

Most of the clubs in Clubhouse host productive sessions. Clubhouse is like a growing free podcast app that covers almost all the topics like finance, health, entertainment, entrepreneurship, digital marketing, books, film making, startups, and so on. Clubhouse has been like a mainstream of knowledge these days. 

While you switch from room to room on Clubhouse, you might end up in a room that you wish you could record and hear in the future as well. Rooms might cover some extremely helpful and important topics that are very much needed for your future. I know the human brain cannot recall everything we hear. Taking notes of each point while a person is speaking does not seem to be possible either. In such cases, recording the audio would make your work way easier as well as efficient. You will be able to listen to the audio infinite times any time you want in the future. I guess that’s really cool, isn’t it?

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Does Clubhouse Record Audio Of Clubhouse Room? 

Clubhouse has revealed that it saves the recordings of a Clubhouse room shortly. For the times when someone reports an ill activity on Clubhouse, the Team needs to check if anyone has gone against the Clubhouse norms or not. Clubhouse claims to save the audio for that particular reason.

Clubhouse deletes the recordings shortly after the room ends. So, you dont have to worry about privacy much. Clubhouse values you and respects your privacy.

Can You Listen To Old Rooms On Clubhouse Online?


Clubhouse is an invite-only audio application that lets you listen to the real-time session only. You cannot listen to older rooms after they have ended. 

Set a reminder to join a room if you don’t want to miss out on anything.


I hope you can now record audio on Clubhouse for later. Recording Clubhouse conversation without the permission of the speaker may lead you to a serious offense, so try not doing it unless it’s really necessary. 

I personally use the screen recorder of my device, what’s your preference? Do let me know in the comment action. I would love to hear your reviews as well.

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