63 Best Names For Your New Snapchat Group

Group chats are all the rage these days. The latest social media craze to take off is Snapchat groups, and it’s easy to see why. With this type of group chat, you can send snaps with your friends right from your phone! And as a bonus, you don’t have to worry about that third person always looking over your shoulder when they’re trying to read what you’re typing. This blog post will go over some helpful tips for coming up with cool names for your new Snapchat Group.

There are some things to consider before picking a name for your Snapchat group.

– Domain

– Length of Name

– Can’t be a word in the dictionary

– No symbols or dashes

– No numbers

– Should be catchy and memorable.

While brainstorming a name for your Snapchat group, keep these things in mind, and you are good.

Getting Started

Before listing some cool names for your Snapchat group, let’s make sure we understand how to get started.

You will first need a group of friends that you want in your chat. You can add up to 16 people, and each person should have the latest version of Snapchat on their phone. (The app is updated frequently with the constant addition of new features.) 

To submit an invite for someone, click on the new chat feature in your bottom right-hand corner. Then, select a name for your group and add friends from your contact list by typing their names or phone numbers into the search bar at the top of this screen. 

It’s that easy!

Learn more about Snapchat’s group in our article  “What are Snapchat Groups and how to create one?”

What Things Should I Consider Before Picking Up My Snapchat Group Name?

When it comes to picking a name for your new Snapchat Group, there are no hard and fast rules about what makes the best names. You want something original and unique enough, so people will know it is yours even when they see other groups with the same name. However, you also want something easy to remember and appropriate for all ages because it can be hard to grow a group of people who don’t know your username or are turned off by the language used in the name itself.

When choosing a name for your Snapchat Group, you should think about things like how easy it is to remember, how funny it is, and whether or not people will know what it means. Of course, some of the best characters are things like “Butts and Guts” or even just a group of emojis, but you should avoid using language that might be considered offensive.

One way to come up with unique names is to use existing song lyrics that you like and then replacing the words in those lyrics with relevant terms related to what you’re doing. For example, if I wanted my Snapchat group named after an Usher song called “Love In This Club,” I might replace that phrase with “Snapchat Group.” All of the lyrics you can think up are fair game in this way.

Another good idea is to use emojis or emoticons as a group name since they’re fun, and people will get them immediately when they see them on your profile. Many people also just put their first names in a group, since the people who follow you will know what those mean anyway.

In addition to thinking about what makes a good Snapchat Group name in general, it is important to think about what makes a good name for your specific group. For example, you are trying to find a Snapchat Group name that will fit with other names. So, try looking at things like how people refer to each other on the internet. 

Some References For Your Snapchat Group Names

Confused about what to name the Snapchat group of yours? Here are some references that you might find helpful when choosing the right name for your Snapchat Group:

•TV Shows


•Celebrities and Their Children’s Names

• Emoji-Based Group Names like “😻❤️💛” or “👨🏼‍🔧👩🏽👫.”

• Pop Culture references include names of superheroes, movie characters, TV shows, sports teams, etc.

• Group Names that Refer to School Cliques or Communities like “Class of 2018” or “BHS Seniors.”

• Group Names that Refer to Your Friends or Family-like “Friends on Snapchat” or “Family On Snap.”

• Unique and Creative Group Names such as “Chocolate Dipped Donuts,” “Taco Tuesday!,” a Date night group called “Couple Things” with each member in a couple representing a thing “BubbleGum Babes” or anything that describes the group and its members.

• Group Names Based on Your Interests such as “Travel Enthusiasts” or “Snapchat Addicts.”

A Few Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing A Snapchat Group Name

You might want to consider the following before choosing a Snapchat Group name:

-How many people are going to be in your group?

-What is your theme for the group, or what will you do together with this particular group of friends?

-Is there already another Snapchat username that uses some variation of your potential new name and has been using it for a while?

-How will your group handle inappropriate messages or content being sent to the group by people who are not a part of your friend circle, such as strangers trying to join in on the fun?

These things should all be taken into consideration when choosing a Snapchat Group name. Some ideas for names include “Scuba Squad” if you plan on going scuba diving together or “The Other Side” if you’re meeting up with a group of friends from another school.

Do not worry about some other people using the same name for their Snapchat Group as yours. If your theme is popular enough and unique enough within your friend circle, then it’s likely that everyone will know who you’re talking about when you mention this name.

 And even if someone else has used the name for another group, that doesn’t mean they’ll be using it again or looking to use a common theme any time soon.

Supplementary Guidelines To Spice Up Your Groupname 

You do not want to bore your group members, do you? As you have made up to this section already, let me drop some techniques that will help you spice up your Snapchat Group. 

  1. Cheesy names may be cute, but they can also turn people off.
  2. Make sure the name is not too long so that members know how to add it and you do not have any trouble with adding them back. For example, “I Can’t Believe It Is Not Butter! 💛🍪🍨” is a little too long to be effective.
  3. Double-check the name for any spelling or grammar errors as well as inappropriate language.
  4. Once you have chosen your Snapchat Groupname, decide on an icon and background colors that go along with it, so members know what group they are in when adding them back from their friend’s list.
  5. Make sure to use the same name and icon for your group’s Snapchat account as you have used in the Group Confirmation Snap so that members know what group they are joining when adding them back from their friend’s list.
  6. Make sure all of these things match up, or else confusion may ensue, resulting in miscommunication, annoyance, and possibly a loss of members.

The Best Names For Your New Snapchat Group

best names for Snapchat

I am pretty sure I have mentioned all the do’s and donts while selecting a name for your Snapchat group. I hope you guys have understood the aspects you need to focus on while naming your group. Now, let me give you some examples as well. Here are some examples of the best names for your Snapchat group:

• The A-Team – (for an awesome team)

• Snitch Squad – (would work well if you have gossipers in the Snapchat Group)

• Power Rangers – (for a group that has to be superheroes)

• The Herd – (for a herd of girls or boys)

• Super Fun Time Squad – (sounds fun and will encourage others to join your Snapchat Group)

If you’re not feeling creative, here are some examples of good names:

• Snapspace – (just like the name, this group is all about Snapspace)

• The Best – (for a group of your best friends)

• We Rule the School – (this name will make it clear that you’re in charge and get people to join your Snapchat Group more quickly)

• We Are Epic – (for a group that is epic!)

• Tribes

• Band of Rebels

• Wolf Pack



•The Baconators

•Chilltown Champs

All of these are pretty standard and safe, so if you’re looking for something a little more unique, try out some names from this list:

•Super Tramps

•The Secret Garden Club

•Jumanji Janglemonsters



•Birds Of A Feather

•Private Party


•Shrimply The Best Snaps

•Best Fries Forever

•The Ketchup To My Fries

•The Snap Musketeers

•One In A Melon

•BFFs Only

•The Wolf Pack

•Snap Soulmates

•My Bebés

•Best Buddies 4 Ever

•Snape Chat

•We Who Shall Not Be Named

•Let’s Taco ‘Bout It

•Lucille Ballers


•Meme Team

•The Avengers

•Mermaid To Be Friends Forever

•Snap Streaks

•Kind Of A Big Dill

•Pawsome Friends

•A Pizza My Heart

•Hap-Bee Together

•My Beys

•Express Yourself

•The Cool Kids

•Filter Friends

•Squad Ghouls

•Fantastic Friends

•Good 4 U

•Watts Up

•Full House

•Snap Cup

•My Sweet Teas

•Souper Friends

•Love So Matcha

•Friend Chips And Guac

•Little Rascals

There are so many good names for your Snapchat Group; you have to find one that perfectly describes the members of your Snapchats. Choose wisely and enjoy! 🙂

Once you have decided on your name, use it! The last thing you want to do is choose a great group name, only to go back on it later. Once you have selected your name, stick with it. Make sure that everyone in the group is aware of their usernames and stay committed to using them!

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s answer some of the more common questions about Snapchat groups.

How Do I Create A Snap Group?

You can set up your group, or you can join an existing one! Here is the procedure you need to carry out for creating a Snapchat Group:

  1. To start, go into any Snapchat conversation and tap on the gear icon in the top right corner of your phone screen. 
  2. Then select “Add Friends” to add the friends you want in your group 
  3. Tap “Create Group.” 

And you are done. 

How Do I Add People To My Snapchat Group?

To invite someone into a private chat with just yourself or other people on Snapchat, send them a snap saying that you would like to welcome them into one of your Snap Groups. Then select the group’s name from the list of available groups, and they will get a notification about you inviting them into your new Snap Group.

What’s A Snap Group?

A group on Snapchat is a place where you can share pictures and videos with your friends. When someone joins the chat, they’re added to everyone else’s list in real-time! You don’t have to send them an invite or add them as a friend; once they open up the app, they will add them straight to the chat.

Read “ How To Make A Group Chat On Snapchat? [Step-by-step Image Included]” to learn more about Snapchat Groups. 

Wrapping Up

So, these were some of the best names for your new Snapchat group. Don’t forget to focus on the considerations while you are choosing a new name for your group. If you have any other cool names to share with us, feel free to do so in the comments section below!

Looking forward to hearing from all of you soon, remember: be creative and, most importantly, stay awesome!

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