What Does Pending Mean On Snapchat?

Pending on snapchat

Have you ever been in a situation where Snapchat shows a pending message after you send a snap to your friend?

Pending on Snapchat is no different than the pending situation you face in real life. The pending message on Snapchat represents an error status to notify you that the snaps you sent are not delivered to the receiver yet and are stuck on the Snapchat limbo.

There may be various reasons behind why your snaps are not sent and still pending. You can do nothing on your own to fix this situation in most cases. You will have to wait for the other person to fix the issue if Snapchat itself has nothing to do with the error.

What Does Pending Mean On Snapchat?

The Pending label that appears below your friend’s name on the chat list means that the snap you sent has not been received by your friend. The Pending label usually appears with the grey arrow. 

There may be several reasons why your Snap is not sent to your friend and stuck on pending. It’s not necessary that Snapchat sends the Pending level if you have been blocked by your friend. That may be one of the possible reasons, though. Besides, there are many more reasons that have left your snaps hanging. 

Reasons Why Your Snaps Are Pending

Snapchat does not send you a pending label for one specific reason only. Pending simply means the snaps you have sent are in a sort of a bridge between you and your friend. The pending snaps deliver as soon as the issue gets cleared. But what’s important is, you need to find out why your snaps are on pending in the first place. 

You have no idea why your snaps are pending, do you?

Well, below are the possible reasons why your snaps are stuck on the Snapchat limbo.

You May Not Be Friends With The Receiver

This is one of the obvious reasons why your snap is left pending. You see, in order to send and receive snaps from a Snapchat user, you need to be friends with each other first.

But what people usually do is misunderstand the “+Add” box with being friends with the Snapchat user. In reality, the “+Add” button means you have added the person as a friend. You still need to be added back by the user in order to become Snapchat friends.

So guys, if you have sent messages to Snapchat users with who you are not friends, you should understand why your snaps are left on pending.

Snapchat May Be Down

Snapchat is a social multimedia app that has millions of users worldwide. Snapchat is a great app that offers you a wide range of features. While providing its quality services, the Snapchat system may sometimes lag. This causes improper functioning of features of Snapchat or sometimes no functioning at all. 

There are possibilities that the snaps you sent are left pending because the Snapchat system is down.

A Glitch On Snapchat

Being an Internet user, you would not be surprised to hear that Snapchat may sometimes report a bug or issue in its system. Though Snapchat Team works on fixing the system as soon as possible, there may be chances you had sent snaps right when Snapchat was dealing with the bug. 

Pending labels don’t always mean a broken friendship, dear.

The Person May Have Unfriended You

Are you wondering why your snaps are pending to someone who had Snapstreaks with you before? 

Or are you wondering why your snaps suddenly stopped delivering after you argued with your friend? 

It might be because your Snapchat has unfriended you. You automatically lose touch with someone on Snapchat once you unfriend them. So, if the snaps had been delivered before but labeled pending on present, checking your friend list is the first thing you should do. 

Poor Internet Connection

Network issue is something we deal in a regular basis. You may suddenly lose the internet connection via Wi-Fi or cellular connection within a second. Snapchat needs to be connected to the Internet to function. So, the pending message could appear because your device was dealing with network issues then.

The snaps won’t deliver until a good internet connection is available. 

Your Friend May Have Blocked You

What’s worse than being unfriended? Being blocked, of course; I don’t mean to become harsh, but one of the reasons why your snaps may be pending is maybe because your friends have blocked you.

I may not be considerate of your feelings, but Snapchat is. Snapchat doesn’t notify you or tell you in any way that your friend has blocked you whatsoever. What Snapchat does is cut off all the connections between you and your friend. 

Try searching for the friend on Snapchat if you suspect they have blocked you. If you don’t see any info regarding their profile, sorry, my friend, you have been blocked.

The Snapchat Account May Have Been Restricted

You may be familiar with the Guidelines and Restrictions in Snapchat. Snapchat might temporarily or permanently disable your account if you violate its Community Guidelines. So, if you happen to send snaps to an account that is restricted, it’s nothing to do with you. The pending snaps will be sent to your friend once Snapchat removes the restriction from their account.

Keep in mind; your snaps may be pending because your account may have been restricted as well. Please don’t perform actions that violate Snapchat’s Community Guidelines to be safe on Snapchat.

How To Fix The Problem?

There are always solutions, no matter what the problem is. You can try completing these actions if your Snapchat shows a pending error.

Check The Internet Connection 

Your snaps may not have been delivered because your phone lost its Internet connection. So, before panicking and overthinking the situation, better go check the Internet connection in your phone first. You can always switch to the cellular network if your Wi-Fi has lost internet connection.

Contact To Your Friend

If you feel bold, you can try contacting your friend over other social networks. You can ask them to add you on Snapchat if you are too impatient. You can even ask them if they have blocked or unfriended you on Snapchat. 

It is always better to be mature about the problem and communicate with your friend rather than cutting them off of your life. 

Try Sending Snaps Again

Resending snaps is the best thing you can do to see if the issue is tech-related or personal. If your snaps are pending because of a random glitch on Snapchat, the snaps can be delivered to the recipient after the bug is fixed. And in case they have blocked or unfriended you, the snaps are not gonna be delivered anyway. So why not try resending snaps? It’s not gonna harm you anyway, right?

Restart Your Phone 

The Snapchat system may sometimes be glitching. In such cases, problems like pending snaps often show up. You can close and open Snapchat again to fix the issue. But if that doesn’t work, restarting your Android or iOS device may help most of the time. 

Reinstall Snapchat App

Try deleting Snapchat from your device and reinstall it from Appstore or Play Store if you have been facing issues on Snapchat.

Reinstalling the app may seem like a simple action, but it fixes most of the problems regarding the functioning of the app most of the time.

Check If Snapchat Is Down

It’s normal for a system to be down sometimes. To check if the system is down, you can reopen Snapchat, reboot your device or check if any update of the Snapchat is available.

If any of this does not work for you, try checking the Down Detector website. If Snapchat is facing system outages, the website will track it and display it on its webpage. 

You can do nothing rather than wait for Snapchat to function properly if you have been facing issues because the Snapchat system is down.

How Long Can A Pending Message Last?

A pending Snap lasts until the issues get resolved. For instance, if you are not friends with someone to whom you have sent a snap or a message, the pending message gets stuck in the Snapchat limbo until they accept your friend request. The message gets delivered the second they accept your friend request. 

Though Snapchat deletes the snap after it is viewed (You can change the settings to 24 hours after viewing as well), the rule does not imply over pending messages as they are not delivered to the recipient.

Snapchat deletes the unopened snaps after 30 days. It’s not definite that the pending snaps will be deleted after 30days too. But it’s a guarantee that your pending snap is going nowhere, at least for 30 days.

How To Check If The Pending Snap Has Been Delivered?

Pending snaps are named pending for a reason. There are chances the pending snaps might actually deliver someday. But how to know if your pending snaps have been delivered? 

Below are the steps to follow if you want to know your snaps have been delivered or not:

  1. Open the Snapchat app on your device.
  2. Go to the “Chat” section of Snapchat.
    Snapchat Chat bubble
  3. Check if the “Waiting to send…” label has changed to “Delivered” or not. 

If the label has changed fromWaiting to send… to “Delivered,” it means your pending snaps are sent to the Snapchat user.

Note: Your message has been delivered does not mean the other user has viewed your snap too. You’ll get an “Opened” label below the username of your friend once they view your snap.

How To Stop A Pending Snap From Delivering It?

Did you change your mind, and you don’t want your pending snaps to deliver anymore? If so, we can help. There are 3 ways to stop the pending snaps from delivering it. Curious about getting to know them? Let’s discuss the ways to remove the pending snaps briefly below:

By Removing The Recipient As Friend 

One of the easiest ways to get rid of the pending message is by removing the recipient. Once you remove the recipient from your friend list, your Snapchat conversation will clear, and the pending message will be removed automatically. 

Don’t forget that the pending messages will be delivered if you and the recipient add each other back.

By Blocking Them

If you want your pending snaps to not be delivered to the recipient anymore, blocking them might help. Block the Snapchat user to who you sent the message so that they cant receive your pending snap in the future. 

The chat will be cleared, and the grey arrow will disappear once you block the recipient.

By Clearing The Chat

The easiest and the fastest way to get rid of the pending snaps is by clearing the chat. Once you clear the chat with the friend who was supposed to receive your snap, the grey arrow will vanish, and the pending message won’t is delivered. 

What Happens When Snapchat Shows A Pending Sign?

Are you wondering what happened to the snaps you sent to a user that is pending?  Here is what happens when Snapchat shows a pending sign to your naps:

  1. The Snapchat user, whom you have sent the snaps, will get a notification about a pending message.
  2. The recipient can view the snaps without accepting your friend or message request.
  3. If the person views the pending snaps, Snapchat will let you know that by changing the grey arrow into a blue one.
  4. The other person will still have a choice to receive future snaps from you or be friends even after they have already viewed your snap.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I know you still have lots of questions in your head. So, I have tried to answer some of the most asked questions in the FAQ section below.

Does Pending Snaps Mean You Are Blocked?

Pending Snaps doesn’t always mean you have been blocked. It is possible that your friend has blocked you, but there are several other reasons behind why your snaps might be pending as well. Usually, Snapchat shows the pending labels because you are not friends with the recipient yet. However, they might be Pending because of other issues such as a random glitch on Snapchat, restriction of the Snapchat account, system outage of Snapchat, etc.

How To View Snapchat’s History?

There are three possible ways on how you can view your Snapchats history. If you have saved the snaps in the first place, you can view the history by simply opening the conversation. In case you haven’t, you can download the data from Snapchat or use third-party apps such as mSpy, Spyier, Spyic, TheTruth Spy to access Snapchat’s history.


To sum up, Snapchat Pending status is a simple way to notify you that your snaps have not been delivered to the recipient. The snaps can be delivered to your friend once the issue gets fixed. However, there is no guarantee that your pending snaps will be delivered someday because there are chances the issue may never get fixed.

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