What Does G.O.A.T Mean On Snapchat?

What Does G.O.A.T Mean On Snapchat?

If you use social media, you may have come across some posts that have a G.O.A.T acronym in them. If you are a football freak, there is no way you haven’t heard this term till now. 

Some of you may wonder why these crazy people have been claiming their idols to be animals, but the scenario is quite different.

G.O.A.T is not just a regular word that refers to an animal. In fact, it is an acronym and internet slang.

G.O.A.T. is an acronym for Greatest Of All Times.

You know the usage of acronyms is drastically increasing over the Internet. Well, G.O.A.T is one of such acronyms or, let’s say, one of such internet slang.

In this article, we are gonna discuss all about the usage of G.O.A.T on Snapchat.

What Does G.O.A.T Mean On Snapchat?

The acronym G.O.A.T is different from the animal goat. Nevertheless, G.O.A.T is a universal internet acronym that has become quite famous.

Talking about my experience, I’ve been hearing about the term G.O.A.T by the boys while they talk about their favorite football player. I grew up listening to the debates where they argued whether Messi was the G.O.A.T or it’s Ronaldo.

The case may not be the same for everyone, but people seem to use the term while talking about Football most of the time.

G.O.A.T stands for Greatest Of All Times. 

People don’t utter G.O.A.T to anything or anyone. The acronym, as easy as it seems, holds great value and respect among the people. People don’t often wander around referring G.O.A.T to just anyone unless they are top on their field.

Like in every other social media, people use G.O.A.T in Snapchat too. People mostly use this acronym to praise someone when they do something big. They show it as an informal way to appreciate, admire, and praise someone. 

How To Use G.O.A.T The Right Way?

People use G.O.A.T when they feel like praising somebody or something because they are the finest, and ain’t nothing as they existed on the planet before. The term is used to denote that something/ somebody is the best and cannot be defeated in their category. 

They also use G.O.A.T when serotonin triggers them. People tend to get emotional and use the term while they are impressed and inspired by someone and think they are the best.

When To Use G.O.A.T?

Don’t take the use of the term “G.O.A.T” lightly. It is a matter of respect to many people in the world. So, my advice is, don’t just use “G.O.A.T” to someone unless they are worthy of respect.

Use the term when somebody does incredible things in their field that rarely anybody can. Use the word to praise the unique and incredible talent. Just don’t let the praise go in vain; make sure the person you give this complement really deserves that amount of respect. Greatest All Of times holds a lot of respect, doesn’t it?

You can use the acronym while you are talking about your idol, be it a celebrity or not. It’s best if you use the term for someone who is incredibly good.

I am not saying you can not use “G.O.A.T” to your friends at all. You can use it when your friend does exceptionally well in class, games, etc. Use it to show that you are really proud of them. 

How To Use G.O.A.T On Snapchat?

We can use the G.O.A.T acronym on Snapchat in different ways. You can use the acronym while chatting, snapping, keeping a story, or even use the G.O.A.T filter itself. Let’s discuss how you can use the G.O.A.T acronym in different ways on Snapchat below:

In Chat

You might be thinking, why am I going through such basic steps. Every one of us knows that we can use the acronym in chat by just typing the word, right? But what if I tell you there is a fun way to use G.O.A.T on chat?

You can make chatting more fun by using the stickers and cameos that say G.O.A.T.

Follow these simple steps to do that:

  1. Open the Snapchat app on your device and login if you haven’t already.
    Snapchat Log In
  2. Tap on the Chat icon that appears on the second from the left side on the bottom of your screen. Then, open the conversation of the friend you wanna chat with.
    Snapchat Chat Icon
  3. Now, simply type “G.O.A.T” on the text box and tap on “Stickers.”
    Snapchat GOAT sticker
  4. You will find the relevant stickers there.
  5. In case you wanna try the Cameos, you can find them under Bitmoji. Tap the favorite cameo that says G.O.A.T and send it to your friend in Chat.

In Filter

To your surprise, Snapchat actually has a G.O.A.T filter that you can use. You can also add numbers of emojis and stickers while using the filter.

To use the G.O.A.T filter, all you need is a picture with a detectable face.

Below is the guide on how you can use the G.O.A.T filter on Snapchat:

  1. Launch the Snapchat app on your device. Log in if necessary.
    Snapchat Log In
  2. In the Snapchat Home tab, tap on the smiley icon to search for filters.
    Snapchat Smiley icon
  3. Then, tap on the “Explore” icon with a magnifying glass and type “G.O.A.T” so that you can search for the G.O.A.T filter.
    Snapchat Explore icon
  4. Scroll until you find the filter you like and then tap to select it.
    Snapchat GOAT Filter
  5. Click a snap applying the filter. And you are done. 
    Snapchat GOAT Filter 2

Note: You can use the filter with both the primary and secondary camera on Snapchat.

In Snap or Stories

You can use the G.O.A.T acronym in the snap and stories as well. That way, you can use G.O.A.T and send it to the target person or put it into your Snapchat story while showing pictures in the background. To use G.O.A.T in your story or a snap, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Snapchat app on your device. Log in if necessary.
    Snapchat Log In
  2. Snapchat will automatically direct you to its home page. Tap on the camera icon to take a snap.
    Snapchat camera button
  3. Once you take the snap, tap on the sticker icon that appears on the right side of your screen.
    Snapchat Sticker icon
  4. Now, tap on the search bar above your screen and search for “G.O.A.T.” You will find a wide range of stickers and GIFs that says G.O.A.T. Tap the one you like the most to use and drag it to your snap.
    Snapchat GOAT gif on Snap (2)
  5. If you are willing to send a snap, tap on the arrow and select the friend to whom you wanna send the snap. [You can choose multiple friends too.] And in case you are not, jump to step 6.]
  6. Tap on the “My Story” to post the snap as your Snapchat story.
    Snapchat My Story

Examples Of G.O.A.T In Sentences

Still not clear regarding the usage of G.O.A.T? 

Here are some examples using the acronym in the sentences that you may find helpful:

  1. A: Did you watch how Messi saved the game yesterday?
    B: Yeah, man, he is the G.O.A.T.
    To elaborate, two people are discussing the football match that happened yesterday. They are talking about how Messi’s goal saved the match for the team and how great his skill is.
  1. A: (Uploads a new DP on Instagram.)
    Hey, this DP of yours is GOAT.
    Here, person B is flattering A by using G.O.A.T. 
  1. A: Can you recommend me a sitcom?
    B: Yeah, F.R.I.E.N.D.S is the G.O.A.T when it comes to sitcoms.
    Person B is suggesting A watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S telling the show is the best among all the sitcoms.

I hope things are clearer to you now. 🙂

How To Distinguish If People Are Meaning Goat Or G.O.A.T?

G.O.A.T sometimes can be chaotic to understand. Unlike many acronyms, GOAT is a regular word in the English vocabulary. If not used properly, you cannot even distinguish if the other person is talking about a livestock animal or the idol who is the greatest of all times. 

We are here to save you from that chaos. Let’s make the differences so clear that your brain will automatically detect if the person is talking about the animal or referring to the acronym.

To figure out if someone is using or referring to the acronym, focus on these signals:

  1. The person has capitalized the word. If he/she has capitalized each of the letters in GOAT, the person definitely is using the acronym.
  2. The text has “The” before GOAT.
  3. The person is using a period after each alphabet, i.e., G.O.A.T.
  4. If the person seems/sounds impressed by an act, talent, behavior, or whatever
  5. The person has used the word to denote or refer to someone.

If you detect any of these features on the text you receive, then there is a high probability the person means the acronym. If the text contains all of these qualities, they definitely mean the acronym. And, if none of the features matches, the person is referring to the livestock animal.

However, the other person may not know the proper way to use the acronym. So, the best thing you can do in such a condition is read the text in your head to figure out what the person is actually referring to.

Etymology Of G.O.A.T

The rapper LL COOL J first used the acronym G.O.A.T in 2000 A.D. He used the term to name his eighth album.

The album was just not named G.O.A.T randomly. It was pretty thoughtful. He wrote the songs of his album after each initial in G.O.A.T to make it clear that the word was an acronym and not the livestock animal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I know you still have some questions hanging on your brain. So I have tried to address some of your probable questions in the FAQ section below:

What Does It Mean When Someone Calls You A Goat?

Greatest Of All Times or Animal(Goat)?

If you receive a text from someone who says you are the goat; you first need to figure out whether they mean Greatest Of All Times or the animal. People don’t usually address a human being saying an animal: but anyway, double-check the features mentioned above just to be sure, you know.

What Does KK Mean?

It means Okay.

You must have used ‘K’ as a short form to Okay at least once in your life. Well, KK is no different. KK is an abbreviation for Okay too.


To conclude, people use the acronym G.O.A.T  on Snapchat to mean Greatest Of All Times. So if a friend texts you saying “goat” on Snapchat, he probably means you are his greatest friend of all time unless your pet name is the animal goat.

Anyway, if you are someone who loves to correct people, and a human version of Grammar.ly, correct your friend by telling them it’s “G.O.A.T” and not “Goat.”

Happy Snapping!

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