How to Get Snapchat on PC? [2024 Updated]

Get Snapchat On PC

Since it’s a social media application that runs extremely on mobile devices. We can use it on a desktop or laptop too. We can run Snapchat on our desktop the same as we run it on mobile. Nowadays Snapchat becomes a more rising application among the youths where they post their every activity on the application.

Yes, it’s possible to use Snapchat on a desktop too. By running various android applications on pc, we can also run Snapchat. Installing Snapchat is similar as we install it on mobile devices. You might think “How can we run Snapchat on a desktop?”. Well, we can use android emulator like Bluestack, Nox App Player, KOPlayer, Remix OS Player, and many more to run Snapchat on our desktop.

How to Use Snapchat by Using Android Emulator (Based on Bluestack Application)

Since Snapchat is a mobile application but we can also try to run the application on a desktop. Here is the best alternative to install Snapchat on the desktop by installing an android emulator like Bluestack. Bluestack is the software from where you can run any kind of mobile application on the desktop. this is the best way to run the mobile application on the desktop and it’s quite easy too. In this way, you can run any kind of Android application on the desktop without any difficulties. here are some processes that you need to follow

  1. First download “Bluestack” software
    Download Bluestack
  2. Install Bluestack on your desktop and once it’s completed then open Bluestack App
    Install BlueStack
  3. Logged in to the application with your Google account
  4. Open “Playstore” and search for “Snapchat” as we search on mobile
    Bluestack Playstore
  5. Download it on Bluestack and run the Snapchat on desktop

Note: Not only Bluestack software but there is also other software which runs the mobile application on our desktop. Some of them are as follows:

  1. LD Player
  2. Bliss OS
  3. Nox
  4. PrimeOS
  5. KO Player

Warning: Since in the latest version of the software you might not be able to run Snapchat. If so, then you have to download an old version of software on your desktop to run Snapchat.

Install Chrome OS on PC

Another way to run the Snapchat application on the desktop is by installing Chrome OS on the desktop. In this way, you can run any mobile application on your desktop. To get the link click here “Chrome OS“. By installing this software, you can get all the features of Snapchat like stories, camera, message, and other performances are quite faster without any issues.

Warning: But by installing this Chrome OS on desktop you have to completely remove Windows and it’s quite risky too. It is not hard but I would prefer to download an emulator rather than Chrome OS.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get Snapchat on my computer?

As we know that we can run mobile applications on the desktop. So there are multiple ways to get or run Snapchat on a desktop. Either we can download different emulators or we can simply download Chrome OS.

How can I get Snapchat on my PC without Bluestacks?

Since if you are not used to with Bluestack software then you can download other emulators as well. There are many alternative emulators on the market. Some of them are Nox, Phoenix OS, Remix OS Player, Gameloop, Genymotion, MEmu, ARChon, and others too. These all are the top emulators that help to run the mobile application on your desktop.

How to Use Snapchat on PC without downloading?

Yes of course we can run Snapchat on the desktop without downloading it. You can log into Snapchat without any application. But keep in mind that you can only see or simply handle it only by doing this on the website. You cannot message or see stories of others from it.

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