Premium Snapchat Guide for 2022: How to Earn Cash From Snapchat?

Premium Snapchat Guide

If you are thinking Premium Snapchat is a premium version of Snapchat just like every other app, let us assure you; you are not the only one.

Premium Snapchat is not the paid version of Snapchat where you can find an enormous amount of fabulous filters on your location. In fact, it is just a private Snapchat account that serves explicit, adult content to its subscribers.

What Is Premium Snapchat?

Premium Snapchat is a private account that is accessible to only the people who have subscriptions to it. Since Snapchat does not have a payment portal, you need to use a third-party application to purchase its subscription.  Any content can be found on Premium Snapchat, but especially it serves to share the adult explicit content due to its “Delete after viewing” feature.

How Does Premium Snapchat Work?

You might be tired of hearing from me that  Premium Snapchat is just a private Snapchat account. 

How does it work then? Firstly, you need to create a private Snapchat account so that you can start a Premium Snapchat account. The next step is promotion, i.e. promoting your account to possible clients through different platforms. Once you let the people know that you serve the desirable contents on your account, they are gonna send you follow requests to let you know that they are interested.

Once the viewers show their interest, you need to ask them about the subscription and tell them about your subscription schemes. The process ends here, all you need to do is start sharing snaps with your clients so that both of you get what you desire.

Are the details too chaotic for you to understand? Let me make this easier for you.

For instance; you have created a Premium Snapchat account: hello_sammy. You gotta promote this account so that you can attract followers who are willing to see your content. This is not as difficult as you think, social media platforms have made it way easier these days. You can make various ads that display over other platforms about the facility that you provide. 

(Remember: Don’t forget to mention how they can reach out to you.)

Now that you have promoted your account, hello_sammy, your followers will reach out to you. You need to make a deal with the clients via subscriptions and once the deal is made and the payment is done; you need to start sending the snaps.

Hope this made things clearer to you.

Requirements To Start A Premium Snapchat

Do you also wanna wake up one day with an enormous amount of money on your bank account while all you did was cammed somebody while you were drunk the last night?

Are you having a hard time paying the tuition fees and looking for a flexible way to make money?

Do you want to earn enough to feed a tribe while just flexing your body?

If your answers to the above questions are a ‘yes,’ Premium Snapchat is for you. 

Don’t have any idea about how to get started? Below are the requirements to create a Premium Snapchat account.

  1. A digital copy of your Identity Card for the Age Verification
  2. A phone
  3. You need to install Snapchat on your device.

How To Set Up Premium Snapchat?

Setting up a Premium Snapchat account is not big of a deal. Premium Snapchat is not a special account that you have to install from the play store separately.

If you are willing to create a Premium Snapchat account and don’t know-how, we are here to help you. You just need to create a regular Snapchat account and change all the privacy to “My Friends Only.” Below is a step-by-step procedure on how to create a Premium Snapchat account:

  1. Install Snapchat on your android or ios.
  2. Create a regular Snapchat account.
    Snapchat Account
  3. Go to the settings to view ‘Additional Services.’
    Snapchat Settings
  4. Click on the “Contact Me” option and tap on the “My Friends” button.Snapchat contact
  5. Set all the other options to “Friends Only.”
    Snapchat Privacy

Promotion Of Your Premium Snapchat

I know you don’t want to settle in the few numbers of subscribers that you have right now. And let me tell you this, an amazing girl like you deserves much, sweetie :). For creating a huge amount of followers, promoting your account is the key. Below are some of the ways that may help you with increasing the number of subscribers craving to see the hot girl that you are. 

By Creating Two Accounts

Creating two accounts is of great help when it comes to promoting your Premium Snapchat account. Create a public account to show people what a Goddess you are and how fortunate your subscribers are. You are likely to gain much more attention (and obviously some more subscribers too) this way. 

Quick Note: Don’t forget to mention how the followers can get access to your private account. 

By Using Other Social Sites

Not everyone knows about the adult sites on their own. If you want to gain a large number of followers, you can also tease the clients using other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, etc.   

You can make ads about your Premium profile on these platforms that might help you to attract clients and increase your subscription.

By Giving Shoutouts To Other Similar Accounts

If you ever cross paths with another Premium account owner, giving a shoutout to each other amongst the subscribers is a great idea. This will help to build a strong foundation as well as attract each others’ clients.

How To Master The Premium Snapchat 

Mastering the Premium Snapchat is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some creators face fluctuations in the numbers of their clients now and then while some creators seem to have a large number of followers effortlessly. 

If you want your followers to love you, it’s obvious that you need to give them what they love. In this case, it’s the adult, erotic content. Show off your amazing body to gain huge fan followers and master the Premium Snapchat in numerous ways.

By Camming The Subscribers Individually

If you are a cam girl (It doesn’t matter if you are not), you certainly know how miraculous the live shows work. You can give some time to create a special bond with your followers through video calls, although Snapchat is not much of a camming platform.

Giving individual live shows keeps your followers engaged and makes them crave you more.

By Fulfilling Some Individual Wishes

This is the world of customization. Everybody wants almost everything in their own customized way. If you want to reward your loyal client, fulfilling their customized order is the best way you can. 

You see, your regular clients love you and your body. They must have some wild fantasies with you that they want to come true. The best thing you can do is show them that you care. You can let your clients place customized content as a reward for being faithful to you. Who knows, they might tip you on the regular subscription.

Private Stories

You feel special when that green circular thingy appears over the DP of your friends on Instagram, don’t you? It’s a great feeling when somebody chooses to show you things they don’t want everybody to see.

If you want to brainwash your clients to follow you over other adult sites too; you can post a private story about it. That way, your clients are gonna feel special, and your subscription may go up too.

Making Money On Premium Snapchat

People seek connections all the time. Several pervs are fantasizing about the adult filmstars who are willing to pay you for a private show. So, don’t have second thoughts on creating a Premium Snapchat account if you are a cam girl already.

How much money can you make from the Premium Snapchat account then? People charge from $5 to $30 monthly for a subscription to a Premium Snapchat account. You can fix your pricing that balances your comfort as well as the viewer’s expectations. 

Subscription Types

Premium Snapchat means you need a subscription to gain access. Higher the number of subscriptions, the bigger the amount of money. Good News is; you have unlimited potential to earn from the Premium Snapchat. The bad news is; not all accounts do good. It completely depends on the potentiality of the creator. 

If you are looking forward to subscribing to a Premium Snapchat account; you have got three options;

1.Lifetime Subscription

2. Monthly Subscription

3.Yearly Subscription

Is Premium Snapchat Legal?

If Premium Snapchat is Posting sexual, explicit content, then it against the Snapchat community guidelines. So you may be wondering how Premium Snapchat exists. It’s all because of the loopholes, my friend. Sharing any form of pornographic content is not allowed on Snapchat, but that does not stop people from doing it. 

We all know Snapchat would not have gained much popularity if it were not for the ‘Delete After Viewing” feature. This feature on Snapchat has made it convenient for people to show their naughtiness without the fear of waking up being viral the next day. Snapchat is being used for sharing explicit content probably from the very first day. So, Premium Snapchat is not much of a problem.

 Snapchat does not have direct payment methods. People need to use a third-party payment method. While doing it, they are not paying the taxes. This makes Premium Snapchat illegal. So, if you want your Premium Snapchat account safe, please pay taxes.

Payment Methods

There is no method for your clients to pay directly from the Snapchat app. You need to use a third-party payment application for it. Some of the commonly used third-party apps include Erotifix, JustForFans, etc. The subscribers can use PayPal too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have tried to address some of your other queries regarding the Premium Snapchat account.

Do I Have To Pay The Third Parties Too?

As Snapchat does not have any private paying methods, you need to use a third-party application. The third-party apps are surely gonna charge you a certain amount of money.

So, fix the pricing with your clients, keeping this in mind.

Is My Identity Protected On Premium Snapchat?

I know privacy is your basic concern while creating Premium Snapchat. You definitely don’t want your identity disclosed. Snapchat Team cares for you. Your details are safe until your account is private.

Note: Please turn the “Ghost Mode”  on if you don’t want your followers to access your location.


Premium Snapchat is a regular private Snapchat account that is used for sharing adult, sexual, explicit content. You can access such accounts by subscriptions. 

If you are looking for a way to make money by camming and similar stuff, Premium Snapchat can be another cool way to make your bank accounts bulky. Go, give it a try ;).

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