What Does ION Mean on Snapchat?

Ion Meaning On Snapchat

Do you want to know more about Snapchat? Snapchat is just an amazing and most loved app, mostly by teenagers due to its filter, disappearing snaps, and too much to say. Using Snapchat is not just enough to know about its function. You also should know the lingo used in Snapchat as like other social media. 

ION generally stands for “In Other News,” which is a common lingo mostly used as abbreviations, emoticons, stickers, etc. This term is widely used on Snapchat either by creating stickers or in the form of text. In-text, ION is used to ignore the previous message and convert the conversation into another form. Besides Snapchat, ION is widely used on Instagram, Facebook, too, often referring to the same meaning we discussed above.

What Does ‘ION’ Stand For?

Generally, ION stands for “In Other News.” It is an acronym that is used quite universally. Simply, it is mostly used on any social media app text messages. It also has a different meaning other than “in other news,” which is discussed in this article.

What Does ‘ION’ Mean on Snapchat? 

The word ‘ION’ on Snapchat is  “In Other News,” which is used on Snapchat as a sticker or highlighting some message. It can be used after you click a random picture on Snapchat or just a sticker. Various stickers can be chosen as required. You can use those stickers to gives the messages as a snap.

Alternatively, it also means “In Other News” is used to change the topic from the previous one. If you don’t want to talk about the same thing or you want to focus on another thing, then ION is used to shift the focus.

If you don’t know the person and you want to start the conversation, then at that time also you can use ION. This is also used to break something and introduce a new topic. If a person uses ION, you can know that they want to shift the conversation and want to bring attention to the thing they want to share. For example:

” Exams are starting soon; ION know when I should start to study!” 

How To Use ‘ION’ on Snapchat?

On Snapchat, you can use the acronym in a very large number of ways. ION on Snapchat is used in various ways like sending messages, snaps, or even in your Snapchat stories. Snapchat also has stickers for ‘in other news,’ which can be added on snaps or stories. 

When an ION is used in stories or snap, it is better to create a separate text box. Creating a separate textbox makes you highlight the topic rather than ‘ION’ text. So, a short term snap or message on Snapchat makes you know the highlighted information soon. If you feel bore to text then, you can even use stickers instead.

Using ION Slang as Stickers:

If you are unaware of how to use ‘stickers ION,’ then see the below steps.

  1. Open the Snapchat app.
  2. Click the picture by clicking on the middle button of Snapchat with different filters to set the background.
    Snaphat Snap
  3. Tap the third right side button to use the stickers.
    SnapChat Sticker Button
  4. Click on the top right search bar and type “in other new,” and discover new stickers.
    SnapChat Filter Search
  5. Tap the suitable sticker that you want to add on snaps or stories.
  6. Adjust the sticker wherever you feel suitable.
    Snapchat Use Sticker
  7. Then you go ahead and add the fact that you want to seek attention.
  8. Drag wherever you want to adjust it and send it.

This is how your snap or stories seem more effective and interesting.

Using ION as text:

While texting also ION can be used in two ways:- “In other news” and “I don’t.”

ION as “In Other News”:

As you know how it works on the background image, but it also works without a background image too. Without image also, as a text type, it works well to provide a message as a snap. Also, in the message, you can use ION.

For example:

ION as “I don’t”:

   Example of ION on texting as “I don’t”-

   Friends- “When will you start to study for upcoming exams? Aren’t you afraid to stay not studying?”

   Me- “ION know. Maybe from next Sunday.”

  Friends-“Let’s study together.” 

   Me- “That’s a great idea.”

Other Frequently Used Slangs Used on Snapchat

There are many similar terms to ION on Snapchat. Here you can find some similar terms that are used on Snapchat.

  • ICYDK: It stands for “In Case you don’t know.” It can also be used interchangeably with ‘ION’ and ‘FYI’ to signify a change of topic.
  • News Flash: It is used to bring attention to a new topic. Especially on something the person cares about.
  • IMO: It stands for “In My Opinion.” IMO is used to voice your own opinion about matters that you hold dear.
  • FYI: It stands for “For Your Information.” It is quite used usually. The common word ‘FYI’ is used to inform someone about something they probably do not know.

Slang Alternatives To ‘ION’ (Similar Slangs Used on Snapchat)

Many times, the word ‘ION’ means different. Here are some slang alternatives to ION.

IONI don’t
IONOI don’t know
ION KnowI don’t know
IONO KnowI don’t know
IONNOI don’t know
IONTI don’t
ION CurrI don’t care

Some other meaning To ION

ION in Normal Text Texting

In normal texting, ‘ION’ means I don’t. Simply, if you don’t know about something or if you want to change the topic, you can use this.

ION is used in normal text like in the below example.

Mom-  “How long will it take you to come back from your friend’s birthday?”

Me-     “ION, maybe it lasts till 10 pm.”

Mom- “Okay, try to come fast.”

Me-    “Sure, mom.”

ION Meaning in Chemistry

ION in Chemistry means an atom with a negative or positive charge due to the loss or gain of the electron. An ION is defined as an atom or molecule that has gained or lost one or more of its valence electrons, giving it a net positive or negative electrical charge.

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