How To Check If A Dell Laptop Is Refurbished?

How To Check If A Dell Laptop Is Refurbished?

If your new product’s pack has been ripped off, and it isn’t from a reputable store, you might find your product isn’t new but a refurbished model or open-boxed replacement. If you ordered a new laptop online, you must check if it is new or refurbished. How to check if a Dell laptop is refurbished?

Look up your laptop on the manufacturer’s website. You can note down the product key from the bottom of the laptop. It is a serial number on the sticker with the brand name. Then type the number on your brand’s website to see when your laptop was built.

This article will help you check if your brand new laptop is brand new or is it a refurbished one and some tips on how genuine can refurbished dell laptops be. 

What Is A Refurbished Laptop?

Refurbished laptops have been bought, opened, and returned by the customers. A Laptop that has been returned to the retailer or the manufacturer because of an imperfection shrouded in the guarantee or on expiry of the lease arrangement can be fixed and reconditioned to a nearly “fresh out of the box new status.” 

Legitimately, they are not new and are known as restored or refurbished laptops.

Refurbished laptops are cheaper than sealed laptops of the same model from the manufacturer and have an unknown lifespan. 

How To Check If A Dell Laptop Is Refurbished?

Dell’s refurbished laptops, purchased from official stores, have a new Dell warranty just like their new computers. Not the remaining years or months of the already given warranty, but the new date once Dell’s service tag is set after purchasing the refurbished computer.

However, unofficial vendors sell Dell refurbished computers with the remaining Dell warranty that came with the product when they purchased it. If the product’s warranty has already expired, they will personally give you the warranty, which cannot be seen on the official Dell website.

You can check if your dell laptop is refurbished by following the step given below:

Step 1: See the Dell Product Key at the bottom of your laptop. It is a model number or serial number and your laptop’s brand name. If you do not find it, request the Dell Service Tag from the vendor or site you bought the product from.

Step 2: Afer you find the tag, open the official support website of Dell. On the website, find the “Support Warranty and Contract” section. 

Step 3: Enter the tag or the product key and click on search. This provides an over warranty regardless of the age of the laptop, its original specifications, or whether it is a refurbished product. 

Price Difference Between Refurbished And New Dell Laptops

A fresh out of the box new one may be the ideal choice assuming the price is not a problem. It will give you every one of the elements and usefulness you want.

However, it comes at a greater expense. Be that as it may, a refurbished laptop permits you to set aside cash by buying a manufacturer-reviewed laptop, complete with a guarantee.

It does not merit that the expense of the refurbished model doesn’t offer a considerable discount over the new model. Nonetheless, assuming the refurbished model is at a huge discount, everything will be fine.

Assuming a gaming laptop costs $1,500 new and can be refurbished for $1.400, then, at that point, is it worth the effort? I would prefer to burn through $100 more to get a pristine one, as it will presumably accompany a more maintenance agreement. 

Assuming a similar gaming laptop were to be refurbished at $1,100, it would offer an adequately considerable rebate to persuade me to pick the refurbished choice. Something else to recall is that while a refurbished laptop might appear to be an incredible arrangement because it’s modest, it probably won’t be on par with different choices. 

Even though refurbished laptops are regularly less expensive than new models, they can be costly. A contender brand might have an equivalent or better laptop at a modest cost, and it will come in at a similar cost.

Most importantly, a refurbished Laptop with a huge value drop doesn’t mean it is an extraordinary arrangement. Therefore, it is crucial to check out the whole market and analyze the cost and equipment of the refurbished Laptop to different choices.

Everything You Need To Know Before Buying A Refurbished Laptop

When purchasing a new laptop, you might need to drop a sizable amount of cash to get a best-in-class machine that can wow you with its speed, power, and computerized capability. Nonetheless, this decision is basically out of reach for a few.

Accordingly, a refurbished laptop is an insightful decision for certain people who need a solid laptop with a more reasonable sticker price. Furthermore, people who buy refurbished Dell computers know that there are tons to be gained within the refurbished computer market, and you’ll get a Laptop that rivals the new model in performance.

Here are some insights on what you need to know before getting a refurbished Dell laptop.

  1. Purchase from an authorized company with a personal stake in the item.
  2. Assuming you are buying a refurbished Dell item from a Dell retailer, odds are great that the item will turn out great since the company would rather not spoil its appearance. On the off chance that you’re purchasing a refurbished product from an outsider, who knows who did the testing and fixes.
  3. Continuously check the merchandise exchange BEFORE you purchase.
  4. Likewise, check the guarantee inclusion with any item before you want the guarantee.
  5. Think about a maintenance agreement.

Refurbished Laptop Grades

Every gadget gets a grade as a part of the refurbishing process. There are three exclusive grades of refurbished laptops. A-grade refurbished laptops are computer systems that display no substantial superficial symptoms, damage, or use and characteristic perfectly with new overall performance metrics and running systems. 

For example, if a person ordered a brand new laptop online, opened the box, grew to become the gadget, then determined to go back to it, that Laptop might also additionally grow to be lower back on the manufacturing facility refurbishment as an A-magnificence Laptop. 

B-magnificence refurbished laptops might also have mild beauty imperfections and scratches on the screen, worn keys on the keyboard, or minor dings inside the shell. 

C-magnificence refurbished laptops display substantial symptoms and symptoms of the damage, have an older running system, and will have barely compromised screens. All three grades are examined for functionality. However, the number one variations are overall performance and beauty imperfections.

Few Benefits Of Buying Refurbished Dell Laptops

Despite the high price tag, refurbished laptops can outperform new laptops when you need a model that has been “street-tested” for a while in the mall. So you can be sure you’re getting the quality and items that matter to you. Some of the benefits are:

  1. Customer audits are more appropriate for experienced models than new off-the-shelf models. 
  2. Choosing a refurbished laptop can also be a reliable environmental decision. Purchasing a refurbished unit leads to cost savings as there are fewer common assets and less e-waste required for a new laptop. 
  3. At Dell, they use upgradeable drives to dump thousands of tons of e-waste into landfills each year.

What’s So Great About Dell’s Refurbished Laptops?

At Dell, refurbishing is tied in with proceeding with the lifecycle of their items by taking them back to a state as near pristine as conceivable as far as execution, dependability, administration, and appearance.

Dell’s obligation to great refurbishment is additionally an impression of their obligation to maintainability. As a component of their main goal to turn into the greenest innovation organization on earth, 100% of all returned Dell frameworks are revamped or refurbished, which keeps 1,000 tons of electronic waste from being added to landfills consistently.

Dell’s refurbished items empower them to offer their clients more choices and extraordinary worth, assisting more with people tracking down a top-notch laptop that meets their requirements and spending plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is A Refurbished Laptop Worth Buying?

Whether you’re searching for another item or simply need a redesign on your flow model, purchasing refurbished laptops can be a great choice when looking on the web.

What Characteristics Does A Refurbished Laptop Show?

A grade B or C refurbished laptop may have dents or scratches on the shell. Likewise, your hardware or software may not be of the latest edition, affecting the performance. The battery life also may be shorter.


With these advantages recorded above, there are many reasons why individuals decide to go with refurbished laptops over their pristine partners – especially if they couldn’t care less about style (what it looks like). Regardless of whether somebody can’t get the most recent rendition in innovation, they can, in any case, appreciate what the more seasoned adaptation brings to the table.

Whether you set aside cash by purchasing a refurbished laptop or simply need PC parts, incredible arrangements are available for everybody! You simply need to take as much time as necessary and do a few examinations before settling on any official conclusions on which things are appropriate for you.

There is no single side that fits all responses regarding electronic items, so ensure that you comprehend both the advantages AND downsides of every decision to settle on an educated choice regarding whether this sort regarding item would be most appropriate for your inclination – in any case assuming it’s pristine versus utilized!

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