How does Snapchat’s Best Friends Algorithm work?

Snapchat Best Friend Algorithm

As Snapchat keeps on updating its algorithm to keep its users engaged, like introducing streaks, there is a new addition to the list. You can now see the best friends tag that Snapchat gives some of the people on your friend list. How do Snapchat best friends algorithm work?

Generally, Snapchat attempts to keep the algorithm a secret as the obsession for who can make it to your best friends list remains a mystery. We have made an attempt to talk about how to get someone into your best friend list and how the algorithm works.

Let us find more about the algorithm in detail from this article!

What Is The Snapchat Best Friends Feature?

Many social media apps give you the authority to choose your friends and close friends like Facebook and Instagram. However, Snapchat decides to give it a classic name that you would love to be in real life.

The best friend is a selection of three to seven people who are close to you. It provides you the ease of access while sending snaps as they come top of the list. The feature was first introduced in 2018 and is hyped ever since.

How Are Snapchat’s Best Friends Ordered?

Obviously, like any other apps, Snapchat also uses your snaps and interactions to find out your best friend. You can say that the more streaks you send, the more close you are to the person. This is how they know who is close to you.

The order of users that interact with you over the past seven days is quite the way to choose your best friends. Although the exact details are not much given away by Snapchat to protect their privacy, it is pretty much visible.

So, Snapchat makes an ordered list based on the number of snaps they sent you or you sent them. Besides, the first three to five people are then your official Snapchat Best Friends. Snapchat used this algorithm in early 2018.

In contrast, there are some modifications that made sorting out the best friends list more complicated in 2018. Now not only does Snapchat use your individual snaps but also group interactions in the account.

Moreover, it is more fun as there are certain emojis given to your diverse best friend list. Your list can consist of:

  • Super BFF
  • BFF
  • Besties
  • Their BF
  • Mutual Besties
  • Mutual BFs
  • An almost best friend and much more.

How Many Best Friends Can You Have?

You can have up to eight best friends. It is hard to say which one you would choose to be on top. The list might vary as the list may contain one to eight best friends!

How To Find Out The Best Friends List On Snapchat?

Have you heard your friends talk about the best friends list but have not known where to look for it? Do not worry. Follow these easy steps to find out your personal best friends list on Snapchat:

  • Go to the Snapchat app.
  • In the top right of Snapchat Home Screen, tap on the New Chat icon.
  • You can find the best friends list at the top of the friend’s list. Besides, the best friends’ list has its own separate section.

Can You Edit Your Best Friends List?

Let’s say that you snap with your family every day too, and you have good conversations in your group of families as well. So, will Snapchat keep your family on your best friend list instead of your real friends? It is a thing to think over.

All tech-savvy people know that apps work on algorithms. Hence, they cannot differentiate between people in relationships. It is sad to know that you do not have direct tools that may help you to modify your friends’ list.

Although you are smart enough to understand how the app works and change your usage according to that, it is not actually a problem that your favorite aunt shows up on your best friends list. However, if you want to change how your list looks, you can do that by the following tricks.

The Nuclear Option

You can unfriend or block the person you do not want on your best friends list. If blocking seems unworthy, you can simply unfriend them. It seems cold to kick off your friends and family like that, though, as it may strike out the ill feelings.

Especially, it is the case of today when social media is more important than real-life feelings!

Stop Interactions

The second way is harsh too, but it seems to be less harmful than that of the previous one.

For this, you have to stop interacting with the people you do not want on your best friends list. Moreover, you can limit the snaps that you send them. However, their snaps are not what you can control. So, you may find the name off your list as soon as you completely cut off the communication with them.

If you do not have a long list of friends, it will be replaced by a new best friend in those 24 hours.

How To Make Someone Your Bestie?

As I have explained how the algorithm works to make someone your best friend, you might have already guessed what to do further. It might be a little work to let someone in on your best friends list. However, it is not at all impossible.

Let’s face it. You cannot swamp someone with snaps all over their account. So, how can you make it more subtle so that they remain on your best friends list, but they still do not get weirded out?

The simple answer to this is patience and perseverance. Even though you and your best friend do agree upon sending snaps and overloading your Snapchat app, you might not get to the list in a day or two.

Further, you have to engage in sending snaps to the person and encouraging them to reply to you. For this, you can use the gaming snaps or a snap with a question on it.

You can also pin a conversation on Snapchat. Check our video: Pin a Snapchat conversation

Similarly, interact with the person subtly in group conversations as well. It will take a few days for Snapchat’s best friend algorithm to recognize the change in the pattern. Eventually, you will find the person you want on your best friends list! Hard work pays off, doesn’t it?

Who Can See Your Snapchat Best Friends List?

Snapchat does respect privacy in this matter. Unless you check someone else’s Snapchat while you take a group photo, you cannot see the best friend list of your friends. I would suggest you not to creep others out!

Apparently, you could view other people’s best friends list, but in 2018 Snapchat removed this feature. It is a good thing, though, to maintain privacy. Besides, it will also help to protect the feelings of your friends who are not able to make it to your best friends list!

How Often Does Snapchat Best Friends Update?

The Snapchat Best friends list updates every day if you block or unfriend a person who is on the list.

Though, it will take some days or mostly 2 weeks to switch your best friend who has recently joined Snapchat because of your request! It is a faster process if you have fewer friends, though.

However, it also takes time to swipe up in the game after entering the list. It might take up to two months to reach the super BFF level approximately.

Frequently Asked Questions

If Someone Is On My Snapchat Best Friends List, Does It Mean I Am In Theirs Too?

Sadly, the answer to this is NO. It is not necessary that if you have someone on your best friend list, you will appear on theirs too.

As I have explained above, the best friend algorithm uses the number of snaps and interactions you have with the person. This means that if you only talk to one person, it may not be the same for your friends.

Some people snap all the time. I use Snapchat, and I am obsessed with the best friends list. So I was curious whether I was on my friend’s list too. To my shock, I was not.

Although I was relieved that her best friend list had her family, it made me realize that the best friends list of two people on Snapchat is entirely different.

How To Solve My Snapchat Not Responding Issue?

Imagine you want to take a cute snap with your friend. Or even better, you met a friend from high school on the way and instantly clicked. You guys wanted to take a snap, but your Snapchat is just not responding!

Snapchat sometimes takes its toll on you by not responding. It can be frustrating, isn’t it? To solve this problem, check your internet connection. If it is working, just restart your phone.

If this does not solve the problem, update or reinstall your app. Moreover, you can also try to clear the cache and data of your phone. Similarly, changing your storage location might also help.

How To Make Someone Your Best Friend On Snapchat Quickly?

To make someone your best friend on Snapchat quickly, you can use the following measures:

  • Boost up your long streak game with them.
  • Send snaps more than anyone else.
  • Encourage them to ‘snap’ you more than their other friends.
  • Use pictures instead of messages since it is ‘snap-chat.’

Last Words

Hence, this article is all about the best friend algorithm in Snapchat. I hope I have been able to answer all your queries about the Snapchat best friend algorithm.

I have also made you familiar with the ways you can change your best friends list.

Now you have easy access to your best friends. Enjoy your snaps and keep your best friends updated!

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