What Does SMH Mean On Snapchat?

SMH Mean On Snapchat

Understanding text slang and the short forms when you are new to Snapchat might be quite a difficult task. I know it’s chaotic for you to understand the whole text when you see short forms that you have no idea about. Let me help you in case of a text with “SMH” ever pops on your dm. 

SMH is an acronym that stands for “Shaking My Head.” This Snapchat acronym is mostly used when people want to express their disbelief through text. SMH is not used when you agree to somebody’s point. Instead, it is used in situations when you are bemused, disappointed, frustrated, or irritated. Use “SMH” when words are not enough to describe your friends’ stupidity. 

Want to know more about “SMH” and its usage? Read this article thoroughly. Trust me; I won’t leave you shaking your head after you are done reading.

What Does SMH Mean On Snapchat?

SMH stands for “Shaking My Head”; and is an acronym used over texts to express disbelief. You might misunderstand SMH as a classical head nod, which means “No.” But let me clarify you, SMH is used as a sign of disapproval, disbelief, stupefy, or disagreement in the kind of situations that make your eyes roll. SMH is used in a similar situation when you would use a “side-eye” or “facepalm” emoji.

If you want to emphasize more of your emotion, you can use SMDH, which stands for “Shaking My Damn Head.” In case you don’t wanna be rude, you can use SMHS, meaning; “Shaking My Head Smiling.”

How To Use SMH The Right Way 

SMH is used while reacting to other’s opinions, not while presenting your own. You see, it’s the expression you give, listening to other peoples’ ideas. SMH is your response to somebody else’s behavior. We use SMH when we are out of words in disbelief. 

There is not any typical rule on using SMH the right way. However, make sure you use this slang to people who seem to know its meaning. Understanding each and every trending acronyms over social media is not everyone’s cup of tea, you know. 

Note: SMH is only used over texts. Please don’t make a fool of yourself by using it in real life.

When To Use SMH

I assume you know the meaning and usage of SMH by now. Still not sure about when to use SMH? Below are some situations when you could use SMH.

  1. When your favorite team loses.
  2. When you again miss your train by a minute.
  3. When somebody makes poor life choices.
  4. When your friend is acting dumb.
  5. When your friend just said she loves her boyfriend but is making out with another guy.

How To Use SMH Hashtag On Snapchat 

Using #SMH on Snapchat is easy. Want to use the “SMH” hashtag on Snapchat but don’t know how? Below is a step-by-step guide on how you can use the “SMH” hashtag on Snapchat.

Step 1: Open Snapchat And Login

The first step towards using #SMH on Snapchat is simply by opening the Snapchat app on your device. Log in if you haven’t already.

Snapchat Open Snapchat App

Step 2: Take A Snap 

Once you have logged in to your Snapchat account, take a snap as you normally would. Tap on the camera button that shows up on the lower center of your screen to take a snap.

Step 3: Tap On The Sticker Icon

Now that you have taken a snap, you can see a Sticker icon to the upper left of your screen. Tap on the icon so that it displays the available options.

Sticker icon

Step 4: Search For #SMH

A search box appears on the top of your screen as soon as you tap on the Sticker icon. Tap on the search box and search for “#SMH.” Varieties of GIPHY and stickers with #SMH will display on your screen. Tap the one you would like to use on your snap.

Snapchat SMH search

Step 5: Choose The Sticker 

Once you have chosen your favorite #SMH tag (be it GIPHY or a Sticker), you just need to drag it to your snap, drag the sticker to the spot you want in your snap, and you are done.

snapchat SMH sticker

Quick Tip: You can always enlarge or reduce the size of the sticker by pinching it.

Examples Of SMH In Sentence

If you have made up to this portion of the article, you are obviously clear with the actual meaning of SMH. Let me give a broader sense of how to use SMH by setting up some examples.

  1. “You slept with another woman after 3 hours of breakup and Rach going out with a guy after 3 weeks is too soon to you? SMH, Ross.” 
  2. “You thought surprising a diabetic patient with a cake would be a good idea? SMH, Karen.”
  3. “You now realize hanging out with her was toxic. SMH.”
  4. “Could this day become any worse? SMH.”

Origin Of SMH

SMH was added to the Urban Dictionary in 2004 as an acronym. The slang gained popularity during the early 2010s on the social media platforms like Facebook, Reddit, Roblox, and Tumblr. Once the use of SMH reached its peak in GIFs and memes, it was added to the Urban Dictionary in 2014. Nobody seems to know about SMH’s origination whatsoever.

Other full forms of SMH

A single acronym can have hundreds of full forms, where one is completely different from the other. When you search up “SMH” on google, you’d probably find the following full forms. 

The Sydney Morning Herald

“The Sydney Morning Herald” is an Australian daily newspaper that shares the acronym “SMH” too. If you google SMH, this might be the first full form to show up on your screen.

Simple Harmonic Motion

In Science, SMH stands for “Simple Harmonic Motion.” Simple Harmonic Motion is the forth and back movement through an equilibrium. 

So Much Hate

“So Much Hate” is another internet slang used on Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms. If your friend texts you SMH, you need to figure out on your own whether he said “So Much Hate” or “Shaking My Head,” depending upon the situation. 

Scratching My Head

“Scratching My Head” is another full form for the SMH, which is also internet slang. It is used in instant messaging. Scratching My Head is similar to Shaking My Head, except that Scratching My Head is mostly used in the situation of confusion. 

People use acronyms all the time. So, don’t let yourself drown in the chaos. Relate the full form that suits the best according to the circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

I know you still have questions about SMH. I am not much of a psychic, but I have tried to address some of the probable questions that might be in the back of your head.

Is SMH An Insult?

SMH can be called the acronym version of “eye-roll,” too. You must be tired of hearing that SMH is used to express disbelief, disappointment, and bemused by now. It is what it is. You are smart enough to sense insult in the text, aren’t you?

Why Should I Use SMH?

Slangs are the new interjections. With the use of internet slang and acronyms, one could save their time as well as add emotion to their texts. With the development of more social sites, people, especially youngsters, are normalizing acronyms and slang all over the internet. Over the coming years, you may not be shocked if you received a text with acronyms only. So, to spice up your conversation without putting in much effort, you should use acronyms like SMH.


SMH is one of the text slang used in Snapchat, Instagram, and other social media platforms. People use this acronym to express their disbelief, disagreement, and sometimes irritation over the texts. SMH is used in circumstances when you actually might shake your head in real life. Note that SMH is used only over the texts. Please don’t yell “SMH” in real life; because it might keep people shaking their heads looking at your stupidity.

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