How To Report Abuse Or Harassment On The Clubhouse?

How To Report Abuse Or Harassment On The Clubhouse?

Wherever you go, you are probably going to meet someone with toxic and abusive traits. Especially on the internet, you can see abusive and hateful comments all over social media. If you observe their actions, it feels like some people are born just to spread hatred that’s on them.

I don’t know whether they do it because they want to become everyone’s center of attention, or they are just being themselves. And I am pretty sure nobody knows the actual reason, even the abusers. Almost every app introduces the “Report” feature to deal with such people and create a safe ambiance for the other dedicated users. 

Clubhouse, too, allows you to file a report against someone if you feel bullied, abused, harassed or violated Clubhouse Rules.

To file an abuse report[report abuse or harrassment] on Clubhouse,

  1. Open Clubhouse app.
  2. Go to the “Explore” Page.
  3. Search for the user you are willing to report.
  4. Tap on the “3 dots menu” at the top right corner of your screen.
  5. Select “Report an abuse” and describe the situation.
  6. Submit your report.

How To File Abuse Report On Clubhouse?

The clubhouse is in its beta phase and currently has over 6 million users. It’s difficult for an app that has just begun operating to manage this bulk of users. Any form of inappropriate action and violation of rules can take place. To minimize this trouble, like every other app, Clubhouse has set the “Report” feature too.

If you find any kind of violation of Clubhouse guidelines or inappropriate behavior, you can report them to get punished according to their deed.

Reporting someone is probably the only way to file a complaint against someone on Clubhouse. You never know when you will come across such ill activity. 

Follow these step-wise processes to file an abuse report on Clubhouse.

Step 1: Open the “Clubhouse” App

Firstly, open the Clubhouse app on your device. Don’t forget to log in to your account if you haven’t already.


Step 2: Navigate To Explore Page

From the Hallway, i.e., the Home Page of Clubhouse, tap the magnifying glass-like icon on the top left corner of your screen. Then, Clubhouse will direct you to the Explore Page.


Step 3: Search For The Person Who You Want To Report

Now, it’s time to search for the person you want to report. Type the person’s name in the search bar, search for them, and tap their profile from the list of Clubhouse users with similar usernames.

Clubhouse Search For People

Double-check if you have searched for “People” and not the “Club.” 

Step 4: Tap On the “3 Dots Button”

Once you are on their profile, you will see a 3 dots button at the top right corner of your screen. Tap the button so that you can view the available option.

Step 5: Select the “Report An Incident”

You will see various options once you tap on the 3 dots button. Tap the “Report an Incident,” i.e., the last option you see. 

Step 6: Select Your Reason

The clubhouse will direct you to the “SEND A REPORT” page. From there, tap the down arrow on the first box that you see and select the first option, i.e., “Abuse, bullying, or harassment.”

Clubhouse abuse report

Note: If you are filing a report for any other reason, please select the option that fits your context the best.

Step 7: Describe The Problem

It’s description time now. Tap the big box under “Details about the incident or issue” and describe the problem created by the user. 

Your file will be very much convincing and strong if you attach the pictures of the problem the user created as well. You don’t need to stress if you didn’t take a screenshot; the pictures are not mandatory.

Step 8: Submit Your Report

Once you are done with filling the required fields, submit your report by tapping on the blue “Submit Report” button.

The clubhouse will look into your report and will perform actions accordingly.

Clubhouse Submit Report Button

How To Report Someone In A Clubhouse Room

You can face inappropriate actions while you are in the room sometimes. For those situations, follow these steps:

Step 1: Tap On Their Profile

Tap on the profile of the user who has been doing inappropriate stuff that violates the Guidelines of Clubhouse in any way.

Clubhouse-Profile On A Room

Step 2: Tap The “Ellipses Icon”

You will see a 3 dot ellipse button at the top right corner in the profile of the Clubhouse user. Tap the button to view the available actions you could operate.


Step 3: Tap the “Report An Incident”

Since you are here to file an abuse report case, tap the option that says “Report An Incident.”

Clubhouse will direct you to the “SEND A REPORT” page. After that, simply select “Abuse, harassing, or bullying” in the first blank field you see. 


Step 4: Describe Your Reason

Describe the situation you encountered in the space given. Don’t forget to attach the photo of the proof if you have any.

Clubhouse- Report Description Box

Step 5: Submit Your Report

Now that you have completed all the necessary actions for filing an abuse report against someone, simply tap the “Submit Report” button.


If the person is guilty, he will be punished by Clubhouse.

Warning: Never report somebody unnecessarily just for fun.

What Happens If You File An Abuse Report On Clubhouse?

Clubhouse Team wants to make Clubhouse a safe place. Users can report any form of ill activity on Clubhouse and contribute to make Clubhouse a better place. When you come across any ill activity that happened to you or someone else, you can report the guilty person to Clubhouse so that the team can take necessary actions.

The terms and conditions of Clubhouse get violated mostly on the Clubhouse Rooms. For user’s safety, Clubhouse records the ongoing conversation in its server and deletes it as soon as the room ends. In that way, Clubhouse can easily check the incident ongoing in the room if someone reports any issue. 

So, it’s easier for both you and Clubhouse if you report someone as soon as you track the ill activity of anyone.

You don’t need to give double thought if the person threatens you if you report him/her. Clubhouse cares for you; the Team will never reveal your name if you report someone who went against the Clubhouse Guidelines.

Clubhouse will check if the alleged person is guilty or not and act accordingly. In extreme conditions, Clubhouse may contact you to ask further questions as well.

“Report an Incident” is a great feature that contributes to user’s safety. Never misuse this feature, or else you might get into trouble.

Will They Know If I File An Abuse Report Against Them?


Clubhouse does not disclose the identity of the person who has reported an action that goes against the Clubhouse Guidelines. So, if you come across any ill activity, report it as soon as possible to Clubhouse without any fear.

What If Someone Reports You On Clubhouse?

Friendly Advice: Never involve in any activity that violates the Community Guidelines of any app, not only Clubhouse. Violating the guidelines could get you into big trouble.

If someone reports your profile on Clubhouse, the Clubhouse Team will try to reach you out. Clubhouse will try to find out the root cause and see whether you have violated the rules or not. For that, interaction is necessary, isn’t it?

However, Clubhouse will not reveal the identity of the person who has filed an abuse report against you.

In case Clubhouse fails to reach you out, it will temporarily suspend your account for some time or days, depending on the action you did. There are chances Clubhouse will disable your account until they get to interact with you as well. So, it’s wise to use your own contact details while setting up your Clubhouse account.

But, in case you have been accused falsely, nothing will be done against you. Clubhouse always checks to confirm whether you are guilty or not. So, for the times when you have been falsely accused, you don’t need to worry at all. Clubhouse won’t even let you know that you have been reported if the report against you was false.

Everybody has the right to explain themselves. Clubhouse strongly believes that. The clubhouse will even give you a chance to explain yourself about the incident while they interact with you.

If you know that you have done something against the rules and probably are suspicious about the person who has reported you, intimidating the person would probably be the worst thing you could do. It’s your actions that put you through this situation. Don’t find anybody else to blame for the mistakes you made. 

How To Block Someone On Clubhouse?

If a user is annoying you like hell but they haven’t done something against the rules of Clubhouse, you can just get past by blocking them. You can’t go report everyone just because you don’t like their aura, right? So, if someone’s presence annoys you so much that you can’t stand them anymore, blocking them would be healthy for you.

Blocking someone on Clubhouse is easy as long as you know how to navigate to the profile of someone you want to block. You can browse someone’s profile on Clubhouse by clicking their name on a room, searching them in the search bar, looking at your followers and followings list if they have followed or you are following them, and so on. 

It’s okay if you have no idea about any of this thing. I have put a step-by-step guide on how to block someone on Clubhouse below:

  1. Launch the “Clubhouse” app on your device.
  2. Navigate to Explore Page by tapping the “magnifying glass-like icon” at the top left corner of your screen.
  3. Tap the “search bar” and type the name of the Clubhouse User you want to block. (You might look up to the followers/following list if the person is there as well.)
  4. Tap on their name to open the profile of the user.
  5. See that “3 button icon” at the top right corner? Tap that button.
  6. You will see a “Block” option there. Tap the option and “Confirm”  your block action.

The person will automatically vanish from your followers/ following list if you had followed them or they were following you in the first place.

What Happens When You Block Someone?

Unlike many other social apps, Clubhouse does not completely cut off people when you block them. If you block someone on the Clubhouse app, the blocked user won’t be able to enter any room that you have created. He cannot join any room where you are a moderator or a speaker either. Both of you will receive a notification about each other being in a room when one of you is a speaker, and the other is trying to join. On the contrary, none of you will receive any sort of notification if both of you are the listeners in a room.

Let me put these on points and make it easier for you to understand.

  1. When you block a user on Clubhouse, the person is blocked from every room you create by default. (Until you unblock them, of course.)
  2. You and the blocked user can still join the same room that somebody else has created. The case does not apply when either of you is Speaker or a Moderator in the room.
  3. Clubhouse will notify you if you are trying to join the room where the blocked user is a speaker.
  4. You will receive no notification if both you and the blocked user have joined a room as a listener.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I have answered some more questions about the usage of Clubhouse in this FAQ section.

Can You Report A Club On Clubhouse?


You cannot report a whole Club if that’s what you are asking for. However, if you find the Club offensive, you can report the moderators and describe the whole case scenario in detail on the Description box. 

What Is Report For Trolling On Clubhouse?

Clubhouse has placed “Trolling” against its guidelines. You can report someone on Clubhouse for trolling.

In case somebody is trolling someone in a room and the moderator reports the person, he will be instantly removed from the room. 

Clubhouse investigates each report it receives and takes the necessary actions.

How Do You Go Invisible On Clubhouse App?

By invisible, correct me if I am wrong; you probably mean the invisible rooms. 

You can hide the rooms in your feed if you want to. For that, you will have to simply swipe the room to the right and tap the “Hide” button. 

And you are done.


Wrapping up, you can always file a report against someone if they abuse you or anybody else on Clubhouse. Not only in case of being abusive, but you can also file a report for trolling, bullying, harassing, and many other reasons. 

Clubhouse will investigate each report that it receives and take action accordingly as soon as possible. 

It will be a huge contribution to Clubhouse if you file a report against the wrongdoer and help the developers maintain a safer environment. 

That’s it, guys.

Happy Cluhousing!

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