What Is the Clubhouse App Hallway?

Before entering any specific departments, we are directed to halls as a room for gathering at any events or talk shows. The clubhouse App Hallway is the main room, which shows the rooms, conversations, and ongoing discussions. It’s a platform to speak, listen and share thoughts. 

Like feed on Instagram, the news feed on Facebook, the timeline on Twitter, and so on, ‘hallway’ is a term for feed in the clubhouse. Clubhouse App Hallway is the main feed in the application where a user can see the active rooms and rooms in progress. You can join the rooms shown in your hallway in the application as soon as you open the app.

However, the clubhouse app hallway is open to rooms visible to every user from across the globe, and the social space is based on the people you follow. Therefore, only the invitations show closed rooms available to a clubhouse user. 

What Is The Clubhouse Hallway?

The clubhouse hallway is the main feed in this application. The hallway is like an entrance to all accommodated rooms within the clubhouse. All the functions you can reach through this platform appear here. This is the first screen you see after signing up or logging in to the clubhouse application.

You’ll see a title bar that allows icons, such as an envelope to send invites (initially), and a search bar to find people and clubs. Also, it shows the notifications from your followers, and based on your activity, you can see a profile icon in the top right corner. This all appears on the top of the home screen or the hallway. 

The entire feed is full of rooms. You can top your interest to filter the recommendation here. You can see an option to “Start a room” in the center of the lower screen. Next, you can see the list of active people on your network through an option in the bottom left corner. Finally, you can chat or request through the screen’s flyer icon on the bottom right corner. 

Purpose of the Clubhouse App Hallway

It is challenging to navigate to find rooms matching our interests in the absence of the main feed. As this summarises our good and relatable rooms in the clubhouse, the hallway is the first thing we see as we open the app. Some of the significant purposes of the clubhouse app hallway are as follows:

  • Displays substantial rooms in the clubhouse
  • Availability of the notable features of the clubhouse 
  • Interest-based recommendations to the users
  • Quick view of rooms title and names of a few moderators
  • Easy navigation to the rooms

What Appears On Our Clubhouse App Hallway?

Precisely, the clubhouse app hallway is a list of the ongoing rooms. You can see the title of the room and a few names displayed without actually joining the room. The title bar contains profile options such as the notification icon, search icons, upcoming events, and so on. In addition, you can see effective options like’‘Start a room’’ ‘‘wave’’ chat, and requests on the bottom of the screen. 

The list of the ongoing does not end. Also, you can tap your interests among the options shown on the screen as music, marketing, women, stocks, comedy, and so on, to filter the contents of your recommendations. The more you scroll,you’ll find the ongoing open rooms, and you are free to join anywhere you’d like. However, private rooms are visible to you only through an invitation from the moderators. 

How Are The Rooms Determine For Our Clubhouse App Hallway?

The room recommendation on your feed appears based on your interests. You can see the option to tap your interests among the mentioned options, and rooms with similar talks appear. Swiping left in your hallway shows you the list of available people. You can start a room including them and chat.

Nevertheless, this platform lets you change your interest and know more about various topics. Some of the significant issues you can tap as per your interests in the clubhouse are as follows:

  • Music 
  • Comedy 
  • Meet people
  • Clubhouse 
  • Marketing
  • Stocks
  • Dating
  • Movies
  • Tiktok
  • Health
  • Traveling 
  • Startup
  • Photography
  • Soccer
  • Education
  • Relationships 

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Avoid Sensual Contents From My Feed?

When you press on the room for a long time, it shows an option to hide the space. You can hide this room by tapping on ‘‘ok,’’ and it will not be shown on your feed again. 

How Can We See/Join Private Rooms In The Clubhouse?

You can join the private rooms in the clubhouse through an invitation. The users or friends can send the invitation through the”Wav” button on the clubhouse seen next to the person name you want to invite. 

How To Re-arrange Your Clubhouse App Hallway?

You can re-arrange your clubhouse app hallway by hiding the rooms or tapping on your interests to get favorable recommendations. 


Therefore, the clubhouse is a perfect platform for involving yourself in good discussions and progress with limitless interaction. 

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