How To Use Snapchat: A Complete Guide For Beginners

How To Use Snapchat: A Complete Guide For Beginners

Snapchat is a multimedia texting app that enhances user’s experience with pictures and video sharing. The “disappearing messages and video” feature, along with some other unique features of Snapchat, has set a different reign of Snapchat in the digital world.

Snapchat broke all the stereotypes of social media apps by introducing a platform that presents posts from different people on completely different screens. Due to this reason, people of different age groups are starting to use Snapchat. No doubt how Snapchat has successfully made it to 265 million users. If you are not one of these 265 million Snapchat users, you should definitely give it a go.

I know it’s tough to get started on using Snapchat, especially because of the vague terms, many screens, and features. But once you learn the basics, trust me, you will be glad that you didn’t miss out on the amazing features of this app. Also, it will get better with time anyway.

I have included all the basics you need to know before starting to use Snapchat here. 

Come, Let’s begin the journey of using Snapchat with us. 

What Is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a multimedia messaging app that is designed with a “Disappearing message” concept. The app was designed by Stanford university students; Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown in 2011 AD. 

You can call, video call, text, and send snaps to people on Snapchat. In addition, you can post stories, create your filter, and use Snapchat to broaden your business by creating different Business Filters.

All in all, Snapchat is a fun messaging app with amazing features that deletes the message automatically within 10 seconds after the recipient views it.

Bitmojis, Snapstreaks, emojis, filters, lenses, stories, emojis, stickers, etc., are the assets of such an amazing app.

Snapchat Terms And Features

Different apps have different unique terms to address their features and elements. Snapchat, too has set its own terminologies. Using any app without knowing its terminologies may not be pretty fruitful. So, let’s guide you on the Snapchat terms and features first.


Anything you record on Snapchat, be it a photo or a video that you can send to people and save for yourself is known as the snap. In Snapchat, snaps get deleted once the recipient views them.

You can record a video snap for a maximum of 10 seconds. In case you upload any snap on your story, your Snapchat friends can view it infinite times within 24 hours. 


Stories in Snapchat are equivalent to the furniture in the showroom. All of your Snapchat friends or Snapchat users [Depending upon your settings] can view your snap as many times as they want within 24 hours. 

You can post a direct picture, video, snap from camera roll, or snap from ‘Memories’ to your Snapchat story.

Note: You can delete your story anytime you want.

Geo Stories

Like Geo filters, Geo stories are also the normal Snapchat stories, but they are visible to the people from a specific location only. You can create your own geo story by going to your privacy settings and setting a certain geo radius location for your story. You can view the geo stories on Snap Map.


Like in every other social app, Chat is the messaging feature of Snapchat. You can send texts to your Snapchat friends, which gets deleted automatically by Snapchat once the receiver views the message.

Discover Page

Discover Page displays some random stories from the creators and publishers on Snapchat that might interest you. Snapchat algorithm detects the types of stories you mostly view and then places similar content on your Discover page.

Group Stories

Snapchat lets you create a group story that is visible to specific people only. You can customize the viewers and contributors of the Snapchat story.

Sending the same snap to numerous friends of the same circle can be time-consuming. Keeping this in mind, Snapchat has a group snap feature. You can create a Snapchat group with your friends and send a snap there so that everyone can see it. This way, snapping and sharing moments becomes easier.


Filters on Snapchat are the overlays that you can place on your photos and videos. Filters add spice to your snaps and jazz them up by inserting different animations, scenarios, stickers, etc.

Snapchat has hundreds of filters that you can use according to your mood, location, or festivals.


You can add and animate different effects to your photos and videos using Snapchat lenses. Remember, you need to use the Snapchat lenses while taking the snap. You cannot place the Snapchat lenses once the snap is taken, unlike the Snapchat Filters. The two types of Snapchat Lenses are:

  1. Face Lens

 Face lens applies animations on the faces in your snap such as dogs, cats, etc. 

  1. World Lens

World Lens plays with the stuff in the background to create a beautiful environment.

Snap Map 

Snap Map is the feature that allows you and your Snapchat friends to access each other’s location. You can view the current location of your friends using Snap Map. 

If you don’t want your friends to view your location, you can enable ‘Ghost Mode’ on Snapchat. 

Snapchat Score

Snapchat Score represents the total number of snaps you have exchanged with your Snapchat friends. The Snapchat score goes up each time you send or receive a snap. You can check your Snapchat score by going to any of your Snapchat conversations. Tap ‘Snapchat’ on the top so that you can view your Snap score.


Geo stickers are special stickers that are available to a specific location for a specific time only.


Emojis are the smileys or mini graphics that you can find on almost every messaging apps. Snapchat, too, has a collection of smiley faces, animals, signals, food, flags, etc., that you can use to add sparks to your texts. You can access the emojis on Snapchat once you start using your device’s keyboard.


Sticker is the graphic animation like emojis, but it is adjustable in size. You can use the existing stickers on Snapchat while texting or snapping. Snapchat displays the sticker options to you according to the festivals, location, and situation.


Personally, Sketch is my favorite feature that I use on a daily basis while snapping. The sketch is a unique feature of Snapchat that allows you to draw/doodle over any snap you take. 


Trophies on Snapchat are the rewards for great performance on Snapchat. They do not carry any specialties. They are just emojis as a visual reward for praising your activities on Snapchat. 


Snapchat Streak occurs when you and your friend exchange snaps with each other for three consecutive days. The fire emoji beside the name of your Snapchat friend is the representation of Snapchat’s streak. Only real-time snaps count to maintain Snapchat streaks. Once you gain the streaks, you will have to continue exchanging snaps within 24 hours to keep the streaks going. 

For detailed information about Snap Streaks, check our article: 


Snapchat Geofilters are the overlays on the snaps that are available in a specific location for a specific time only. To be able to use Geofilter on Snapchat, you must enable the location feature first. Snapchat lets you use the existing Geofilters and also creates one of your choices.


Bitmoji is a fun feature that represents you. You can take a picture of yourself and insert your face on the cartoon icon to customize your own Bitmoji. Snapchat lets you use Bitmojis of different situations by placing your own face in them.

Context Cards

Context Cards use the information from different partners of Snapchat and provide extra information about a certain context to you. For instance, Context Cards let you reserve a table for brunch, book your ride, etc.

To access Context Cards on Snapchat, you can simply swipe up on a snap or story.


Snapcode is the Snapchat version of the QR code. You can use the Snapcode to scan, find and add friends on Snapchat. 

Snapchat assigns a unique snap code to each Snapchat user that can be customized as well. 


Memories is basically your album on Snapchat. You can also term it as Snapchat’s Gallery since the Memories backs up all the snaps and stories you saved on Snapchat. Snapchat also lets you send the older snaps or post them as your story from Memories.

Setting Up A Snapchat Account

The first step towards using Snapchat is setting up a Snapchat account for sure. Let’s guide you on how to create and set up your Snapchat account so that you can begin snapping moments of your day.

Below is the step by step process on how you can set up an account on Snapchat: 

Step 1: Installing The App

Begin your beautiful journey of Snapchat by installing the Snapchat app from Playstore (for Android) or AppStore (for iPhone/iPad.)

Step 2: Creating An Account

Once you have installed the Snapchat app on your phone, open the app. Snapchat will direct you to a yellow page. Tap on the ‘Sign Up & Accept’ button to create an account on Snapchat.

Step 3: Fill The Necessary Fields: Name, Birthdays, Username, Email, Password, Phone Number

Once you choose to sign up, you will see a page where Snapchat asks you to fill up different fields. Enter your personal information such as your name, birthdays, a username you want to set on Snapchat, your email address, a password for the Snapchat account, and phone number. 

Fill all of these fields and send them to Snapchat.

Step 4: Wait For The Confirmation Number

Snapchat needs to verify if it’s actually you who is trying to create your Snapchat account. So, Team Snapchat sends a confirmation number to the phone number you have just entered in the field. Wait for the confirmation number and type it in the blank space once you receive it.

Step 5:Adding Friends

You have already created your Snapchat account if you completed step 4. 

Now, add some friends on Snapchat so that you can begin snapping and have fun.

Step 6: Personalizing Bitmoji And Snapcode

Personalize your Bitmoji and Snapcode by navigating to your Profile Page. 

Tap on the ghost icon at the top right corner of your screen to navigate to your Profile Page

Congratulations on setting up a Snapchat account.

How To Nagivate The Snapchat App

Snapchat is a messaging app that has many unique features to offer. Due to its unique and vague features, using Snapchat can be tough. Below are the key screens on Snapchat that you will need to know if you are looking to use Snapchat.

Profile Page

The page that includes your personal information and has a snap code on the top is Profile Page. In addition to the personal info and snap code, this page also displays your recent followers and the ‘Add Friends’ option. 

You can tap on the Gear button at the top-right screen of this page to access Settings, stories, contacts, bitmojis, trophies, etc.

You can let your friends scan your snap code so that they can add you on Snapchat. 

Camera Page

The Camera page is the ‘Home Page’ for the Snapchat app. Snapchat will automatically direct you to the Camera page once you log in to the Snapchat app. You can take snaps, use lenses, filters, insert stickers, search for other filters, sketch tools, as well as use the rear camera on this page.

Snapchat Home Page
Snapchat Home Page

Friends Page

Wondering where you can find all your friends and conversation on Snapchat? For that, you will need to tap the chat bubble in the bottom left corner of your home page. You can check the snaps, texts, streaks, calls, or names of your friends on this page.

Quick Tip: You can also go to the Friend’s page by swiping right from your camera page.

Memories Page

You can access the Memories Page by tapping the Image icon that shows up to the left of the camera button on the camera page. 

Memories Page is basically the album of your snaps and Snapchat stories on Snapchat.

Stories Page

If you swipe right to the Home page, Snapchat will direct you to the Stories page. The page displays the Snapchat stories of your friends that they had uploaded within 24 hours. 

Snapchat Stories Page

Sometimes, the page can also display “Live Stories” if any cultural, political, or worthy events are going on from Snapchat and other particular brands.

To view a Snapchat story, tap on the bubble that appears above the name of your Snapchat friend. You can see other  Snapchat stories by tapping on the screen. If you want to exit any story, simply swipe down. 

Discovery Page

You can navigate to the Discovery page by simply swiping right from the stories page. Alternatively, you can tap the map icon at the bottom right corner of the home page or swipe left to access the Discovery page. 

You can watch the stories from celebs, different companies, brands, and some live events on the Discovery page. Discovery Page changes its contents every 24 hours. 

Adding Friends On Snapchat

Nobody wants to be a loner in a social media app, as far as I know. One is a lonely number, so why not add some friends you already know in person on Snapchat? 

Unlike many other social apps, Snapchat offers various methods to add someone. You can use the process you find the easiest to add people to Snapchat.

By Snapcode

Adding someone on Snapchat using their Snapcode is the easiest method if you have his/her snap code. The process is easy, quick, and reliable. 

Follow these steps to add someone on Snapchat using their snap code.

  1. Ask the snap code of your friend and save it to your camera roll.
  2. Open the Snapchat app on your device, log in to your account and navigate to your Snapchat Profile Page. 
  3. Click on the ‘Add Friends’ option below the ‘Friends’ section.
  4. Tap on the browser-like icon at the right corner of your screen. 
  5. Choose the snap code of your target friend from the camera roll and add them to Snapchat.

And you are done.

By Quick Add

You may have seen numerous Snapchat users once you navigate to the friend’s page on Snapchat in the ‘Quick Add’ section. Here is how you can add them.

  1. Open the Snapchat app on your device and log in if necessary.
  2. Now, navigate your Snapchat profile by tapping the profile icon on the upper left corner of your screen.
  3. Scroll until you see an ‘Add Friends’ option below the ‘Friends’ header.  Then, tap on the ‘Add Friends’ option.
  4. You must see a list of the Snapchat profiles under ‘Quick Add.’ Then, tap on the ‘+Add’ button if you want to add any of the snap chatters. 

This is how you add someone on Snapchat by ‘Quick Add.’

By Address Book

Address Book is the digital version of Phone Book. You can add people from the Address Book of your phone on Snapchat.

To do that, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open Snapchat on your device and log in by providing the necessary credentials.
  2. Tap on the ‘Add Friends’ header.
  3. Under ‘Quick Add,’ select ‘All Contacts.’ 
  4. You must see a bunch of people from the address book that are on Snapchat. Tap the ‘+Add’ button beside the usernames of people you wanna add.

From Mentions

To add the snap chatters who your friends have mentioned on their snap, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Snapchat app on your device. Log in if you haven’t already.
  2. Tap on the Chat icon that shows up to the second from the bottom on the left side of your screen.
  3. Then, open the snap that your friend sent.
  4. Tap the username of the snap chatter your friend has mentioned. That will get you to the option where you can add the Snapchat user on Snapchat.
  5. Tap on the “+Add” button to add the user to Snapchat.

How To Add A Friend Back On Snapchat

Snapchat requires authentication from both sides to approve people as friends. That means, if someone has added you on Snapchat, you need to add them back and vice versa for you guys to be friends.

Add back the Snapchat users who have added you by following the steps given below:

  1. Open Snapchat on your device and log in to your Snapchat account.
  2. Tap on the ghost icon to open your Snapchat profile.
  3. Tap on the ‘Add Friends’ option under the ‘Friends’ header. 
  4. People who have added you on Snapchat are visible on the screen now. Tap on the ‘Accept’ button beside the username of people you want to add back and be friends on Snapchat.

Note: Please click on ‘View More’ to see the complete list of people who have added you.

Read our full article for more details.

Using Snapchat Lenses

You can use Snapchat Lenses only if you directly apply them to the faces of snap. Unlike the Snapchat filters, you need to use Snapchat lenses before capturing the snap.

Below is the step-by-step guide on how to use Snapchat lenses:

  1. Open Snapchat on your device first. Log in if necessary.
    Snapchat Log In
  2. Now, point the Snapchat camera at your face or someone else’s friends. 
    Snapchat Lenses 1
  3. Tap on the face on the snap. Lenses will appear on your screen.
  4. To preview the available lenses, scroll them one by one.
  5. Follow the prompt of Snapchat lenses if there are any.
  6. Tap on the Camera button to capture your snap using Snapchat lenses.
    And you are done.
    Snapchat Lenses 2
    Snapchat Lenses 3

Creating And Sending Snaps

What’s the point of using Snapchat if you don’t do snapping? It’s okay if you don’t know how to create and send a snap. We understand using Snapchat can be chaotic, especially when you have just begun. But if you know how to use Snapchat properly and still choose to avoid snapping, I recommend you give it a second thought.

You can create and share your moment by snapping to your friends by following these steps:

Taking A Picture Or A Video

Snap-in simple words mean photo or a video. 

To take a photo on Snapchat, tap the circular capture button at the center at the bottom of your home screen. 

To take a video, hold the capture button for the required time and then release your finger gently once you are done. You cannot record a video for longer than 10 seconds on Snapchat. In case you do, the video will break down into different snaps while you send them to your Snapchat friends or post it as a story.

To capture a selfie, simply rotate your camera to the front by tapping the camera icon or double-tapping the screen of your phone. 

To discard a snap, tap the ‘X’ icon in the upper left corner of your screen.

Editing It

I know you are still not happy with how your snap looks. You wanna give some finishing touch to your snaps and add some extra details, don’t you? 

Here is the list of Creative Tools that you can use on Snapchat to customize your snap:

Before you start, let me tell you that these Creative tools appear to the right corner of your screen once you have captured a snap.

  1. Caption(T icon): It lets you add texts on your snap. You can make your texts bold, italic, or underline them as well.
  2. Doodle (pencil icon): This icon lets you draw on your snap. You can use the color of your choice and use the brush on your snap to make the desirable edits.
  3. Stickers (Sticky note-like icon): The square sticky note-like icon that appears on the third to the right corner of your screen is the Sticker icon. You can add stickers and bitmojis using the icon to make your snap look fun.
  4. Scissors Icon: The scissor icon lets you change any part of the snap into a sticker. You can use a magic eraser, backdrop tool, tint brush, etc., under the Scissors.
  5. Paperclip Icon: This icon lets you attach links to any webpage to your snap. Your friend can swipe up to open the web page you have attached on the snap.
  6. Stopwatch Icon: The stopwatch icon is the timer that sets the time limit for your snap. You can swipe up and down to set the desired time for your snap.

Applying Filters

Why not add some Snapchat filters too? Once you are done making the necessary edits to your snap, you can slide your finger left or right on the screen to apply different filters to your snap. 

You can also tap the whole stacks to view multiple filters available on Snapchat.

Swipe until you find the filter that you like the best on your snap.

Sending Snaps

Maybe it’s time for you to send some snaps to your friends.

To send snaps, click the blue ‘Send To’ icon that you see at the lower right corner of your screen. 

Select the Snapchat friends to whom you want to send your snaps. You can select multiple friends as well.

How To View Snaps On Snapchat

It would be unfair to both you and your friends if you send them snaps but don’t know how to view theirs. So, to be fair, I have covered you up with the steps to view the snaps you receive on Snapchat.

  1. Open and log in to your Snapchat account.
    Snapchat Log In
  2. Navigate Friends Screen.
  3. Tap on the conversation with a red or purple icon to view the snap that your friend sent you.
    Snapchat snap
  4. Press and hold the snap on your screen to make sure the snap doesn’t disappear too quickly.
    snapchat mentioned snap
  5. Replay the snap if you want to.
  6. Release the finger once you are done.

This is how you view someone else’s snap.

Note: You cannot view your snap once you send them to friends.

Snapchat Stories: How To Create And Edit Them?

Creating Snapchat stories is very much similar to creating snaps. As you already know how to create and send a snap, this process is gonna be very much easy for you.

Let’s get started on creating a Snapchat story.

Adding Snap 

Create a snap as you normally would while sending snaps to your friends. Once you are done capturing the snap and making enough edits, tap the blue ‘Send To’ arrow icon and then tap on ‘My Story.’
Snapchat My Story 2

Saving Snap

If you like your Snapchat story and want to save it to your device and Snapchat Memories, tap on the down arrow button that you can see in the bottom left corner of your screen.

Deleting Snap

Accidentally posted the snap you didn’t mean to as a Snapchat story? Don’t worry. To fix it, tap on the 3 dots menu in your story and select “Delete Story.”

Seeing Who Viewed Your Story

It’s obvious that you want to check who viewed the beautiful snap story you posted. To see who viewed your Snapchat Story, carry out these steps:

  1. Open your Snapchat Story.
  2. Tap on the Eye Icon to see the people who viewed your Snapchat story.

Note: You cannot see how many people have viewed your live story on Snapchat.

Viewing Friend’s Story

You might wanna view your friend’s Snapchat story too. To do that, you need to navigate to Stories Page. You must see the circular bubbles with different thumbnails on the top of your screen. Those are your friends’ Snapchat stories. You can view them by simply tapping on the bubble.

Summing up the process in steps:

  1. Go to the Stories Page.
    Snapchat Stories Page
  2. Tap the circular bubble with different thumbnails to view the Snapchat Stories of your friends. 
  3. Swipe right to view the next story, left to view the previous snap, down to exit the story, and up to start a conversation with that Snapchat friend.

I hope you now can easily view your friends’ Snapchat Stories.

Creating A Group Story

Snapchat allows you to create a story that is visible to a certain group of people only. You can create 1000 snaps on Group stories. The group stories chain lasts as long as a person from the group adds a snap within 24 hours.

To add a snap to the group story, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the triangle stories icon from the Camera Page.
  2. Tap the ‘+’ icon at the top right.
  3. Tap on ‘Create a group story’ and select yourself and your friends.

Creating An ‘Our Story’

Our Story is a set of snaps from a random group of people. Uploading a snap on ‘Our Story’ lets the other snap chatters view your snaps no matter you are connected to them or not.

The snaps from ‘Our Story’ can appear on Discover, Search, or Snapshot Card. So, be careful with what you are posting on ‘Our Story’ as it might bring you some troubles too.

Chatting On Snapchat

You can send a normal text message on Snapchat using the Chat icon. You can send an individual text or a group text too. Snapchat deletes the individual messages either once the recipient views them or after 24 hours, depending on the settings you have made. In the case of Group chat, the text messages will automatically disappear after 24 hours.

Chat With A Friend

To chat with a friend, tap the Chat icon from the home screen and tap on the friend’s name with whom you wanna chat.
Snapchat Chat bubble

Chat With Group Of Friends

To chat with a group of friends, tap the Chat icon on the bottom of your screen on the Group chat.

Then, tap the name of friends you want to create a group with. Begin chatting and snapping.

How To Delete Your Snapchat Account

If you created a Snapchat account but felt like it’s not your thing and you would probably never use it again, I am here for you. Not everyone has similar choices. Just because everybody else in your circle enjoys snapping doesn’t mean you have to too. Every one of us has a unique taste, and that’s okay; there is nothing wrong with you. 

Before you start overthinking about the Snapchat account you don’t wanna use anymore, let us guide you on how you can delete your Snapchat account.

Deleting a Snapchat account is not as easy as deleting an account on any other social apps. You cannot delete your account with the use of a mobile phone. For you to delete your Snapchat account, usage of a desktop browser is a must.

Now, let’s guide you on how you can delete a Snapchat account.

  1. Go to the Snapchat portal and log in to your Snapchat account on your desktop browser.
  2. Choose to delete your account by entering a 30-days “Hibernation” period. 
  3. If you do not open a Snapchat account in 30 days, your account will be automatically deleted by Team Snapchat.

Once you complete these steps, you are done.

How To Block And Delete Friends On Snapchat

Did you add someone and regret it? Is somebody troubling you by sending snaps that disgust you in any way? No worries, you can get rid of them easily. 

Snapchat allows you to delete friends whom you added in the past. Also, if the situation gets worse, the Block option is available too. 

Firstly, let me explain to you the outcomes of deleting and blocking someone. 

If you delete someone you were friends with on Snapchat, they won’t see your posts in private. For instance, if you have set the privacy of your Snapchat story to friends, the deleted person cannot view your snap story anymore. But, in case you have set the privacy to ‘Public,’ the Snapchat user can still view your story.

If you decide to block someone on Snapchat, the user completely loses touch with you. They will no longer be able to snap, text, call you, or view your story.

To delete or block someone on Snapchat, carry out these processes: 

  1. Launch the Snapchat app on your device. Log in if you haven’t already.
    Snapchat Log In
  2. Tap on the Chat icon to open the conversation with someone you want to delete or block.
    Snapchat Chat bubble
  3. Tap on the 3 dots menu that appears in the upper right corner of your screen.
  4. Tap ‘Block’ if you want to block them and tap ‘Remove Friend’ if you want to delete them as a friend on Snapchat.
    Snapchat Remove Friend
    Snapchat Block A Friend

This is how you can block or delete someone on Snapchat.

How To Unblock Friends On Snapchat

What if you block someone you didn’t intend to? Accidents happen; there is no guarantee you end up blocking someone you wanted to. 

Also, you may change your mind to forgive someone and unblock them. If that happens, you don’t need to repent. Keep your regrets aside and follow these steps to unblock someone on Snapchat:

  1. Open the Snapchat app on your device and log in if necessary.
    Snapchat Log In
  2. Open your Snapchat Profile by tapping on your profile icon on the top left corner of your screen. 
    Snapchat Profile Icon
  3. Now, tap the Gear button in the top right corner to view Settings.
    Snapchat Profile Page With Gear Icon Selected
  4. Swipe up until you see ‘Account Actions.’ Once you do, tap ‘Blocked’ under the ‘Account Actions’ header.
    Snapchat Block Option
  5. You must see the name of Snapchat users you blocked. To unblock any of them, tap on the ‘X’ button aside from their username.
    Snapchat Unblock Someone 1
  6. Confirm your action by tapping the ‘Yes’ button.
    Snapchat Unblock Someone 2

You have successfully unblocked a Snapchat user if you followed these steps.

Get To Know About Some Extra Features Of Snapchat

As I mentioned already, Snapchat has a number of unique features to offer to its users. Snapchat never fails to amaze us with each update. Let’s talk about some of the extra features of Snapchat below:

How To Earn Trophies On Snapchat?

Snapchat awards you with trophies for your accomplishments on Snapchat. There is no particular task you can perform to earn trophies. Just try to use as many features of Snapchat you can regularly and hope for the best. You will definitely pile up your trophies if you become one of the active users of the Snapchat app.

To view the trophies you earned on Snapchat, navigate your Profile Page and press the ‘Trophies’ icon.

What Do Different Snapchat Emojis Mean?

Snapchat offers varieties of emojis that carry different meanings. Types of emojis on Snapchat are Snapchat Friendship Emojis, Snapchat Status Icons, and Snapchat Story Emojis.

For detailed information regarding Snapchat emojis, check our article: “Snapchat Emojis And It’s Meaning” 

Changing Time Limit Of Your Snaps

Not happy with how long your friends can view your snap? You can sort that out easily. 

To change the time limit of your snaps, tap on the Stopwatch icon once you capture your snap. The Stopwatch icon appears on the right corner of your screen. You can scroll up and down and choose the time duration of your choice for your snap.  

Note: If you set the time limit to infinity, the recipient can see your snap for as long as he wants. Your snap won’t disappear from his screen unless he swipes to the right in his screen.

How Can I Increase My Snapscore?

By its name, you can figure out that the snap score is the number of snaps you have exchanged with your friends on Snapchat. 

You can increase your snap score algorithm by being more active on Snapchat. The more you keep snapping, the more your Snapchat score rises.

To view your Snapscore, navigate to your Profile Page. The number just below your name on your profile represents your Snapscore on Snapchat.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Since you are new to Snapchat, you may have lots of questions in your mind. I have tried to cover some of your most probable questions below. If you have further questions, don’t forget to drop them in the comment section below:

How To Attach A Link To Snapchat?

Attaching a link to a webpage on your snap might seem like a tough job, but it’s real easy.

To attach a link on your snap, take a normal snap first. Then, tap on the Paper Clip icon and enter the URL of the target webpage. Tap on “Attach to Snap,” and you are done.

How To Start Doing Streaks?.

Snap streaks appear once you start exchanging snaps with your friends for 3 consecutive days within 24 hours of window time. A flame emoji will appear next to your friend’s name once the streaks start on Snapchat. To keep your streaks going, you need to continue exchanging snaps with your Snapchat friend.

Remember: The chat messages, snaps from memories, group snaps, others, and calls do not count on Snapstreaks. You have to exchange real-time snaps if you want to maintain your snap streaks.

You can find more about snap streaks in our article: 

How To Create A Snapchat Filter?

If you have been using Snapchat, you must know about filters, the overlays thingy on your snaps. There is no doubt that filters make snapping way more fun. Snapchat probably would not gain so popularity if it weren’t for the Snapchat filters. You may enjoy using the Snapchat filters too.

But, Did you know that you can create your own filter on Snapchat? You heard that right: You can create a Snapchat filter using the desktop or in the Snapchat app itself.

Read our article “How To Create Snapchat Filters & Lenses? Step by Step guide [2021].” for a broader view and a detailed step-wise guide.


Snapchat is setting a unique footprint on digital media with its amazing features. The fact that Snapchat cares so much about its user’s privacy and user’s experience is overwhelming. 

Snapchat virtually quotes “Live in the moment” as it embraces the current happenings in your life. At the same time, Snapchat makes sure you can re-live past your beautiful memories by securing your moments on its private album. 

Getting started on Snapchat may be a little tough, but trust me will slowly become easier with time. 

Drop your questions in the comment section below if you come across any difficulty while using Snapchat.

Happy Snapping!

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