How To Monitor Snapchat? 4 Different Methods

How To Monitor Snapchat?

Snapchat is one of the most popular instant messaging apps used by people these days. It is an image/video sharing app. It allows you to send your pictures or videos with a ‘time limit’ to your friends, automatically deleted after the set time interval. This implies that if you have sent a snap for 1 minute, it will be available for 1 minute and deleted automatically after that.

Now the question is, how to monitor Snapchat? Parents are worried about their children’s safety as they fear that children may get into any trouble while using this app. So they want to monitor Snapchat without them knowing. If you too, are worried about your child and want to watch Snapchat, you are right. In this article, we will tell you how to monitor Snapchat without them knowing.

If you are looking to monitor Snapchat of your kids, employees, or partners, there are different ways of doing it. You can monitor someone’s Snapchat by:

  1. screen-mirroring the Snapchat app
  2. using spy software like Flexispy or mSpy that monitors all their phone activities, including Snapchat, even if you don’t have access to their phone
  3. simply asking them to tell you their Snapchat username and password (yes, it’s possible)
  4. using the iPhone settings to monitor their child’s usage of Snapchat.

Why To Monitor Snapchat?

Do you feel like something is going on with your teenage kid’s behavior – but you can’t pinpoint what it is? Are they becoming more and more secretive? Are they hiding their smartphones all the time? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might want to consider monitoring their social media accounts.

Monitoring Snapchat will let you know who your teen chums are. If they happen to be engaging in dangerous behavior such as sexting or cyberbullying – thinking that no one will ever know about it – think again! You will also get a chance to see whether they are having any problems at school or with friends.

If your partner is cheating, you are likely to find out by monitoring their Snapchat. Many cheaters prefer Snapchat as opposed to more conventional messaging apps because messages disappear after a few seconds and cannot be viewed again.

Monitoring their snaps will let you see what they are up to. If they happen to be sexting somebody or even having an affair – you’ll know about it sooner than later! You will also get a chance to see whether they are having any problems at school or with friends.

Last but not the least, employers need to be concerned about their employees’ social media accounts these days. Businesses that monitor social networks tend to grow much faster and achieve tremendous success than those that do not. The world of business has changed, and the way to stay on top has also changed. Therefore, as a responsible employer, you need to monitor your employees’ social media accounts to prevent data leaks and unlawful competition.

How to Monitor Snapchat Without Them Knowing?

 If you want to know how to monitor Snapchat, there are multiple methods available for you to choose from. However, different people have different needs. Therefore, it is a good idea that before you start to monitor Snapchat, you first try to understand your objectives concerning monitoring the social media app. Then, once you’ve figured out what you want, this will help you choose the best way to monitor Snapchat.

 Monitor Snapchat By Screen-mirroring The Snapchat App

monitor Snapchat by Screenmirroring

You can monitor Snapchat by screen-mirroring the app to a PC. The Snapchat app is best monitored by screen-mirroring the process to your computer. With all Snapchat messages, snaps, and snaps stories visible in real-time on your PC, you can easily spy on this instant messenger application.

Step 1: Install Snapchat On The Computer.

Install Snapchat on your computer to get going.

Step 2: Open Snapchat.

Once you have installed the Snapchat application, simply open the app.

Step 3: Screen-mirror

Now, screen mirror the video feed of your phone/tablet to your computer by tapping on it in the slider menu or selecting “Screen mode” in settings, then tap “Start.”

You can now monitor Snapchat by screen-mirroring the Snapchat app to your computer. To stop monitoring, just go back to your device’s Snapchat settings and tap “Stop.” It is best not to leave this running for too long because it may cause strain on your phone/tablet battery.

Spy App To Monitor Snapchat

With a spy app, you can monitor someone’s Snapchat messages remotely without having to physically access their device by adding the account details on a spy app and tracking all their activities through your online account. The best part about this is that it’s 100% undetectable! *Please note that iOS devices cannot be hacked.

Here is how you can monitor Snapchat using spy apps:

Step 1: First, Download A Spy App On Your Device.

You can download a spy app of your choice on your device. Then, click “Start Your Free Trial” and sign up for a free account with your email.

Step 2: Set Up Your Cell Phone To Allow the App To Track Snapchat

You will then be asked to download a profile app on the device you wish to monitor. Once downloaded, open it and enter your login details for the spy account. Then, log in using your email address and password.

3. Log Into Your Online Account And Start Monitoring Someone’s Snapchat Activity Remotely

Once you set up your device, log in to your spy app mobile account from any browser on a different phone or computer. Then, start viewing the logged-in user’s Snapchat messages, pictures, videos, and real-time location. Spy apps offer you a complete look at the target phone’s activity on your online dashboard.

Below is the list of spy apps that you could use to monitor Snapchat.

MSpy – With MSpy, you don’t have to worry about jailbreaking your iPhone or rooting your Android device before you can keep a tab on someone’s Snapchat. This app is compatible with every operating system and lets you view the messages, images, videos shared and received by the target phone directly from your online account. You also get a date-wise activity summary of the target phone’s Snapchat usage.

Price: $69.95/Month

SpyEra – SpyEra is affordable spy software for monitoring someone’s Snapchat messages remotely and in real-time. It lets you view all the images and videos received and sent through Snapchat with the date and time stamps to know who your target has been communicating with. All the pictures, videos are uploaded to your online account as they happen. 

Price: $49.95/Month

SpyHuman –  SpyHuman lets you monitor someone’s Snapchat messages without getting caught by allowing you to choose the frequency of notifications on the target device. It offers a free trial of 7 days for you to know how the app works before you purchase it. 

The subscription starts only after the trial period expires and is billed at $49.95/Month

Spy Nanny – Like other spy apps,  Spy Nanny lets you monitor Snapchat on your Android or iPhone without anyone knowing about it.   You can view the Snapchat messages, images, and videos sent and received by the target phone from the Spy Nanny online account along with a location map to find out their physical location. 

Price: $49.95/Month

MobiStealth – With MobiStealth, you can monitor Snapchat on your child’s phone and block inappropriate websites, apps, and games simultaneously. You can view all their Snapchat messages, images, videos shared and received from your online dashboard without physically accessing the target device. 

Price: $69.90/Year

Asking Them To Tell You Their Snapchat Username And Password

You can monitor someone’s snaps on their phone by having the person tell you their Snapchat username and password.

Privacy Concerns

This may seem a bit intrusive and like it is crossing some boundaries, but the privacy concerns have to be weighed against how much you trust your child and the dangers of what they are doing on Snapchat. If they post inappropriate or dangerous things on Snapchat, knowing their username and password will allow you to monitor what is going on with their account.

What to do: Simply ask the person to tell you their Snapchat username and password and then go into your phone’s preferences and turn on login approvals. Now every time they log into Snapchat from a new device, you will get a notification. You can either have them say the information out loud or type it in. Either way, now you can monitor what they are doing efficiently!

For added protection, have your child log into Snapchat on your phone once or twice a day so that you get the notifications. If their username and password have been hacked, having them log into your phone periodically will reveal this. Also, if someone else is posting inappropriate things on their account, you will be able to see this.

Monitor Snapchat Through The Ios Device Key Logger.

Although it is not yet possible to monitor Snapchat messages on iOS devices, the key logger can track other activities such as passwords typed on a device, visited websites visited and screenshots made while using an iOS device. This saves a lot of time in spying on someone’s social media activity.

You can monitor Snapchat by using an iOS device Key logger [ ]. Such a device will let you monitor every keystroke and touch on the phone, including data deleted by the snap chat application. So, for example, if the child sends his location to another user or saves that picture anywhere else, it could be accessed easily using this monitoring method.

Follow these steps to monitor Snapchat through the iOS device key logger:

1. Check for the keylogger app in the iTunes store or on Google

2. Download the keylogger app onto your phone

3. Open the app and start logging

4. Monitor Snapchat activities on the phone or tablet

5. View logs from your mobile device, online, or download them to a .csv file for later viewing.

6. Delete it when you don’t need it so no one else will have access to this information, and you won’t have to worry about someone finding out that you were spying on their phone.

You no longer need to take the mobile phone and download a third-party app to monitor data or keystrokes because it is done directly from your computer.

Note: One can monitor every device with an iOS operating system with Key logger for Snapchat. This includes iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How Do I Find Out The Snapchat Username Of The Person I Want To Monitor?

The only way to find out someone’s Snapchat username is by asking them for their username and password. You cannot obtain it without that information. However, if you have access to the device (phone or tablet), installing a keylogger app or using the device as a spy cam is possible.

How Do I Access Someone’s Snaps?

You cannot access anyone’s Snapchat messages without their username and password if you have the username and password, simply login into their account just like you would work with your account.

How To Monitor Snapchat On An iPhone Or iPad?

Unfortunately, there is no way currently to monitor Snapchat using only an iOS device. The closest thing you can do is use a keylogger app. This will let you know everything the person types and has done on their phone while in range of the device being monitored. Note: this includes Snapchat activity but will not include the actual snap chat messages.


What this article has outlined is that there are many ways in which one can monitor Snapchat. All of the methods range, and it’s really up to you to choose what method will work best for you. The best way to monitor Snapchat would probably be to watch all of these things, if possible. Secondly, you could use the spy apps to see how much time your child spends on Snapchat and what they are doing while on it. Lastly, you can use an ios device key logger too. You can do all of these things without too much difficulty, but also without too little effort.

That’s it, guys!

Happy Snapping.


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