What Does FT Mean On Snapchat?

What Does FT Mean On Snapchat

A girl randomly adds you on Snapchat. After a while, you receive her snap with a “Hit Me Up” sticker and a text that says “Wanna FT?” The girl seems really pretty, but you have no idea about what does FT really means. What would you do in this situation? Rush your fingers to search up for its meaning on Google, right? 

You don’t have to rush if you are already familiar with the acronym in the first place, do you? If you don’t want to put yourself in a similar circumstance and blow off the girl, stay with us till the end of the article.

FT on Snapchat is an acronym for FaceTime(Videochat).

If you receive a snap or text that says “FT,” it means they want to make a video call with you. “FT” means FaceTime on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, and all other social media. You can FaceTime 15 people at once on Snapchat. 

What Does FT Mean On Snapchat?

FT, on Snapchat, is an acronym for FaceTime. So, if a message ever pops on your dm that says “FT me”, that means the person wants to facetime you, i.e., video call you. FaceTime on Snapchat refers to the “Video Chat” feature that can be enjoyed by both iOs and Android users.

Snapchat allows you to facetime 15 of your friends at once.

How To FT(Face Time) Your Friend On Snapchat?

Do you miss your high school friends who ended up in different cities because of the different career paths you chose?

Do you miss your annoying sibling now that you are stuck in the uni dorm?

Snapchat can help you in connecting with your loved ones despite the distance. Here is how you can connect with your loved ones through the “FaceTime” feature on Snapchat.

Step 1: Open Snapchat App

To begin your journey of face timing on Snapchat, open the Snapchat app on your phone first. Log in to your account by filling up the required information if necessary.

Step 2: Go To The Friends List

Now that you have opened Snapchat on your device, it’s time to view your friends’ list. You can view your friends’ list by tapping on your Snapchat Profile first and then tapping on the “My Friends” option. The button shows up right below the “Friends” option.

Step 3: Select the Friend

The list of your friends is displayed on your screen once you tap on the “My Friends” option. Now what you need to do is tap on the name of the Snapchat friend you want to facetime with. 

Step 4: Tap On The Video Icon

Once you tap on the name of a Snapchat friend, you will see a video icon at the top right of your screen. Tap the video icon to facetime your friend on Snapchat.

Quick Tip: You can flip the camera from front to back (or vice versa) by simply double-tapping on the screen.

Tips On FaceTiming On Snapchat

I hope you now can easily FaceTime your friend on Snapchat. Let me share some tips and tricks with you to make Facetiming even easier.

  1. If you want to minimize the video call, you can simply slide the screen down on your display.
  2. To mute your sound on the video call, you must tap the green Phone icon. You can simply unmute the call by tapping back the same icon.
  3. If you have a sudden urge to turn off your video, you need to tap on the green Video Call icon. To turn on the video, tap on the icon again.
  4. To flip the camera, slide your finger to the top half of your screen.

Things To Keep In Mind About FT(FaceTime)

I know you want to meet new people and explore human behavior online. But that may not turn out to become healthy most of the time. You see, there are different types of people over the internet. There are a lot of chances that you would end up face-timing a random creep or your regular stalker. To avoid such a situation, please don’t facetime somebody you don’t already know.

Internet is filled with good people as well as bad ones. Creeps and pervs are looking for an opportunity to slide into your DMs all the time. That sweet guy over the internet you don’t know in real life could be your crazy stalker wandering down your alley. To avoid such complications in life, you better not facetime a random stranger. Please facetime people who you know properly in the real-world only.

Note: You can always report the ill behavior of the people as well as block them on Snapchat.

Other Full forms Of FT

Usually, when people use the abbreviation “FT,” they mean FaceTime. But there are some other exceptions as well. People may refer to a whole another word using the same acronym, “FT.” Let me help you with some of the other full forms of FT so that you don’t get lost in the chaos. 

1.Full Time

In football fixtures, FT means Full-Time. If you ever overheard two football fans saying “FT” over the conversation, they probably mean Full Time and not FaceTime

2.For Trade

People sometimes mean For Trade by “FT.” When people are talking about exchanging one thing with another, they use this acronym.

3.F*ck That

If you see somebody yelling “FT” and looking annoyed, they probably meant to say “F*ck That.” Please don’t go asking for their Snapchat id, meaning to FaceTime them if you care for your survival. 


Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed that “ft.” acronym in the random youtube videos. That “ft” in Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth on “See You Again” stands for “featuring.” The full form “Featuring” is mostly used in the case of music. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you want to know more about FaceTime? We have answered a bunch of questions to help you understand FaceTime better.

Is FaceTime Popular?

Actually, FaceTime is a popular feature on iPhone that was introduced in 2015. This feature allows iPhone users to video call each other, maximum number ranging to 32. 

FaceTime has become a way of life for some Apple users, which obviously means FaceTime is popular. Statistics have shown that about 15-20 million FaceTime calls are made in a day.

Does Snapchat FaceTime Show Up On The Phone Bill?

You don’t have to worry about the phone bill while you make a call on Snapchat. In fact, nothing you do on Snapchat shows up on your phone bill. To use the Snapchat app and its features, all you need to have is stable internet. The only amount you need to pay for Snapchat is your internet expenses. 

Can Someone See You Before You Answer FaceTime?

Nobody can see you on their screen before you answer a facetime if they haven’t put a CCTV camera spying on you. However, if you are the one who is making the call, the recipient can see your video on the screen before they answer your call. So, make sure you aren’t picking your nose or killing the lice off of your children’s hair while you are trynna FaceTime with your friends.

Can You Use Snapchat Filters On FaceTime?

You definitely can use the Snapchat filters as well as Lenses during facetime on Snapchat. Tap the curvy star on your screen to enjoy different filters while you facetime your dearer ones.


FT is an abbreviation for FaceTime. It is an amazing video-chatting feature released by Snapchat that helps in connecting you and your loved ones. FT gives a virtual sensation of the presence of your loved ones regardless of how far you guys are. Go FaceTime your mates if you have been too busy lately and miss catching up with them.

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