How To Hack Snapchat? | No Need Of Technical Knowledge

How To Hack Snapchat

Hacking someone’s Snapchat is immoral and illegal, but snooping your loved ones’ Snapchat account to check if they are being exploited or not is understandable. Everybody cares for their loved ones and doesn’t want them to get into any sort of trouble. We understand your curiosity and value it. This article explains how you can hack Snapchat accounts.

Hacking Snapchat is almost impossible. But what you can do is use different spy apps and other alternatives that are closer to hack Snapchat. With the use of the right apps, procedures, and tools, you will definitely be able to access other’s Snapchat account without them knowing. How can you hack your Snapchat account then? 

Snapchat accounts can be tracked by using Spy apps like mSpy, Spyzie, KidsGuardPro, Cococspy, etc. You can hack Snapchat accounts without using such apps as well, but you need to be a next-level genius to do it. Snapchat can be hacked by sending virus-attached links, using public Wi-Fi, cloning Snapchat account, using third-party apps, etc. 

Since hacking Snapchat is not quite possible, we will talk about how to track someone’s Snapchat activities following different steps in this article.

Can Snapchat Be Hacked?

Snapchat is an amazing app that is very much concerned about the privacy of its users. It notifies the user when their snap is being recorded, screenshotted, or saved. It does not even allow Snapchat users to view the snaps and messages for more than 24 hours. For a secured app like Snapchat, nobody would even think about being able to hack it.

To your surprise, Snapchat activities can be tracked by using the right steps. A layman can’t hack Snapchat. But, you can definitely track the Snapchat activities of the target account. Why hack it when you can get access to the information without having to bother at all? 

Even if you are a professional hacker, it would be very difficult for you to hack Snapchat. But if you are looking for alternatives that are closer to hacking, you don’t need any sort of professional hacking skills to spy on someone’s Snapchat. Not only the professional hackers, but your friend, colleague, partner, or even your parents can track your Snapchat.

We know Snapchat deletes the messages in a few seconds after it is viewed. It may seem quite impossible to spy on Snapchat accounts in such a scenario. But trust me, there are various effective ways to spy on someone’s Snapchat account as well as snoop their Snapchat activities.  

Why Hack Snapchat?

Whether you are having doubts about your relationship or been tensed about the childrens’ overuse of Snapchat, hacking their account is the best thing you can do. 

You may be a single parent who doesn’t get time to supervise your child’s act much. We understand you carry the burden of raising a proper family all by yourself. It’s difficult for you to know what’s going on with your child’s life. You see your child over the phone all the time and becoming distant from the real world. You may have noticed something off about your child. What do you do in such a case? 

You had a perfect relationship with your spouse. Suddenly, your spouse stops making efforts and doesn’t seem to spend much time with you. Your spouse gives an unreasonable excuse for everything you ask for. How do you know what’s going on with them?

In both cases, hacking their Snapchat and looking at their Snapchat activities may turn out to be useful. You can track all the Snapchat activities of someone and know what’s really going on with their life. That way, you might know how to fix your relationship or how to really act to make things better.

Spying the Snapchat account of your family members because you are concerned about them is okay. Just make sure you aren’t crossing your limits and invading someone’s privacy.

How To Hack Snapchat On Android

Android runs an open-source API that requires physical access to the target phone before tracking it. You can’t follow the Snapchat activities on your target phone without using it for once. You at least need a few minutes to install the spy apps on the target phone and let the app run in the background. Do not worry; the user won’t even have the slightest idea if the spy app is running on their phone in the background. 

Hacking Snapchat Account On Android

The android device comes with many security features. It is one of the safe platforms for users. Android devices first come with disabled settings for the third-party app installation. You cannot download any app from other sources than the registered and authorized source, such as Playstore, if the settings are disabled.

But, the settings can be enabled again, which lets you install any third-party application. Once the setting is enabled, you can install the Snapchat Hack tools such as spy apps. You can track the Snapchat activities from the Snapchat account of the target phone once you get access to the device. You can get access to the real-time screenshots of the target phone by installing and enabling the spy apps such as Spyier, Spyzie, Cocospy, KidsGuard Pro, etc. 

Hacking Snapchat Password On Android

In case you didn’t know, Spy apps help hackers to crack passwords as well. The spy apps have in-built features that copy every single keystroke typed in the target phone. Once you know every keystroke, you can get access to the victim’s password. 

There is a way you can hack passwords without using spy apps too. Snapchat password can be hacked by sending a virus attached link. Once the target user opens the link, the virus will be uploaded to the device by default making cracking passwords easier.

You can hack Snapchat passwords on Android by using Snapspy, SnapThief, Snapchat, Snapex Pilot, etc. as well. 

How to Hack Snapchat On iOS

You won’t be wrong if you say the other name for Apple products is “Quality.” Millions of its users admire Apple for this very reason. Apple products are qualitative, but that does not mean there are no loopholes to track down the Snapchat activities on iOS. 

You can stalk Snapchat activities on any device if you follow the right procedure. iPhone runs an iCloud system that asks you for the iCloud details. You can spy someone’s Snapchat account on the target phone easily by just providing the iCloud credentials. You don’t even need to access the target phone time and again to be able to trace Snapchat activities on iOS. 

Hacking Snapchat Account On iOS

The security system of iOS is more secured comparing with Android. iOS does not allow third-party apps installation by hook or by crook. However, you can spy on someone’s Snapchat account on iOS in other ways. 

Since all iPhone asks for is iCloud credentials, it’s easier to stalk Snapchat account on iOS devices. You can trace someone’s Snapchat account on iOS by simply filling up the iCloud credentials of the target user. 

Hacking Snapchat Password On iOS

Since third-party apps cannot be installed on iOS devices, you can use hacking websites such as Snapchat Spy to hack Snapchat passwords on iOS. You can begin hacking someone’s Snapchat password using this website by just clicking on “Continue to online hack.” All you need to do is enter the username of the target account and leave the rest to the website. 

Whether you wanna snoop on Zayn Malik’s Snapchat or your neighbor on the backward, you can easily do it using Snapchat Spy. 

You can also track Snapchat passwords on iOS using apps like AppBrute.

How To Login To Other’s Snapchat Account?

The sole purpose of you searching for this article should mean you are looking for a tutorial to hack Snapchat. Hacking Snapchat is not easy. But that doesn’t mean you can’t access someone’s Snapchat activities. You don’t need professional hacking skills to be able to track Snapchat activities.

Getting direct to the point, you can log in to other’s Snapchat account by using different spy apps. Numbers of spy apps are available on the internet. Some might function well, while some may not. So, it’s better to take time before choosing the right spy app you want to use.

Below is a step-by-step tutorial on how you can log in to someone’s Snapchat Account:

  1. Choose the app you want to use and visit its official website.
  2. Create your profile by registering your verified email address.
  3. Once the email verification is completed, choose the plan you like the best.
  4. Now, fill in the information about the target device.
  5. Complete the process by filling in the required fields given on the website.

Once the process is completed, you will be able to track down the Snapchat activity of the target device.

Yes, it’s that easy to access someone’s Snapchat account. Just make sure you use an authorized app and don’t snoop around anyone’s Snapchat account until you have a reasonable excuse.

Below is the name of some spy apps you might want to use:

mSpy, Spyera, BlurSpy, Spyier, FoneMonitor, Xnspy, Flexispy, Hoverwatch, PhoneSpector, Spyic Cell Phone Tracker, KidsGuard Pro, Cocospy, FamiSafe, Highster Mobile, etc. 

Snapchat Hack Tool

Several Snapchat hack tools are available in the market. People try these tools in order to find out whether they actually work or not. Snapchat hack tool allows you to sneak on somebody else’s Snapchat account, their conversations, snaps, stories, etc. 

Usually, the Snapchat hack tool is a computer or mobile app. It comes with in-built features that provide extra features to hackers. Hackers can log in to someone’s Snapchat account without a password using the Snapchat hack tools. 

Snapchat Password Decryptor

Besides communicating, people are using Snapchat for ill-activities like bullying and blackmailing. Snapchat has been used for criminal ends by many people. To track down these acts, Snapchat Password Decryptor is introduced.

Snapchat Password Decryptor is a web service that will let you log in to your Snapchat account without entering the password. It is a web-based free app that is compatible with almost every device like iOS, Android, PC, etc. With the use of Snapchat Password Decryptor, you can check all the Snapchat activity of somebody else. 

You can hack other’s Snapchat account without being detected by using the Snapchat hack tool. You can easily access the password of the target user if you follow the right steps. 

Note: Please use proxies while trying to sign into someone’s Snapchat account. 

Benefits of Snapchat Hack Tool

Social media applications like Snapchat serve a great purpose to people all around the world. Virtual video calls have made connections all around the world easier. Real-time communication with people from all around the world has made the earth a global village. 

But, with the advancement in technologies, people tend to spend their time communicating with people in the other corner of the world rather than talking to the person in the same room. You barely know what’s going on in your child’s life. There is no way your child is going to utter out the truth. In such a case, spying remains the only option.

The Snapchat Hack Tool lets you spy on Snapchat activities. That way, you might know whether your child is getting into any sort of trouble or not. Though the app is being used negatively for criminal purposes, it has benefits as well.

We have listed some of the advantages that come with the use of the Snapchat Hack Tool below:

  1. You can track and monitor the Snapchat account in real-time.
  2. You can view the ongoing conversation with friends in real-time as well.
  3. Snapchat Hack Tool allows you to crack the passwords of the target account.
  4. The deleted messages and archived files can be retrieved using Snapchat Hack Tool.
  5. Details of every site visited by the target device can be accessed using the tool.
  6. You can also change the in-app settings and block inappropriate accounts while using the Snapchat Hack Tool.
  7. The tool easily gives access to the multimedia files of the target device. 
  8. You can also take screenshots of the ongoing activity in real-time.
  9. Using the Snapchat Hack Tool, you can track the GPS to know the target device’s location.

Drawbacks of Using Spy Apps

Everything is bound to have its good and dark sides. Though spy apps offer you numerous advantages, their usage has some drawbacks as well. Following are the drawbacks that you need to face with the usage of spy apps.

  1. The apps are paid. It might turn out costly.
  2. It may be difficult to operate the spy apps as the functionality differs from one spy app to other.
  3. The spy apps need at least one-time access to the target phone to operate.
  4. The target user might get suspicious about the spy app as it drains the battery, raises the temperature of the device suddenly, spikes the data usage, etc.

Hacking Snapchat Account Without Spy Apps

Don’t want to use any spy apps for hacking someone’s Snapchat account? We’ve got your back. There are several ways other than the usage of spy apps to snoop someone’s Snapchat. You can do it by sending the virus attached links, using third-party apps, using public Wi-Fi, cloning Snapchat account, disabling two-factor verification, sending verification code, etc.

Let’s discuss these ways in brief below:

Sending Of Virus Attached Links

You must have been warned by your friend now and often not to open the links sent by somebody you don’t know. Everybody has gotten smart enough not to look over the spams. But you definitely can’t ignore the link if it says you need to verify your Snapchat as soon as possible because of security concerns, can you?

You see, the hackers are smart enough to brainwash you and create the contents you can’t really skip. They use different tools to convert the virus attached links to something that looks like an official attached link. Once you open such a malicious link, my friend, you are in a trap.

Usage Of Third-party Apps

You might be benefitted using a third-party app initially, but it may turn out to become one of your mistakes as well. Hackers use third-party apps to spy over the victim’s device and track their activities. Such apps can even leak the information on your device.

But if you are a hacker and looking for a technique to hack a Snapchat account, using third-party apps might help you.

Usage Of Public Wifi

Public Wi-Fi may not be a matter of concern for most people, but you don’t know whether public Wi-Fi is unsafe for your device. Using public Wi-Fi while enabling VPN is okay, but your device is unsafe if you don’t use one. A hacker can easily snoop on all your credentials using the same shared network and also copy your data.

So, be safe and try not to use public Wi-Fi as far as possible if you don’t want your Snapchat account to be hacked.

Cloning Of Snapchat Account

Cloning simply means allowing your favorite app to store the login info of multiple accounts. By cloning a Snapchat account, you can use two Snapchat accounts at once. Cloning a Snapchat account lets you view every update of the original account, making hacking easier.

Sending Verification Code

Social media platforms tend to send the verification code to their users in case of any suspicion for the sake of security. The app generally sends the code to your phone number or email address. This code is a standard way to confirm that it’s you who has been trying to get access to your account. The verification code is so strong that it can also allow the person to change the password of his/her account. If the hacker gets access to the verification code of yours, he can break into your account in no time. 

Disabling The Two-factor Authorization

If you are familiar with today’s technologies, you must know about the Two-Way Authorization feature. And it’s completely okay if you don’t. Two Factor Authorization is a dual-factor security process in which the user needs to verify themselves using two-factor authentication. 

The dual authentication makes Snapchat difficult to hack. So what you can do is disable this system so that you can snoop to other’s Snapchat Account in an easier way. 

Can I Hack Someone’s Snapchat Account Without Accessing The Target Phone?

Can I hack someone’s Snapchat account without having to access the target phone? Well, the answer to this query varies according to the situation. 

A hacker can track the Snapchat activity without accessing the target phone in live-time. Hacker does not need to have access to the target phone all the time. What he needs is one-time access to the victim’s phone for few minutes.

If you and the target user both are iOS users, the answer is yes. You can easily track the target device without accessing the target phone. The spy apps ask for iCloud credentials to track the activities of the target device. If you have the iCloud credentials of the target device, you can spy over Snapchat by just providing the required information. But, you still need to use the target phone at least once to enter the OTP that is sent on the registered phone number.

In the case of Android usage, the hacker needs to utilize the time with the target device to install a spy app and copy all the data to send to the hacker’s device. You can use this technique only on the Android device as iOS doesn’t allow any third-party app installation.

Going literally, you can’t hack someone’s Snapchat account without accessing the target device at all. All you need to have is one-time access to the target device for tracking someone’s Snapchat account. 

Can I Hack Someone’s Snapchat Messages?

If you are a Snapchat user, you know how protective it is when it comes to the user’s privacy. People have been attracted to the Snapchat app due to this very reason. 

If you are a single parent who doesn’t get much time to spend with your children and worried about why they are over their phone all the time, do not worry.  You can access your children’s Snapchat account to see their messages. Different spy apps and Snapchat hack tools allow you to snoop other’s Snapchat messages without letting them know. 

Tracking someone’s Snapchat messages may turn out to be a little hectic if you are not into hacking much. It’s better to choose an easier app to start with.

Can I Hack Snapchat Video?

Are you tensed if your child is being overwhelmed by the extreme use of Snapchat? Do you want to keep an eye on the videos your child has been receiving lately? Do you wanna know why your child is so obsessed with using Snapchat? Are you suspicious of the videos your child has been watching? If yes, you are at the right place.

You might find several articles telling you that Snapchat videos cannot be hacked. But the truth is, hacking Snapchat video is possible.

Some of the spy apps allow you to snoop over other people’s Snapchat videos without them knowing. The spy apps break the security of the Snapchat account and allow you to hack the Snapchat video the other person has been receiving. So, with the use of proper spy apps, you can definitely access other’s Snapchat videos.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I am not much of a psychic, but I know you still have some questions regarding the use of Snapchat. So, what I have done is picked up the most asked questions by you guys and included them in the FAQ section. Check them out.

How To Hack Someone’s Snapchat Account By Taking Screenshots?

You might be surprised to know that you can hack Snapchat by taking screenshots as well.

You can get access to the target device’s screenshots without taking the device to yourself. For hacking Snapchat this way, you need to install a screenshot capturing app first. Such apps take screenshots in the target device frequently and transfer them to the hacker’s account. Apps like Spyzie do this work efficiently in a clean manner. 

How Can You Tell If Someone Is Online On Snapchat?

In case you didn’t know already, there is a way to figure out if someone is online on Snapchat.

If your friend is online, their emoji will pop up in the bottom left corner of the chat section. By looking at the bitmoji above the text box, you can see if your friend is online and reading your Snapchat messages.

Does Snapchat Notify Someone When You Look At Their Snapmap?

Are you someone who is habituated to check your friend’s snap location time and often? Do not worry; Snapchat no longer notifies the person when you check their location. Earlier, Snapchat used to notify its users whenever somebody checked their snap location. But since 2020, Snapchat removed this feature. Snapchat no longer displays the “eye-icon” on your status page to check if somebody viewed your snap location or not.

Will Someone Know If I Screenshot Their Snapmap’s Location?

Since the removal of the notification feature whenever somebody viewed the Snap location, the other user has no idea about people checking their location. Forget about the times you take a screenshot; Snapchat does not even notify others if you check their Snapchat’s location.

Be careful you don’t screenshot the chat section out of excitement, though.


I hope we have made you clear to hack Snapchat. We suggest you be careful while hacking others’ Snapchat accounts as it may put you into trouble. 

Make sure you make the hacking look so clean that people will never know if anybody even has interfered with their Snapchat account. 

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