Can I Make Money Using Clubhouse? 11 Cool Ideas To Make Money Using Clubhouse

Can I Make Money Using Clubhouse?

Clubhouse has become one of the favorite applications for so many people on the Internet. People seem to be spending so many hours in the app in a single day. Some of them use Clubhouse to listen to beneficial podcasts, while some of the users use the app to have fun. Whatever the reason might be, I guess you like using Clubhouse very much. Why not use the app you like to make some money as well?

Despite being an ad-free app, Clubhouse still can be a platform where you generate income.

You can earn money using Clubhouse through sponsorships, affiliate marketing, sponsorships, collaborations, promotions, etc. Additionally, you can also make money from the listener’s contribution, by selling tickets for your closed rooms, from tips and grants, by networking, and many more.

Let’s discuss how you can make money using the Clubhouse app in detail below.

Can I Make Money Using Clubhouse App?

Like every other social app, you can use Clubhouse app to earn money too. It’s not that you are going to earn money just for using the Clubhouse app or hosting rooms. Clubhouse is not going to pay you a penny for the app engagement. 

But, you can use various strategies and methods to generate income using the Clubhouse app. 

Why not use your favorite app to pass your time make a platform to generate some income? 

How To Make Money Using Clubhouse App?

You can adopt various ways to make money using the Clubhouse app. 

People seem more fascinated by digital media to generate income these days. Many people have found this amazing too. The “Work From Home” has taken a whole next level, especially after the post-lockdown phase due to the pandemic. Some people liked working from home so much that they didn’t want to go back to their office for work. I have come across so many people who have chosen to work on digital media instead. 

If you happen to be one of them or just want to start working on the Internet, you can choose the Clubhouse app as your platform. Using Clubhouse, you can do affiliate marketing, brand promotions, sponsorships, collaborations, etc. You can also make money from the listener’s contribution, tipping, creating content, setting up an entrance fee, etc. 

Let’s discuss several ways to make money using Clubhouse below:

Affiliate Marketing

Earn Money Using Clubhouse

Have you heard about affiliate marketing? You can start doing affiliate marketing by launching different discount codes and providing referral links. With referral links, your followers can get discounts on the products, and you can gain some commission. 

I have been following an Indian YouTuber who receives a bunch of PR packages every day. She uses and reviews the products, gives her coupon code and referral links for her followers so that they can get some discounts and make a commission for themselves as well. 

You can do the same in Clubhouse. You can promote products that are possible without showing any videos. You will make a good amount by just staying home and promoting brands. 

Do you want to take a course on affiliate marketing? Teachable can be the correct platform for you. 

Securing More Clients

If you want to establish yourself and become an expert on Clubhouse, you should work on securing more clients. 

You can share your journey while building yourself up on Clubhouse rooms and earn some people. They will really be connected to your journey and provide you value if they get to witness your ups and downs.

Let’s say you are a coach for online business. You could host different sessions and teach people about ads, digital marketing, etc. You can also share your experience, host panels with other influencers, and host a webinar on Clubhouse.

People who need your help at the moment will contact you in the Clubhouse room perhaps. Even if they do not, they will certainly remember you and refer people to you whenever they pass across people who need help in the relatable field. 

So, focusing on securing clients is important.

From Sponsorships

Just like every social app, Clubhouse is not devoid of sponsorships for brands. Many companies are looking for potential users with high follower counts for sponsorships. If you happen to be one of them, you can reach out to them.

You can promote a brand or the products from a company, and they will pay you. You will receive funds according to the number of followers you have and the performance you show.

Companies are seeking some influencers who can promote their brands; create a chat room to talk about the brands and the products. You can reach out to them to become a Clubhouse influencer and benefit both the company and yourself in the way.

By Collaborating With Brands

Do you own a business? Do you have your own brand? Why not collaborate with some other entrepreneurs and promote each other’s brands then? Collaborating with different brands can be beneficial for both parties.

You can find different rooms of entrepreneurs discussing digital marketing and so on. Set up a proposal and look forward to a partnership to help each other flourish.

Listener’s Contribution

You may have come across many Clubhouse users who have linked their Cashapp accounts in their Clubhouse bio. It’s because they are hoping you would contribute something to them. 

I have heard that Clubhouse is planning to introduce its own payment app to help the Clubhouse users if they want to monetize their content.

Clubhouse Payments is a new feature that allows Clubhouse users to send and receive money directly in the Clubhouse app. You can just go to someone’s profile and tap on “Send Money” to contribute. The creator will receive the exact amount you sent; without having to pay any transaction fees.

The preliminary phase is going on for Payments. Let’s hope Clubhouse will launch this feature officially soon.

By Investment

I don’t know about you, but I see a minimum of 5 rooms relating to investments in the Clubhouse Hallway every day. Anyone who has an investment idea can raise their hands and talk about them. The audiences can listen to these sessions and ask queries if they have any. 

There is a good chance you will find a room where successful investors are sharing their ideas. You can just enter such rooms, grab any investment idea, and work for it if you get fascinated.

However, I suggest you do your research before trusting any random person on the internet and investing your money in a certain field.

From Membership Fees

There are thousands of clubs on Clubhouse. Clubs on Clubhouse are similar to the Groups on Facebook. 

You can create a club and charge some amount from the people who look forward to becoming a member of your club. People are not going to just pay you for any random group. But in case your club is famous, they might actually do.

There are rumors that Clubhouse will allow the club creators to set membership fees in their club shortly. However, you can already set up membership fees if you find people who are willing to pay for the membership.

Networking, Networking, And Networking

I guess I won’t be wrong if I say every kind of person is in Clubhouse. From the multimillionaire CEOs to the small business owners, everyone seems to be engaged in a speaking session. 

You can create some sort of connections with these people in other social media accounts and invite them to your Clubhouse room. I am sure the audience will not mind paying few pounds to be a part of amazing sessions with successful people.

Setting Up Entrance Fee

You may not know this, but there are several Clubhouse rooms that charge you a certain amount of fees for attending their room. You can also set up an entrance fee considering the factors like your popularity, content, and so on.

You can create a subscription-based closed room where people can get in only by depositing some amount. You can host virtual classrooms, seminars, comedy shows, mentorship programs, mental health programs, etc. 

What you can do is publicize the room in some other public Clubhouse rooms and ask people to make a subscription if they are interested to join. You can invite your customers one by one to join the closed room and begin your session. 

Make sure you choose a safe third-party payment processor.

Through Tips

Clubhouse might introduce this tipping feature someday. Until then, you can use any other method to tip the speakers or moderators in the room. You can ask the audience to tip you on a PayPal account or anywhere else if they want to.

But, tipping to several people in a room might be time-consuming and haphazard at the same time. So, I would recommend you to set up a single account to receive the tips more conveniently.

By Creating Content

You can write different Clubhouse bios to help Clubhouse users in promoting their services. Increasing followers by potential content is a great way to earn in Clubhouse.

Clubhouse Payments

Clubhouse is launching Payments for monetization soon. The preliminary version is already in usage, but it is yet to be launched officially. 

People can send and receive money using Payments without involving any third-party apps. 

To send money to a user in the Clubhouse, all you need to do is go to their profile and tap on “Send Money,” enter the amount, and then register your credit or debit card to proceed.

Clubhouse claims that the team is launching Payments because they want to support the creators in Clubhouse. The app also ensures total safety and privacy on your credit card details.

Clubhouse Payment is going to be a great help for those who are monetizing in Clubhouse.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Let’s answer your queries about Clubhouse in this section. 

Why Is Clubhouse So Popular?

Clubhouse is a unique app that separates itself from the digital media being an invite-only audio-based app. Clubhouse has no chat, posts, or download features, except for listening and talking to people.

Maybe this is the reason why Clubhouse is gaining so much popularity. There are many popular apps where you can talk to each other with or without video. But, in the case of Clubhouse, only audio is available. Even the introverts can freely start talking knowing that they won’t have to open their video on Clubhouse.

Additionally, fear of judgment is way lesser in Clubhouse. Influencers can talk in any room without looking put together. The audio-based app gives a sort of safe sensation to the users, and maybe that’s why Clubhouse is so popular.

Can I Earn Money By Moderating A Clubhouse Room?

Being a moderator does not give you any money, but you can obviously generate income by moderating some Clubhouse rooms. Many Clubhouse rooms are willing to pay their moderators. The Clubhouse rooms generally seek the paid moderators if the traffic is much, or they are willing to host a long room. So, if you find such Clubhouse rooms, you can earn money by moderating them. 

Know more about the Clubhouse Moderators on Who Are Clubhouse Moderators And How To Become One?


I hope this article has been helpful for you to know different ways to make money using Clubhouse. I enlisted all of the ways that I could think of. But, there must be numerous other ways to monetize in Clubhouse. 

Don’t hesitate to share your ideas, feel free to mention them in the comment section below.

And in case you are thinking of generating income using the Clubhouse app, I wish you all the very best.

Happy Clubhousing!

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