What Does SB Mean On Snapchat?

What Does SB Mean On Snapchat?

Did you wake up to a Snapchat text by your friend that says “SB ASAP!” and now you are just lying in bed wondering what that actually means? 

If yes, congratulations on making it in the right place. This article explains the meaning of SB on Snapchat and many more. 

SB is the acronym for SnapBack on Snapchat.

You may find many full forms of SB, but in the case of Snapchat, SB usually stands for SnapBack.

SnapBack literally means send a snap. You can use the acronym when you want your friend to snap you on Snapchat once you have sent them one. For example, if you are on the verge of losing your snap streak and your friend still shows no signs of sending a snapback, you can remind them by just sending an ‘SB’ message.

What Does SB Mean On Snapchat?

Regardless of its hundreds of full forms, SB on Snapchat stands for SnapBack. The acronym was first used in Snapchat and was cited on Urban Dictionary in 2017.

People use SnapBack when they send you a snap and want you to send them back. The whole concept of SB is just sharing and receiving the snaps.

To view if anybody wants you to SB, check out the notification bar of your device and see if there is any notification from Snapchat. 

Note: Sending snap back and forth creates Snapstreak.

How To Use SB On Snapchat?

Now that you know what SB means on Snapchat, I guess it’s time for you to know how to use the acronym in Snapchat too. Let’s get started.

In Chat

The easiest way to use SB on Snapchat is by using the Chat feature. You can just text the person who you want to SnapBack you, and you are done. 

Don’t get anxious because it’s getting wordy and chaotic; here is a stepwise procedure to use SB in Chat too:

  1. Launch the Snapchat app on your device. Don’t forget to log in to your account if you haven’t already.
    Snapchat Log In
  2. From the Home Page, tap on the Chat bubble. It’s the second icon from the left that appears at the bottom of your screen.
    Snapchat Chat bubble
  3. Tap on the conversation of the friend to whom you want to leave the text.
  4. Type “SB” or “SnapBack” on the text box. If you are willing to send stickers or bitmojis that says “SB,” tap on the “Stickers.”
    Snapchat SB on Chat
  5. Choose your favorite Sticker and hit the send button.

And it’s done. You have easily asked a friend to SB without any hurdles.

In Snaps

Sending SB in Chat is easy. But that does not mean sending SB on snaps has to be tough. Using snaps to tell SB is easy, too; it’s just that you will have to perform a few steps more while doing it on Snaps.

Below is the step by step procedure on how you can send SB in snaps:

  1. First, open Snapchat and log in to your Snapchat account.
    Snapchat Log In
  2. Take a snap by tapping on the capture button in the center of your screen.
  3. You will see a list of icons in the right corner of your screen. Then, tap on the sticker icon in the third.
    Snapchat Sticker icon
  4. Now, type “SnapBack” in the search bar at the top of your screen. You will see various options. 
    Snapchat SB on Snap 1
  5. Choose the one you like the best, drag it to your snap, and pinch it to adjust the size. 
    Snapchat SB on Snap 2

Note: You can also ask somebody to SnapBack using the Text icon to type SB in a snap.

When To Use SB?

Trust me; you would not wanna use SB anywhere at any time to look dumb. SnapBack is not something you can use anywhere like a simple “Hello.” 

You can use SB only when you have already sent a snap or snaps to someone and are waiting for them to do back the same. There is no point in telling SB to anyone without knowing its meaning, especially when you have not sent any snap first.

If you want somebody to snap you in the first place, just simply ask them to send a snap. Don’t tell SnapBack or SB if you haven’t snapped them first.

Also, people use this term specifically on Snapchat. So, it’s best if you don’t use the term to refer to any platform except for Snapchat.

Use Of SB In Sentences 

Got the idea of SB but didn’t know how to use it?

Here are some examples that may be helpful.

  1. Use In Sentences: Hey, streaks are about to die. SB!
    Meaning: Send Snap to that person else the streak will be lost. 
  2. Use In Sentences: SB, We can’t lose the streaks.
    Meaning: SnapBack the person because you don’t want to lose the streaks.
  3. Use In Sentences: Alijah, It’s been a long time. SB, so we can catch up.
    Meaning: Snap your friend so that you can catch up.
  4. Use In Sentences: We wouldn’t lose the streaks if you had SB me on time.
    Meaning: You would not lose streaks if you had snapped back your friend on time.
  5. Use In Sentences: What are you going to wear to the prom? SB ASAP so that we can begin planning.
    Meaning: Send a snap to discuss what to wear to the prom.

Alternative To SB On Snapchat

There is no exact alternative to SB that you can use on Snapchat.

But, speaking from my experience, I have used “Don’t Let The Streaks Die!”  and similar stickers and bitmojis many times. You can use similar stickers to leave hints to the person without actually telling them to snap you back. I have received snaps from the ones whose streaks were gonna die each time I used this trick.

Who knows that will turn out effective for you too? There is no harm in giving it a try. 😉

Etymology Of SB

Urban Dictionary first included the acronym SB as SnapBack in 2017. People use this term in the popular social media application, Snapchat, which is famous for its “Disappearing Messages and  Videos” feature. 

Snap chatters use this internet slang to ask people to send a snap, whether a photo or a video on Snapchat. The acronym is quite famous and used widely on Snapchat.

Other Full Forms Of SB

SnapBack is definitely not the only acronym for SB. I have included some of the other full forms of SB that might be helpful to you.

  • SB: Scroll Bar
  • SB Set Byte
  • SB: Some Body
  • SB: Saving Bank
  • SB: Synchronization Bit
  • SB: Synchronization Base
  • SB: Should Be
  • SB: Super Bowl
  • SB: School Bus
  • SB: Substitute
  • SB: Score Board
  • SB: Salary Band

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

I have addressed some of your most asked questions that are close to the SB acronym in this section below. I hope you will like it.

Does SB Mean Streaks?

No, SB does not mean streaks. SB means SnapBack, which is totally different from Snapchat streaks.

However, SB is used mostly in the contexts where people ask to send a snap to maintain streaks. So, this might have created confusion among the people.

Want to know more about Snapchat Streaks? Read our article: https://technologyglance.com/social-media/snapchat/what-are-streaks-on-snapchat/

What Do You Do When Someone Sends You A Snapchat With SB?

SB means SnapBack. So, you should do what you are supposed to do, i.e., send snaps or snaps. 

It’s up to you whether you want to text them saying “Okay” or not. You can just send back a snap or continue the conversation.

How Do You Ask For Streaks? 

If you want to start streaks with someone, you can directly ask them. However, if you don’t want to be straightforward, you can start talking on Snapchat daily and send some goodnight and good morning snaps. That way, the other person will start sending snaps resulting in the streaks.

Once you have been continuing the streaks, you can either talk to them directly or leave hints by putting stickers of “Don’t let the streaks die” on your snap.

There are chances you do not have to ask someone to maintain a streak. People usually love making long chains of snaps and rarely want to lose streaks even if you haven’t talked to them about maintaining streaks.


Receiving SB means someone wants you to send a snap to them on Snapchat. One of the obvious reasons why the person wants you to send a snap back to him is that the time is running out, and you will almost lose your streaks. Whatever the reason be, make sure you don’t leave your friend hanging without sending any snaps if they are kindly asking you to SB

Happy Snapping!

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