Snapchat Emojis And It’s Meaning – 😃💛❤️️⏳😎😬🔥

You must have noticed different emojis appearing on the right corner beside your friend’s name on Snapchat. It’s amazing how Snapchat assigns different emojis for different Snapchat friends automatically. 

Ever wondered why the emojis for all your friends are not the same?

Do you wanna know what the different Snapchat emojis mean?

Snapchat Emojis may seem simple, but they have deep meaning buried within them. The Snapchat Team assigns different emojis to compare the friendship amongst the Snapchat friends. Read this article till the end to find out the hidden meanings of each emojis the Snapchat Team assigns sneakily.

What Are Snapchat Emojis?

Snapchat emojis are created to measure the stats of friendship based on regularity, number of snaps sent, number of phone calls, video calls, and the time of interaction with each other. Basically, you can say Snapchat Emojis are the measure of your friendship bond. Different snap emojis are assigned to different Snapchat friends on the basis of interaction. 

What Do Snapchat Emojis Mean?

No matter what the conversation is about, people tend to use emojis with every text they send these days. You may have faced many situations where people misunderstand you over the text because of being a dry texter. Whether you wanna seem friendly or interested in the conversation, emojis always help.

However, Snapchat emoji doesn’t function that way. Snapchat Emojis are assigned by the Snapchat team on their own that determines the relationship with your Snapchat friends. Each Snapchat emojis have different meanings. 

Generally, Snapchat Emojis can be divided into three types. Each of them is discussed in detail below.

Snapchat Friendship Emoji

The Snapchat Friendship Emojis are the ones that you can see beneath your friend’s name on Snapchat. These emojis determine the level of your friendship on various bases.

Note: Nobody can see your Friendship Emoji except you.

Snapchat had 13 types of friendship emojis back then which is reduced to 9 now. The meaning of 9 types of Friendship Emojis on Snapchat are given below:

  1. Smiley Face 😃
    Snapchat Team determines best friends themselves by looking at different metrics like your similarities, how often you share snaps, and so on. Snapchat have their own Best Friend Algorithm. If the smiley face is displayed beside your friend’s name, it means the user is one of your best friends.
  2. Yellow Heart 💛
    Your #1(Number 1) bestfriend.
  3. Red Heart ❤️️
    If someone gets Yellow Heart [Your best friend] emoji for more than 2 weeks straight, he/she will get Red Heart as an upgrade emoji.
  4. Pink Hearts 💕
    The user is your super BFF. This emoji appears when you have continued the red heart emoji for more than two months.
  5. Hourglass ⏳
    You get Snapstreak on Snapchat if you and your friends have been sending each other snaps for three days or more. If you see an hourglass emoji, it means your Snapstreak is about to end. You gotta share a snap asap to keep the Snapstrak alive.
  6. Sun-Glasses Face 😎
    You have a mutual best friend among each other.
  7. Grimacing Face 😬
    You guys have a mutual no #1 best friend. Interesting, now you can share phone numbers too. haha
  8. Birthday Cake Emoji 🎂
    This emoji means that it’s your friend’s birthday today. Don’t forget to wish them Happy Birthday.
  9. Fire Emoji 🔥
    This is the Snapstreak that appears beside your friend’s name when you send snaps to each other daily.

Some Popular Old Outdated Snapchat Emojis

  1. Baby Face Emoji 👶
    This emoji is very common in the early days of your Snapchat registration. You will see this emoji on your recently added friend.
  2. Smirking Face Emoji 😏
    If you see this emoji on your friend list, then that means you are his best friend; but he is not your best friend. That means that person will see the Smiling face emoji on your name.
  3. 100 Emoji 💯
    If you see this emoji on your friend then it means you have sent that person a snap 100 days in a row. Impressive !!!

Snapchat Status Icons

Do the differently colored arrow and box icons that appear below your friend’s name confuse you too? 

If you didn’t know already, those are the Snapchat Status Icons that tell you the type of snaps sent or received, and whether the snap is opened yet or not. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Sent and Opened Icons

Snapchat Sent and Opened Icons

Send Icons are displayed when you have sent some snap to your friends. It is triangular in shape and different colors filled inside[or border color] determines different indications.

Purple Filled Arrow

This arrow simply means that you have sent a snap that includes sound. 

The opaque arrow means the snap has not been viewed yet, while the gap-filled purple arrow means your friend has already viewed the snap you sent.

Purple Border Arrow

This arrow simply means that your friend has viewed your snap with audio on.

Red Arrow

The Red Arrow means you have sent an image that doesn’t include sound effects.

You can determine the snap has been viewed or not by observing the opaqueness of the icon.

Red Border Arrow

This arrow simply means that your friend has viewed your snap with audio off.

Blue Arrow 

The blue arrow represents that you have sent a text to your Snapchat friend.

The center of the arrow turns white once your friend has viewed your message.

Blue Border Arrow

This arrow simply means that your friend has viewed your chat.

Gray Arrow

If you send an arrow to anyone that hasn’t accepted your friend request on Snapchat; then you will see this Gray Arrow on your chat status Icon.

Received Viewed Icons

Snapchat Received Viewed Icons

Received are displayed when you have received some snap to your friends. It is square in shape and different colour filled inside determines different indications

Purple square 

Similar to the Purple arrow, the purple square box means that you have received a snap that includes sound.

The Box turns to white from solid after you view the snap.

Purple border square 

This means your friend has viewed the snap you sent with audio on.

Red Square

The red square means you have received a snap that doesn’t include sound from your Snapchat friend.

The solid red square turns into white after you view the snap, similar to the purple boxes.

Red border square 

This means your friend has viewed the snap you sent with audio off.

Blue Square

Blue Square means that you have received a text message from your friend. Like every other square boxes, this square turns from solid to white once you view the message from your friend.

Blue border square 

This means your friend has viewed the chat you send.

Gray border square 

This means the snap/chat you sent to your friend expired before he/she viewed it.

Screenshot Icons

Screenshot Icons are displayed as an indication that your friend took a snapshot/screenshot of the Snap you send to them. Its shape is two triangle overlapping and different border color determines different indications.

Interlaced Red Arrow

If you ever see interlaced arrow emojis, it means the snap has been screenshotted without audio.

Interlaced Purple Arrow

If you ever see interlaced arrow emojis, it means the snap has been screenshotted with audio.

Interlaced Blue Arrow

If you ever see interlaced arrow emojis, it means the snapshot of your chat message has been taken.

Replay icons

These icons notify that the snap you sent has been replayed by the recipient. Its shape is circular with one end having an arrow and different border color determines different indications.

Red Replay Icon

If indicates that your snap is replayed by your friend on mute.

Purple Replay Icon

If indicates that your snap is replayed by your friend with audio.

Snapchat Story Emojis

The Snapchat Story Emojis are the emojis given to the verified accounts on Snapchat. You guys must have noticed the blue tick on Tiktok, Instagram, etc, besides the name of some celebrities. Unlike the blue tick, Snapchat identifies the public figures by assigning them Snapchat Story Emojis. Some of the verified accounts with different Snapchat Story Emojis are given below.

  1. Alien Monster Emoji: Joe Jonas 👾 (joseadam)
  2. Balloon Emoji: Rihanna 🎈 (rihanna)
  3. Cherry Emoji: Demi Lovato 🍒 (theddlovato)
  4. Bicep Emoji: Arnold Schwarzenegger 💪 (arnoldschnitzel)
  5. Clapboard Emoji: Ryan Seacrest 🎬 (ryanseacrest)
  6. Circling star Emoji: Emily Ratajkowski 💫 (emrata)
  7. Cactus Emoji: Jared Leto 🌵 (jaredleto)
  8. Rowboat Emoji: Musical group of The Lonely Island 🚣  (tliboys)
  9. Pear Emoji: Rick Ross 🍐 (ferrarifatboy)
  10. Rose Emoji: Rosie Huntington Whitley 🌹 (rosiehw)
  11. Tiger Emoji: Calvin Harris 🐅 (calvinharris)
  12. Tulip Emoji: Jessica Alba  🌷 (jessicaalba)
  13. Rat Emoji: Ruby Rose  🐀 (rubyrose)
  14. Siren Emoji: Tiesto 🚨(tiesto)
  15. Fist Emoji: Alesso 👊 (alesso)
  16. Crown Emoji: Kylie Jenner 👑 (kylizzlemynizzl)
  17. Disc Emoji: David Guetta 📀 (davidguettaoff)
  18. Crescent moon Emoji: Ariana Grande 🌙 (moonlightbae)
  19. Pink heart Emoji: Selena Gomez 💟 (selenagomez)
  20. Prayer hand Emoji: Justin Bieber 🙏 (rickthesizzler)
  21. Up-Arrow Emoji: One Direction⬆️ (onedirection)

How To Use Snapchat Emojis?

The above-mentioned emojis are the ones you get from the Snapchat team by default. However, you can also customize your own Snapchat Emojis.

How To Customize Your Friends Snapchat Emoji

Not happy with the default Snapchat emoji? Don’t worry; you can always change them. Each Snapchat Emoji on your account can be changed according to your will. For instance, if you want to denote your squad with a wine emoji because all of you love to party, you can assign each of your friends the wine emoji.

Wanna know how you can customize your Snapchat friend emoji? Below is the step-by-step process to do so.

  1. Open your Snapchat App and login if necessary.
  2. Tap on the upper left Profile icon to view your Snapchat Profile and Snapcode.
    Snapchat Profile Icon
  3. Tap the Settings icon on the upper right corner.
    Snapchat Settings Icon
  4. Scroll until you find “Customise Emojis” and tap on it.
    Snapchat Settings- Customize Emojis
  5. Choose and select your desirable emoji.
    Snapchat Custom Emojis

Tips On Using Proper Emoji 

Did you also think the High Five emoji was Jointed-hands emoji, or it’s just me?

You see, people use emojis to not sound boring over the texts. But sometimes, what they do is use completely irrelevant emojis that might turn out to be offensive. 

Emojis are a simple way to enhance communication. Sometimes, emoji usage without knowing their meaning can be disastrous (to your relationship, ofc.)

To mark yourself safe from such catastrophe, below are the guidelines on using Emojis.

  1. Know the meanings before using the emojis; Google is always to your rescue.
  2. The emojis that look like body parts actually mean the body parts. Please don’t use the eggplant emoji if you want an omelet for dinner.
  3. Use emoji in a proper structure. Emojis work like punctuations. Using proper emoji in the proper context is a game-changer.
  4. Use emojis, but not too much.
  5. Emojis are okay in official work too. Just try to keep it simple and don’t overdo it. 

Have you ever used the wrong emojis that created an awkward scenario? Don’t be shy to share with us 😉 .

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have tried to address some of your probable questions.

Why Did The Emoji Disappear On Snapchat?

You know Snapchat Emojis appear on the basis of regularity, timing, the number of snaps exchanged, amount of texts received, etc. Snapchat gives the default emoji based on the amount of interaction. If your Snapchat Emoji disappeared all of a sudden, it’s because you have not interacted with your friend for more than two days.

Don’t forget to send snaps and interact with your friends to keep your Snapstreak as well as your friendship alive.

Do Text Messages Count For Keeping The Snapstreaks Alive?

If you are wondering whether the text messages continue the snap streak or not, the answer is No. To keep your Snapstreak alive, you need to send an actual snap and not just text messages.


Now that you know the hidden meanings of different Snapchat Emojis, you can easily measure the interaction you have been doing with your Snapchat friends. Strengthen that friendship bond of yours by sending more snaps to each other to make both you and your loved one feel better. 

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