Snapchat Features: Why Did My Snapchat Call Fail?

Snapchat is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. People love it for its fun and quirky features. However, sometimes users experience problems with Snapchat calls. It’s a major bummer when you’re trying to connect with friends or family, and the call fails. This blog post will discuss why Snapchat calls fail and how to fix the issue. I will also provide some tips on ensuring your Snapchat calls are successful.

To fix the Snapchat call failed issue, you can try the following:

  • Check internet connection
  • Update your Snapchat version
  • Clear your Snapchat cache
  • Check if you have granted permission for Snapchat to access your microphone and camera.
  • Restart your device
  • Wait until Snapchat backs up (if the app is down)

Read on to learn about each of these in detail!

Snapchat Features

Before we jump into fixing the call failed issue, let’s first understand the basics of Snapchat and its features.

Snapchat is a multimedia messaging app that allows users to share photos, videos, and text messages with friends. It is known for its filters and lenses, which can be used to change your appearance in the snaps. Snapchat also offers a feature called Snap Map, which lets you see where your friends are located on a map.

You can call, video call, share your location, or start a group chat on Snapchat. You can also send snaps to your friends and add them to your story.

Snapchat is widely popular among teenagers and young adults. As of July 2020, Snapchat has about 260 million daily active users.

How To Call Someone On Snapchat?

Snapchat is a great app, whether it comes to sharing snaps and activities with your friends or family. With just a single tap, you can easily start a conversation with anyone in your contact list. The same goes for Snapchat calls! You can simply start a call by opening the app and tapping on the phone icon next to the name of the person you want to call.

If youre wondering how to call someone on Snapchat, here’s a quick guide:

Step 1: Open The Snapchat App And Go To Your List Of Friends.

Firstly, open the Snapchat app on your device. Log in with your credentials if you have not already done so. On the main screen, you will see your list of friends.

Step 2: Find The Friend You Want To Call And Tap On Their Name.

Now, find the friend you want to call from your list of Snapchat friends. When you have found them, tap on their name to open their profile.

Step 3: On Your Friends Profile, Tap On The Phone Icon.

On your friend’s profile, you will see several icons, including a chat bubble, two arrows, and a phone icon. Tap on the phone icon to initiate a Snapchat call. If your friend does not have the phone icon on their profile, it means they do not have Snapchat calling enabled.

Why Did My Snapchat Call Fail?

Many users have reported that their Snapchat calls are failing. Some users encounter this problem frequently, while others only experience it occasionally. A Snapchat call cannot connect or cannot start error message appears when the call fails. I understand how frustrating it is when youre trying to connect with someone and the call doesn’t go through. In this section, we’ll discuss some of the reasons why your Snapchat call may fail.

There are several reasons why your Snapchat call may fail. Some of the most common reasons are:

Weak Internet Connection

A weak internet connection is a spoiler for any app, not just Snapchat. If youre trying to make a Snapchat call and your internet connection are weak, the call is likely to fail. So, if you want to avoid this problem, make sure you have a strong and stable internet connection before making a Snapchat call.

You see, Snapchat uses high-quality video and audio, so a weak internet connection can result in call failure.

Outdated Snapchat Version

If youre using an outdated version of Snapchat, you may experience problems with the app. Even if a version isn’t officially outdated, some features may not work properly. For example, if youre trying to use a new Snapchat filter and your app are outdated, the filter may not work. So, it’s important to keep your Snapchat app up-to-date.

Snapchat Cache

Did you know that Snapchat cache can also lead to call failure? If your Snapchat cache is full, it can affect the performance of the app. As a result, you may experience problems while making a call on Snapchat.

Call Permission Not Granted

You must have noticed that Snapchat asks for microphone and camera permissions when you first open the app. If you do not grant these permissions, you will not be able to make calls on Snapchat. So, if your call is failing, make sure you have granted permission for Snapchat to access your microphone and camera.

Device Issue

If youre using an old or damaged device, it can also lead to call failure on Snapchat. So, if youre using an old iPhone or Android phone, consider upgrading to a new one.

Snapchat App Is Down

Another reason why your Snapchat call may fail is that the app is down. If the app is down, you won’t be able to use any of its features, including making calls. So, if youre trying to make a call and the app isn’t working, wait for Snapchat to be back up.

How To Fix Snapchat Call Failed Issue?

Fixing the Snapchat call failed issue isn’t as difficult as it seems. f you have figured out the reason behind your call failure, you are already on your way to fixing the problem. But, even if you dont know the reason, there are still some things you can do to try and fix the issue.

Here are some solutions to fix the Snapchat call failed issue:

Check Your Internet Connection:

As I mentioned before, a weak internet connection can lead to call failure on Snapchat. So, the first thing you need to do is check your internet connection. If youre using a mobile data connection, try switching to a Wi-Fi connection. Also, make sure the Wi-Fi network youre connected to is stable.

You can also try rebooting your router to see if it helps.

Reboot Your Device:

It’s amazing how a simple thing like rebooting your device can fix so many problems. So, if youre experiencing call failure on Snapchat, try restarting your phone. This will clear any minor glitches that may be causing the problem.

Update Snapchat:

You may be using an outdated version of Snapchat without even realizing it. So, if youre having problems with the app, make sure you update it to the latest version. Updating the app is easy and only takes a few minutes.

Go to Playstore or Appstore > find Snapchat > update the app.

snapchat call fail

Fix Device Issue:

If you’re using an old or damaged phone, it can also lead to call failure on Snapchat. So, if you’ve ruled out all other possibilities, consider getting your phone checked by a professional. It could be a hardware issue that is causing the problem.

Clear Cache:

As I mentioned before, the Snapchat cache can also lead to call failure. So, if you’re experiencing this problem, try clearing your Snapchat cache. This is an easy process and only takes a few minutes.

Here’s how to clear your Snapchat cache:

Go to Settings > Apps/Application Manager > find Snapchat > tap on Storage > clear cache.

Call After A Few Minutes:

Wait for a few minutes and try calling again. The person you’re trying to call may be busy, or the app may be down. So, wait for a few minutes before trying again.

Contact Snapchat Support:

If none of these solutions work, your last resort is to contact Snapchat support. They will help you figure out what is causing the problem and how to fix it.


If you’re having problems making a call on Snapchat, there are some alternatives you can try.

Text Your Friend:

The first alternative is to text your friend instead of calling them. You can still have a conversation; it will just be in written form. After all, Snapchat is primarily a messaging app.

Send A Voice Message Instead:

You can also try sending a voice message instead of making a call. You can do this by tapping on the microphone icon in the chat window. This is a great alternative if you’re having problems with call quality.

Some Tips

Now that you know how to fix the Snapchat call failed issue, here are some tips to help you avoid this problem in the future:

  • Always keep your app up-to-date: This is probably the most important tip. By keeping your app up-to-date, you can avoid many problems, including call failure. So, make sure you update Snapchat as soon as a new update is available.
  • Use a stable internet connection: A weak or unstable internet connection is one of the most common reasons for call failure on Snapchat. So, if you’re going to make a call, make sure you have a stable internet connection.
  • Restart your phone regularly: This is a good habit of getting into regardless of whether you use Snapchat or not. By restarting your phone regularly, you can avoid many problems, including call failure.

Personal Experience

I’ve been using Snapchat for a few years now, and I’ve never had any problems with it. However, there are times when the app doesn’t work as it should. For example, a few months ago, I was trying to make a call on Snapchat, and it kept failing. I tried all the solutions mentioned above, but nothing worked. In the end, I had to contact Snapchat support, and they helped me fix the problem.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Do you still have questions about Snapchat features? Here is a list of some frequently asked questions:

Q: Can I make a video call on Snapchat?

A: Yes, you can make both video and voice call on Snapchat.

Q: Why did my Snapchat call fail?

A: There are many reasons why a Snapchat call may fail. Some of the most common reasons include weak internet connection, outdated Snapchat version, and call permission not being granted.

Q: How do I fix the failed Snapchat call issue?

A: There are many ways to fix the failed Snapchat call issue. Some of the most common solutions include updating Snapchat, clearing cache, and restarting your device.

Q: How to know if someone gave me a missed call on Snapchat?

A: If you see a red icon next to someone’s name, it means they tried to call you, but you didn’t answer.


Snapchat is a great app with many features. However, like any other app, it has its share of problems. One of the most common problems is called failure. Thankfully, there are many ways to fix this problem. So, if you’re having trouble making a call on Snapchat, try the solutions mentioned above.

Do you have any other questions about Snapchat features? Let me know in the comments below.

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