What Do You Mean By Listener, Speaker, And Moderator In Clubhouse App?

Imagine being a part of a platform where people share the morning news, deep thoughts, academic understanding, market index, sarcasm, and much more for free of cost. Moreover, you don’t have to pay to listen to what they share. All you need to do is tap the mobile application, join the room and listen to what the speakers are talking about. Further, the room name helps you determine what you wish to attend, and you can leave quietly if that does not interest you. 

The clubhouse is a real-time audio-based social platform to hear the conversation and learn something based on their dialogues. It’s simply the talk show within your access with different topics and title head for discussion. It is a social network where you can know someone through their activities by following them and their desired rooms of interest.

Moderator: As we cannot conduct an event without the organizers, the clubhouse room is nothing in the absence of moderators. Moderators schedule and arrange the talk or session to promote listeners to the speaker tab and let the talk show go on. The grid on top of the room displays the moderator.

Speakers: All the people inside the room cannot speak at once. There is a special designation under the moderator row that shows the speaker in a grid form with the muted or unmuted state. 

Listeners: Listeners are the people who join the room to listen to what the speakers are talking about and hold the liberty to leave if they don’t find the conversation interesting. You can see all the listeners in the room in the grid below the speaker’s grid. 

Who Are The Moderators In Clubhouse App?

We cannot organize an event or a program without the organizers. Similarly, the clubhouse room and discussion are impossible in the absence of the people who moderate the activities within the room. It requires an active board to allocate the speaking time for the speakers, recognition of the audience who want to add their point of view, and the team to let in the interested listeners. Precisely, moderators are the organizers of the conversation and appear on top of the room. 

They make arrangements for the discussions just like the organizers in the offline debates. The moderators open a room in the clubhouse as the platform for discussion, invite and allocate the speakers, add the listeners, and give a direction to the conversation. As everyone within the room cannot speak at once, the moderator plays a vital role by moderating the session and engaging it.

The conversation is carried on by involving the audience’s perception, who can express their interest to speak through buttons like “raise a hand.” This is how a conversation is directed, and we can enjoy the flow of talk without any disturbance. We can listen to the dialogue between the shareholders, investors, entrepreneurs, and much more as multiple speakers at once. 

What Can An Individual Do In The Clubhouse As A Moderator?

Moderating a session is always one of the best feelings as we get feedback and compliments for our tasks. Making arrangements and making people share their expertise benefits mass people at once. Here are a few tasks you can do as a moderator in the clubhouse:

  • Promote crucial discussions
  • Encourage the content creators
  • Advertise the product and services among the mass
  • Moderate a session
  • Arrange virtual workshops or table talk discussions on different fields 

What Do You Mean By Speaker In Clubhouse Application?

Speakers are the content creators in the clubhouse. Speakers are the one who speaks throughout the session and makes the room engaging. They have direct access to the mike and can tell whenever they want as they are the center of attraction and would add value to the room. However, the topic-based discussion is preferred where the moderators invite like-minded speakers. 

Therefore, speakers are the actors who rule the room with their perceptions expressed in their voices. We cannot see their expression or emotions because it is an audio-based profile. Nevertheless, we can follow their profile and know what they promote, as mentioned in their profile. The speakers appear below the moderator and have symbols such as muted and unmuted states just next to their names.  

What Can An Individual Do In The Clubhouse As A Speaker?

Speakers hold no stance if they don’t get people eager to listen. Speaking is a skill that is better flourished as your statement can be a life-changing and directive suggestion for someone. Here are a few tasks you can do as a speaker in the clubhouse:

  • Present themselves as a content creator
  • Share their experience 
  • Promote their expertise
  • Circulate an idea or disseminate the benefits 
  • Personal branding

Who Are Listeners In Clubhouse App?

Listeners are clubhouse users who join rooms and listen to different speakers speaking on various topics. Listeners do not have direct access to mike unless they get invited as speakers by the moderators. We can see a grid of speakers on the bottom of the screen after the speaker’s stage within the room.

 However, if addressed by the moderators, they can raise a hand to ask a question and contribute to the discussions. Finally, the listeners can leave the room quietly if they find them exciting and join any other rooms in the clubhouse. 

What Can An Individual Do In The Clubhouse As A Listener?

We learn, express, and grow as a listener. Here are a few tasks you can do as a listener in the clubhouse:

  • Locate your field of interest
  • Invest time in a productive discussion
  • Listen to experts for no costs
  • Learn and excel 

How Do I Become A Listener?

You can sign up to the clubhouse site anytime you like and join a room for discussion. You must be at least 18 years of age to join the clubhouse. The sign-up procedure is pretty quick, and you can get to the home page after you sign up and log in. Here, you can follow the people know. This helps you to learn about more rooms available in the clubhouse. A list of ongoing discussions comes on your screen, and you can tap on the room you want to join. If you don’t like the place, you can “leave quietly,” which is an option visible on the bottom left corner of your phone screen. 

How To Moderate The Clubhouse Room?

You must know various functions before moderating the room. First, you need to decide what sort of room you want to set up as we can have a close room, social room, or open room in the clubhouse. Here is a step-by-step guideline if you want to start a room in the clubhouse:

  1. First, open the “Clubhouse” application on your phone and log in, if necessary.
  2. Then, tap on the “Start a room” option shown at the bottom of the screen,
  3. Next, click on “Open.”
  4. After that, add a topic to the room.
    Moreover, you need to conduct a conversation based on your chosen topic, as the audience can only see the topic and a few members in the room before they join the room. 
  5. Finally, tap on “Let’s go.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can a Listener Be A Speaker?

A listener can raise their hand, which will notify the moderators that you are interested in speaking. Then, they address you and take you to the speaker’s stage, where you can unmute yourself and communicate. 

Does Clubhouse Have An Age Limit For The Sign-up Procedure?

Yes, an exciting user must be at least 18 years of age to enter the clubhouse. 

How To Get An Invitation From The Clubhouse?

Clubhouse friends can send you an invitation and initiate to enter the clubhouse through the downloaded mobile application. 


Therefore, the clubhouse is a wise platform to hear someone speaking legally, which could help us learn from expertise or enjoy with no judgments but just live interaction. 

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