How to Add Your Twitter Profile to Clubhouse App?

How to Add Your Twitter Profile to Clubhouse App?

Clubhouse app is an invitation-only social networking platform that was available just for iOS users a few years back. But now, every Android and iOS user can use the Clubhouse App across the globe. With the hype of audio-based social networking platforms, Clubhouse users are increasing day by day. However, many users still don’t know that we can link Twitter profiles to the Clubhouse app. If you also don’t know how to link your Twitter profile to the Clubhouse App, this article can surely guide you.

First of all, you need to have a Twitter account. Adding a Twitter profile to the Clubhouse App is not as tough as it seems to be for some people. To do this:

  1.  Open “Clubhouse,” then go to “Profile Icon.”
  2.  Tap on the “Add Twitter” icon and fill up Twitter login credentials.
  3.  Wait for a while, and your Twitter account will be linked successfully to the Clubhouse app.

I have explained all the necessary procedures and information related to how to add a Twitter profile to your clubhouse account in this article. By the time you finish reading this article, you can add Twitter to your Clubhouse account within minutes. So, without any delay, let’s get going.

How to Link Twitter account to Clubhouse App?

The clubhouse now allows users to add both Facebook and Twitter to its app since 21st May 2021. Many people still don’t know that we can link our Twitter account to the Clubhouse app. The procedure is relatively easy once you understand how it can be done. You can just follow the simple steps mentioned below to link your Twitter account with Clubhouse.

  1. Launch the Clubhouse app and Tap on your profile picture.
    Note: You can find your profile picture in the top-right corner of the Clubhouse home screen.
    Profile Icon
  2. Now, tap the “Add Twitter” option. 
    Twitter Icon
  3. Enter your login credentials for the Twitter profile you want to connect Clubhouse with, and then press on the “Log In” option.
    Note: If you have already installed Twitter Application, your device will show a message “Clubhouse” wants to open “Twitter,” and if not, it will redirect you via the default browser.
    For linking Twitter
  4. After the login credential details have been accepted, tap on “Allow”, now your Twitter profile will be successfully linked to Clubhouse within a few seconds.

Ways to Fix Cannot Link Twitter Profile to Clubhouse

By the time you apply the above-mentioned steps, you should have successfully connected your Twitter account to Clubhouse.  However, if you are still struggling with this, you have to try a few more ways. I have given different ways by which you can fix the issue. Let’s have a closer look. 

Revoke Access and Try Again: Twitter

If you are having trouble linking your Twitter account to Clubhouse, the reason may be Twitter data had corrupted while you were trying to link your profile. To fix this, you have to revoke the access of Clubhouse to your Twitter account and try adding it again. Check out the steps below to revoke the access of Clubhouse to your Twitter account: 

  1. Open Twitter on your device and swipe the screen to the right (Redirect to the side menu). 
  2. On the menu, tap on the “Setting and Privacy” button.
  3. Now, open the Account tab and tap on Apps and Sessions.
  4. Inside Apps and Sessions, tap on Connected Apps. 
  5.  From the list of connected apps you get, open the Clubhouse App. 
  6. Finally, tap on “Revoke Access” and apply the prompts to complete the process. 

Once you have completed the above steps, try reconnecting your Twitter account to Clubhouse to check if the problem is solved.

Check Clubhouse Server

Sometimes you cannot add your Twitter profile to Clubhouse due to the server down of the Clubhouse app. The clubhouse is still in its beta phase, so server downtimes happen anytime. If you face any problem with Clubhouse, first check its servers’ status and see if it’s currently down or not. 

To catch up with Clubhouse updates, you can simply go to Clubhouse’s official Twitter account. And if Clubhouse’s servers are down, then wait until everything gets sorted out. 

Re-Login to Your Clubhouse Account

Revoking the Clubhouse access from your social media accounts should work out for you. But sometimes the problem could be with your Clubhouse account too. For example, you may not be able to link your Twitter profile to Clubhouse as user data may have been corrupted while linking your Twitter profile. For solving the issue, sign out of your account and try signing in after some minutes (to refresh its data). 

Re-Install Clubhouse App

Sometimes, you cannot link your Twitter profile to the Clubhouse app just because the app may not have been installed correctly. In contrast, even some of its installation files got corrupted during an update or while in use. The best way to solve this is to reinstall the Clubhouse app from your device (to confirm that you have a working copy of the Clubhouse app). To reinstall Clubhouse on your device: Search for the Clubhouse app. Then, press and hold the “Clubhouse” icon until the selection menu shows up. Finally, tap on “Remove App” to uninstall Clubhouse. 

And, after you have successfully uninstalled the Clubhouse app, install the app again, and the problem will most probably be fixed.

Report the Problem to Clubhouse 

If you still cannot link your Twitter profile to Clubhouse App, the final solution will be reporting the Clubhouse help forum. You can easily report by submitting a ticket to let them know about the problem via Clubhouse’s Help Center. To do this, simply follow the below steps.

  1. Go to Clubhouse’s Help Center. You can find a request form there.
  2.  Fill out the form provided on the website and write about the problem that you are facing.
    Note: You can also attach a screenshot of the problem. 

Can I link Multiple Twitter Profiles To Clubhouse? What do linking Twitter accounts do?

Yes, You can now add up multiple Twitter profiles to the Clubhouse application. Furthermore, when you add multiple Twitter accounts, you can switch between them without logging out and logging back in. 

To add Twitter accounts with Clubhouse, first launch the Clubhouse app, tap on your profile picture (Profile picture will be in the top-right corner of the display). Now, Tap on “Add Twitter.” Then enter the login credential details for your Twitter profile and tap “Login.”

You may wonder what exactly linking the Twitter accounts with Clubhouse does. Once you successfully link your Twitter account to Clubhouse, it will help in the verification of accounts, and the users can DM each other(if settings of native apps allow it).

Why is there no Icon to Add a Twitter Profile On Clubhouse?

Sometimes your Twitter account data gets corrupted while trying to link your profile to Clubhouse. As a result, you will not see any option to add a Twitter profile icon on Clubhouse. To fix it, go to your Twitter profile and open the settings. Next, click on “Security” and then “Apps and Websites.” Now, you will see the option to disconnect Clubhouse with Twitter. Simply disconnect it and open the Clubhouse app. Now, most probably, you will see the “Add Twitter” icon on your Clubhouse account.

Can I change my Twitter account in my Clubhouse?

Yes, you can change the linked Twitter account with a new one in the Clubhouse application. To do so,  just simply apply the following steps.

  1. First, open Clubhouse and tap on your Clubhouse profile. 
  2. At the base, you will see the Twitter symbol “Add Twitter. “ Tap-on it.
    Note: Now, you will be encouraged to sign in to Twitter with your account.
  3.  Make sure you have logged out of your previous Twitter account after that, enter your new Twitter account login credentials. Now, your Twitter account will successfully be changed.

How to Maintain Our Privacy in Social Media?

Privacy is becoming increasingly irrelevant in the context of social networking sites and social media like Twitter, Facebook, and so on. Sharing personal information on social networking sites has become a social norm fashion these days. But as a user, we have to be very careful while using and linking these social media like Twitter, Facebook to third party apps. 

By law, those third-party apps need to ask what information they can use and who they can share it with. The problem is, you probably just tap on it without giving it a second thought. Your one small click can give the key to hackers to invade your privacy. So, you have to use apps very carefully, or your account might also get hacked. Below are the ways by how you can stay from hackers.

  1. Deactivate the accounts you don’t need and don’t open new accounts unless you need them.
  2. Know your friends.
  3. Keep an eye on your privacy settings.
  4. Get a bit familiar with the concept of “receipts” .
  5. Share only a few identifying details about yourself as far as possible.

Frequently Asked Question

Below is the frequently asked question. You can check it out also; it might help you.

Can I Add My Facebook Account to My Clubhouse?

Sure, you can also add your Facebook account to the clubhouse just like you linked your Twitter account to the Clubhouse. However, there is no specific icon of Facebook like Twitter and Instagram. “Connect with Facebook” will appear every time you try to link Twitter/Instagram with Clubhouse. So, you can add your Facebook account to Clubhouse easily with few seconds.

Can I Find My Contacts on Clubhouse? 

Yes, you can also see which of your contacts has joined Clubhouse recently. To do so, follow the below-given steps.

  1. First, launch the Clubhouse. Then tap on the “notifications” icon that’s shaped like a bell.
    Note: You will find the “Notification” icon in the upper right-hand corner of the app. 
  2. Scroll down, and tap “Follow” for whoever you want to get connected with. 

And afterward, you will receive the notification as soon as any of your close ones joins Clubhouse App.


Since Clubhouse avails its app for every android and iOS from 21st May 2021, this feature is added up. You can connect your social media links to the Clubhouse. Isn’t it cool?

With this linking social media to Clubhouse feature, you can let your Clubhouse friends/audiences know about your Twitter and other social media activities. 

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