Snapchat History: When Did Snapchat Come Out?


Snapchat is an American messaging app that lets you send photos, videos, and texts to your friends. Snapchat is one of the most successful social media platforms with approximately 347.5 million users worldwide within a decade of its release. This application is popular among youngsters.  The initial version of Snapchat was launched on July 8, … Read more

Snapchat Emojis And It’s Meaning – 😃💛❤️️⏳😎😬🔥

You must have noticed different emojis appearing on the right corner beside your friend’s name on Snapchat. It’s amazing how Snapchat assigns different emojis for different Snapchat friends automatically.  Ever wondered why the emojis for all your friends are not the same? Do you wanna know what the different Snapchat emojis mean? Snapchat Emojis may … Read more

How To Create Snapchat Geofilter? [On-Demand Geofilter, Geotags]: 6 Step Guide With Pictures [Mobile And Desktop]

You guys certainly must have noticed that some filters are available only in a specific location. You ever wondered how such location-based filters are created? Ever had a desire to create one of such? If yes, You’re exactly where you ought to be. The geographically-based filters are called Geofilters. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how … Read more

How To Make Private Or Hidden Story On Snapchat?

How to Make Private Story On Snapchat

Are you wanting to avoid unwanted eyes from peeking into your snaps? Do you want to somewhat hide your stories so that others will not be able to see it? Or in other words, if you’re looking to manage your Snapchat privacy settings, such as make your story hidden from others, then you’ve come to … Read more