What Does Party Emoji(🎉) Mean On Clubhouse?

What Does Party Emoji(🎉) Mean On Clubhouse

Did you just join Clubhouse and feel odd because you are the only one with party popper emoji at the bottom of your profile picture? Don’t worry. You haven’t made any mistake while signing up to the Clubhouse. You may be feeling odd because you are the only new user in your friend circle. 

Do a little search, and you will see tons of people who have similar party popper emojis as you.

The party emoji on Clubhouse is the welcome party for the newbies. Clubhouse gives the party emoji to each new user to welcome them to Clubhouse. 

Clubhouse assigns the party emoji to new members to aware the existing users that they are freshers and might require some assistance using Clubhouse.

Other than that, the party emoji on Clubhouse is a warm, welcoming emoji from Clubhouse’s side for you.

Let’s discuss more about the “Party” emoji in this article below.

What Does Party Emoji (🎉) Mean?

The Party emoji on Clubhouse is just a warming icon assigned to a new Clubhouse user. It is sort of a warming gift by the Clubhouse Team to you. The party emoji forms this badge thingy at the bottom of your profile picture.

The emoji will vanish in a week after you start using the Clubhouse app.

Clubhouse does not have any DMs or other features where you could ask the older users about the usage of Clubhouse. So, for your comfort, Clubhouse assigns you the party emoji so that other users will identify you as a newbie and let them know that you might require some help or assistance. 

Unlike other social media apps, the party emoji in Clubhouse is not the indication of a Birthday or New Year’s party. It is just a signal attached to someone’s profile for a week.

What Does The Party Emoji Look Like?

Party Emoji On Clubhouse

Hearing about the party emoji all over the Internet, but you don’t even know what does the party emoji actually looks like? If yes, I am happy to help.

This party emoji looks like a cone-shaped cap that lets out the confetti and other props. Basically, you can say that the party emoji looks like a Birthday hat that is just leaned to the side.  

It’s a normal emoji that you frequently use while talking about parties, celebrations, birthdays,  etc.

How Is Party Emoji Helpful?

The party emoji may look simple to you, but this cute thing is very helpful. Every single user gets the party popper emoji at the bottom of their profile when they just start using the Clubhouse app.

The clubhouse is not like the other social media apps. It is different, and newbies can feel lost while just starting to use the app. 

I don’t feel like there is any feature similar to other apps in Clubhouse. I didn’t mean it in a bad way, but it surely makes it harder for the new users to cope with the Clubhouse environment.

By pinning the party popper emoji, Clubhouse is making the other users aware of you being new to Clubhouse. So, you might need some help while using this app. Whether a person has become a moderator, speaker, or is still a listener, everyone was a new user at one point. They know how much chaotic the Clubhouse can be. The other users will easily identify you as a new user when they see the party emoji on your photo. Some of the old users will obviously guide you when they feel like you are in need of some help.

So yes, this party popper emoji is definitely helpful.

But, what to do if it’s been a week since you joined Clubhouse; the badge disappeared already, and you still don’t know how to use the Clubhouse app? If that’s the situation, I recommend you to check the bio of the random people who are in the same room as you. You can check profiles of different people until you find someone with similar interests as you and follow the clubs they follow. Following them can be very helpful as you will be able to see the rooms they have joined in the Hallway. Who knows that room might interests you as well? 

Clubhouse is different, but it certainly has a learning curve set in it. You don’t have to go through hate comments and judgments just because you are not familiar with the settings and functions of the app. It might take some time, but you will surely master Clubhouse someday.

Why Do I Have Party Emoji In My Profile?

Clubhouse assigns a hat-like celebration emoji to every user as soon as they sign up for the Clubhouse app. It is a warming gift to the Clubhouse users. 

So, if you see a party emoji pinned below the profile picture of yours, it’s because you have just joined the Clubhouse app, and it has not even been a week-long since you joined Clubhouse.

How Long Does The Party Emoji Last?

The party emoji appears as soon as you join Clubhouse and lasts for a week since you joined Clubhouse. 

Nobody knows whether Clubhouse assigns this emoji to welcome you in the app or to inform others that you are a beginner in the app. It’s possible that Clubhouse gives this party emoji for both reasons. But whatever it is, the emoji lasts for 7 days, and it vanishes automatically.

Does Party Emoji Have Any Function?

Almost every emoji on Clubhouse has a specific function. But that is not in the case of party emoji. Except for indicating people as a newbie, the emoji does not seem to have any function.

But, indicating someone as a new or an old user is still a function, right? So, whether you say the party emoji has any function or not, both of the answers are correct.

Can I Get Rid Of Party Emoji On Clubhouse?

Party emoji is the one thing you will have to adjust to if you can’t stand the emoji at all. But, the time frame is not going to be long. The party emoji disappears as soon as you complete 7 days in the Clubhouse app. 

However, if you want to get rid of the party emoji before a week on Clubhouse, I am afraid you can’t do that. 

There is no way you can get rid of the party emoji except for waiting a week to vanish for the emoji all by itself

The party emoji does nothing except just being there, silently showing up beside your display profile picture. So, bear that poor thing for some days, maybe?

Where Can I See The Party Popper Emoji?

If you are still not being able to figure out where the party emoji appears, you can see it next to your Clubhouse profile picture. The emoji shows up while viewing your profile, while you become a moderator, or even when you are joining a Clubhouse room or a Club.

Other Symbols And Icons On Clubhouse

There are some other emojis and icons on Clubhouse too. Let’s briefly discuss about them below: 

Hand Icon

Hand Icon is the hand raise emoji that shows up at the lower right corner of your screen. You can request for the moderators to drag you up on the speaker’s stage in the Clubhouse room to become able to speak. You will get to speak only if the moderators send you the approval.

Peace Icon

The peace icon that appears beside “Leave Quietly” is the icon that helps you to get out of a Clubhouse room. You can tap on the emoji and leave any Clubhouse room without making a fuss.

Leaf Icon

The leaf icon on Clubhouse appears in the menu bar beside your profile picture. You can tap the Leaf Icon if you want to read the community guidelines of the Clubhouse app.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

I have addressed a few of your questions regarding Clubhouse in this section. Drop your questions in the comment section below if I have missed answering any of them.

What Does Hand Emoji Mean On Clubhouse?

Hand Emoji on Clubhouse is the icon that sends your requests to speak in any Clubhouse room to its moderators. Once the moderators approve your request, you will be taken up to the stage where you can present your views or interact in the room. 

The Hand Emoji is the icon that appears in the right lower corner of your screen whenever you join a Clubhouse room. If you don’t see any Hand Icon in a room, that’s because the moderators probably have temporarily disabled the hand raise option.

Get to know more about the Hand Emoji on What Does Hand Icon Mean On Clubhouse?

How Do You Type A Party Emoji On Clubhouse?

Clubhouse does not have any message box or a comment section. So, if you have asked about the platform to type the “Party emoji” on Clubhouse, you probably mean it on your Cubhouse bio.

You can simply type a party emoji on Clubhouse bio by using the emoji of your phone’s keyboard.

How Can I Get Party Emoji On Clubhouse?

A little too fascinated by the party emoji on Clubhouse? I am guessing you are not enough of the party emoji that you got for the first 7 days as soon as you joined Clubhouse. 

I hate to be the one who is telling you this, but you cannot get the party emoji back once it vanishes. 

Clubhouse assigns the party emoji only once to each of its users, which you cannot retain back by any means.

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, the party emoji on Clubhouse is a celebration emoji to welcome the newbies in Clubhouse. Clubhouse pins the party popper emoji at the bottom of the new users to let others know that they are new to Clubhouse.

Show some kindness. Please don’t hesitate to help the users with the Party emoji pinned on their profile if they require any assistance while using the Cubhouse app. After all, you were also a newbie once. 

Happy Clubhousing!

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