How Do I Add Or Change Interest in Clubhouse? [Android & iOS]

How Do I Add Or Change Interest in Clubhouse

Did you skip to choose your interest while first signing up to Clubhouse?

Are you regretting your decision because you see content that does not meet your interests at all?

Keep your regrets aside. You can still fix this by editing your interest in Clubhouse.  

Bid Goodbye to the unwanted rooms you have seen in your Hallway. You don’t have to adjust with the algorithm of the unwanted rooms in Hallway anymore. 

To add or change your interest in Clubhouse:

  1. Open Clubhouse app
  2. Go to your Clubhouse Profile.
  3. Tap the “Gear” button and select “Interests.”
  4. Select your interests from the list.

In this article, I will guide you on how to add or change your interests in Clubhouse in a detailed process.  

How To Add Interest In Clubhouse?

The field of interest you choose on Clubhouse is responsible for what you see in the Hallway. Clubhouse analyses your interests set them on its algorithm and shows relevant clubs and rooms in the Hallway. 

Nobody wants to engage in a topic they have zero interest in. But, setting wrong Interests or fewer Interests on Clubhouse can completely alter the fun you can have. So, if you want to jazz up your journey on Clubhouse and make it worth your while, you should definitely try adding interest in Clubhouse.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how you can add your interest in Clubhouse:

Step 1: Open Clubhouse

Let’s get you started. First, open the “Clubhouse” app on your device and log in to your Clubhouse account, providing the necessary credentials.


Step 2: Navigate To Clubhouse Profile

Clubhouse directs you to its Hallway as soon as you log in to your Clubhouse account. So, to navigate to your Clubhouse Profile, tap on your profile icon that shows up in the upper right corner of your screen.

Clubhouse Profile Icon

Step 3: Tap The Gear Button

On your Clubhouse Profile, you will see a Gear button at the top right corner of your screen. Tap the button to open Clubhouse Settings.


Step 4: Select “Interests”

On Settings, you will see various options. Tap on “Interests” among them.

Clubhouse Interest Option

Step 5: Tap The Topics You Are Interested In

To add the topics of your interest on Clubhouse, scroll to find different topics. Then, tap on the topics to select and highlight them in blue. 

Clubhouse Interests

You can select as many topics as you want according to your wish and interests.

You can always add interest at anytime you want.

How To Change Interest In Clubhouse?

Did you choose the wrong interest while setting up your Clubhouse Profile? No worries, you can always switch your interest in no time. 

Follow these steps to change your interest in Clubhouse. Whether you are an iOS user or an Android user, you can use this method as the steps do not vary on both devices.

Step 1: Open the Clubhouse App

How do you make any modifications to the settings of an app? By obviously opening the app first. Launch the Clubhouse app on your device. And don’t forget to log in to your account if you haven’t already.


Step 2: Go To Your Profile

Tap the ovate Profile Picture of yours on the top right corner to go to your Clubhouse Profile.


Step 3: Open Clubhouse Settings

You will see a Gear button at the top right corner of your screen on your Clubhouse Profile. Tap the button to open Clubhouse Settings.


Step 4: Tap On “Interests”

We are close now. Tap on “Interests” to be able to change your existing Interests in Clubhouse.


Step 5: Select Your Interests

You will see numerous available options under different headers on your screen now. Tap all of the topics that interest you. There is no limit on how many interests you can select. So, feel free to exceed the numbers if necessary.

add or change interets

Step 6: Deselect Your Interests 

I guess you want to change your interest in Clubhouse because you are not satisfied with what you previously saw on the app. So, deselect the interests you are no more interested in. To deselect any of your interests, just tap the title. The title will turn back to its normal color from blue, and it’s done.

Clubhouse Interests In Clubhouse
Clubhouse Interests Deselection 2

What To Do If I Don’t Find Topics Of My Interest?

Selected several topics of interest on Clubhouse but did not find any relevant topics yet? I can help.

Try these ideas:

  1. Go to the Interest page to make sure you haven’t mistaken. Your topics of interest on Clubhouse are highlighted with blue color. If you didn’t find your interest highlighted, you know where you went wrong.
  2. Sometimes, the problem is not with your action. It’s just Clubhouse’s system. So, restart the Clubhouse app on your device to fix the errors.

These steps should do. But if you are still not seeing the content of your choice, you will have to log out and re-login to Clubhouse. This will clear your Clubhouse cache, get rid of the local files; refreshing the app.

To log out of the Clubhouse app, follow these steps:

  1. First, launch the “Clubhouse” app on your device.
  2. Tap your profile icon on the top right corner to open your Profile.
  3. Open Clubhouse Settings by tapping the gear button on the top right corner of your screen.
  4. Select “Log Out” and “Confirm” your action.

Once you complete these steps, Clubhouse will log you out. Refresh the app and log in to your account back providing the necessary credentials.

If you are still facing trouble and getting suggestions of your old interest, try reaching out  Clubhouse Support Team.

Why Change Interest On Clubhouse?

Even the Climates are changing;  what are people? People have never been consistent, and neither have their interests and thoughts. People seem to adopt new interests and habits every day. What interests you today might bore you tomorrow. 

You don’t need to force yourself to like something you are already done with. And you definitely don’t have to get stuck in the same choices and relive the same day every day. It’s not necessary that you have to like something that amused you a week before or months before. 

So, I recommend you to get rid of the topics that you lost interest in, and replace them with new ones. Clubhouse lets you change your interest as many times as you want. Why not get past something that doesn’t interest you anymore?

Can Other People View My Interest On Clubhouse?

You might have privacy concerns with Clubhouse as it lets any random people view your followers and following list. But in the case of Interests, you don’t need to worry at all.

Your Interests in Clubhouse are private. Nobody other than you can view the list of interests you selected. Your interest is only for you. You will get relevant suggestions from your interest on Clubhouse, without letting other people know.

People cannot judge you in this regard since they cannot see your interest in the first place. So, feel free to choose any interest you want.

But, even if people were to see, you should not care about what they say. It’s your life, and you are free to make your own choices.

Updating The Room Suggestions In Clubhouse

Sometimes, Clubhouse System may be facing some problems. There is a chance you will see no updated rooms or sometimes no rooms at all. The Clubhouse will need some time to fix this issue. 

You can try pulling the Hallway from top to bottom to refresh the Clubhouse Rooms. 

If refreshing the Hallway does not help, you can do nothing rather than waiting for the Clubhouse algorithm to find new rooms for you.

Don’t worry; the bug is temporary. You will be able to use Clubhouse normally after some time once the app fixes the glitch.

Didn’t See The “Interests” Option On Your App?

If you do not see the “Interests” option on Clubhouse, it’s because you are using the older version of Clubhouse.

The clubhouse didn’t have the feature where you could change your Interests on Android devices in the older updates. But, the newer updates allow you to change and edit your Interests.

So, if you can’t see the “Interests” option on your Clubhouse Settings, consider updating Clubhouse app on your device.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Let’s answer some more questions in the FAQ section below.

How To Change My Clubhouse Bio?

The Bio defines yourself. You might want to write something that introduces you; presents you with who you are. Whether you are not happy with your current bio or want to modify it, you can change your bio easily. 

To change your Bio on Clubhouse,

  1. Open the “Clubhouse” app.
  2. Navigate to your Clubhouse Profile.
  3. Tap on “Bio” and start editing it.

Can We Add/Remove Interests Any Time?

You can add, change, or remove your interests anywhere and any time as long as you have a good internet connection. You can edit your Clubhouse interest for infinite times and select as many interests as you want.

There are absolutely no restrictions on the number of interests you can choose and the number of times you choose topics of your interest on Clubhouse.

So, I recommend you utilize this feature. 


You don’t need to worry if you selected the wrong Interest or just skipped the whole process. You can undo it within a minute at any time. You can change your interests in Clubhouse with time and enjoy different rooms that share the content of your choice. Make your experience of Clubhouse fruitful and enjoyable by updating your Interest. 

Happy Clubhousing!

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